How to develop a good sense of humor and make others laugh?

A good sense of humor, positive attitude, and mental health go hand in hand and are highly dependent on each other. So don’t let a day go by without a smile. Learn how to develop a good sense of humor to fill your life with laughter and joy. Regularly following the tips below will arm you with wit, sarcasm and everything else to develop a good sense of humor, and use it in your daily life.

How to develop a good sense of humor

1. Learn a sense of humor from the people around you

Whenever one of your friends or loved ones tells a funny story, jokes, or talks about something funny, pay close attention to it. Try to identify the subtleties of this person’s jokes. From body language to tone of voice. Memorize various situations in which a person from your environment was able to maintain a positive attitude in the conversation. Take notes for yourself from the fun situations you find yourself in and when you interact with positive people. Take inspiration from their funny personality and incorporate it into your behavior to showcase your sense of humor in all its glory.

Observe different situations in your life. At work, on the street, on public transport. Wherever you are, observe the behavior of people, their expressions and various ways of poking fun at each other. As a result, soon enough you will get into the habit of effortlessly understanding the fun side of situations that can contain humor.

2. Try to be informed about what is happening in the world

A relatively easy way to develop a sense of humor is to stay on top of the latest developments and trends. This includes the latest memes, various jokes, and hilarious news. A good sense of humor is not only about laughing at others, but also about understanding witty jokes. Being informed about what’s trending will help you better communicate with people, understand their jokes, and show a sense of humor at the right time.

3. Learn to laugh at yourself

One of the prerequisites for a great sense of humor is the ability to laugh at yourself. A certain ease in communication and in your character makes it much easier to understand humor. And tension, anger and resentment, respectively, can interfere with the understanding of humor. Laughing at yourself will arm you with the ability to distinguish between fun and boring moments. It will also help you develop a good sense of humor so you can draw lines between sarcastic and rude humor.

4. Watch humorous programs and comedies

Watching comedies is an easy way to learn body language associated with humor and satire. It will be easier for you to understand the subtle nuances of what makes people smile and laugh. Just be careful when choosing TV shows or movies, and avoid overly silly shows and comedies. Instead, focus on films that are grounded in intelligent and witty humor. These could be films by Woody Allen and Monty Python. Shows like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, South Park or The Simpsons. They are replete with stories that show how everyday situations can be permeated with wit and humor.

5. Read jokes

Reading or listening to jokes is also an effective way to develop a good sense of humor. In this case, you will have more time to understand jokes, as opposed to real communication with a person. In addition, you will be able to memorize these anecdotes and use them in life situations.

6. Expand your vocabulary

It often happens that we missed a joke due to the fact that we did not understand the meaning of one or more words. Therefore, we need to expand our vocabulary by reading more books and communicating with more people. And in fact, educated and intelligent people do much better with a sense of humor. So expand your vocabulary, become a more erudite person, and this will definitely contribute to the development of your sense of humor.

7. Laugh more and be positive.

It seems to me that laughter and a positive attitude is the most effective and enjoyable method for developing a good sense of humor. Although, due to our busy schedule and workload, it is not always possible to find time for positive emotions. But without them, our life will be boring and dull. So you shouldn’t be afraid to laugh even at stupid or ridiculous jokes. Over time, you will begin to understand them better. But first try to show positive emotions in all situations.

8. Communicate more with funny people

If there are no people around you with a good sense of humor, then find those. In addition, in the era of the Internet, this is quite easy to do. You can find various groups and communities on social networks, join them, and get to know people there. Plus, people with a good sense of humor tend to be very open and friendly. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to get to know them and make friendships.

How to use your sense of humor to make people laugh

As previously reported, be sure to work on your vocabulary. Read more books, magazines or articles. After all, using the right words in the right situation will help you develop a good sense of humor so you can express yourself correctly. But it’s just as important for you to know when and what to say. And this comes only with experience. So every time you say something funny in an attempt to make the person laugh, judge their reaction. And think, would it be funnier if you said that sooner or later? This kind of self-reflection will help you perfect your humor.

It’s also helpful to show confidence when you’re trying to make a joke. Speak loudly and do not hesitate. Maintain confident body language and make sure you get everyone’s attention. Whether or not you can make someone laugh largely depends on whether you believe in yourself or not. Like most other things in life, confidence plays a vital role in your attempt to put a smile on another person’s face.

It’s important to remember that humor should be natural. The ability to make people laugh is something that evolves over time and should come naturally in the end. This is not something that can be learned overnight. As a true student, try to absorb the above tips. Develop a witty sense of humor before deliberately trying to figure out one joke after another. Let observation and experience take its course. The point is to develop the ability to bring a sincere smile to a person’s face. So don’t do it too hard. Otherwise, your humor can turn from boring to unpleasant.