How to deal with depression?

Regardless of whether the upheaval in our life has taken place due to positive changes or due to difficult circumstances. It can be overwhelming and unsettling. We start to feel insecure. A coup is especially difficult when we are experiencing mental illness. How to cope with depression is a question that very often arises before us at this difficult time.

Reasons for change

Riots are when we suddenly change or destroy our lives. This could be a planned positive change. For example: we can move into the house we were aiming for. Maybe we’re going to university – whether we’re going straight from school or about to study like a mature student. Maybe we changed jobs. We may have a new addition to the family – a child, a pet, an adoptive family member, or a new spouse.

Some shocks can be associated with the natural ebb and flow of life. Our baby can go to school for the first time. It could be social upheaval, or we go back to work after vacation.

There are also sources of upheaval that are less happy and more painful; loss, chronic or incurable illness of someone from our family. There are all kinds of life events that can make us depressed.

Shocks can contain different emotions

Shocks can trigger many different emotions. Such as: anger, anxiety, apathy, bad mood, feelings of loss of control, excitement, optimism, hopelessness, and isolation.

We often scold ourselves for how we feel. We tell ourselves that we “should” feel certain feelings, or we shouldn’t feel something else. There are often times when we can say to ourselves, “pull yourself together,” “stop being so stupid,” and “just keep going.”

Life upheavals are difficult, regardless of the situation. At times like this, we find it difficult to understand how we feel. As humans, we are unique, and it is natural that we can react to things in different ways.

Do not hurry

How to deal with depression? You need to slow down the pace of your life a little.

When we feel stressed or anxious. When shocks occur in our life. We often automatically speed up the process. Increasing anxiety and stress can lead to the fact that we feel like we have a lot to do, and all of them need to be done as soon as possible. And if we stop (even for a second), then everything will end for us.

Slowing down is incredibly illogical, but slowing down is what can really help. Shocks are tiring, all sorts of different emotions are circling around. And sometimes it may feel like we are experiencing the excitement of rising or falling. In addition, we have to get used to many new things. It can take a long time to get used to the big changes in our lives. Our brains have a lot of information to process, and it’s exhausting!

Slowing down can give our body and mind the time it takes to get used to whatever happens to us. This might allow things to settle down a bit. It can also mean that we have more time to take care of ourselves. Which is absolutely essential when we are going through a difficult period.

Spend more time on yourself

In order to cope with depression – begin to devote more time to yourself. The upheaval in our lives can make people feel incredibly busy. When this happens, it is very important that we continue to make time for ourselves. No matter how busy we are. This can go a little too far, and some of us may feel that it is selfish to take the time to take care of ourselves when we have so many other things to do.

But taking care of yourself is not selfish. This is not something that we should just “skip” when life gets busy. It is an essential tool to help us recover. Let us be the best we can be and do whatever we want to do.

Find a way out for your emotions

Due to the large number of changes, we are likely to experience many different emotions. It is important that we find a way out for these emotions. Otherwise, they can build up and be difficult to deal with. This exit can be anything, you just need to find it.

For some of us, it might be something creative, like painting, playing with clay, or baking. Other people may prefer more physical release through playing sports, running, walking, or cycling. We can also try to write to someone of our good friends. Chat with new people, drive a car or take a walk with our pet.

There are many different ways to relax and release our emotions. And for each person they will be different. So find an outlet for your emotions, and this will help you in the question of “how to cope with depression.”

Broaden your horizons

Another point on how to cope with depression will help you to broaden your horizons.

When we have big changes, we can often forget about all the people around us. Which can lead to the fact that we feel really alone. We may begin to feel that people simply no longer understand what is happening to us. Or that we left some people in our “old life”.

Whether we see them or not, there are usually people around us who love us and want to help us. During times of turmoil, it can be especially important to remember these moments of support and use them as often as possible.

There are usually professionals who can also help us cope with depression. If we have moved to a new region, it is important to register with a local doctor. Depending on our situation, there may be charitable foundations that can support us. No matter what kind of upheaval we are going through. There may also be teachers, peers, colleagues, mental health professionals, and many more people who can support us.

We hope that we have helped you to understand a little about the question – “how to cope with depression.” Also in our other articles, you can find more information on the topic of psychology.