How to diversify sex with a partner?

I think each of you will be interested to know how you can improve your intimate life and bring meaningful sex into your relationship. I will try to stay away from clichés and vague advice. I will touch on the most tender feelings, and talk about the true meaning of sex. After all, good sex increases life expectancy. It cheers us up and is great for the health of the cardiovascular system. It can promote feelings of calmness and inner peace. So be sure to read on. Take our advice in practice and enjoy your blissful journey into the world of passion and love.

1. Upgrade your bedroom

Without a doubt, your bedroom is the most frequent place where you turn your sexual desires into reality. But your intimate life can become too boring and monotonous if you continue to make love in a familiar environment. While upgrading your bedroom may not be the most cost-effective option, financially. But you should try to change something about it. Let it even be something simple, for example, a few candles, flowers, or a pleasant scent. This will help improve your mood and give your bedroom a new look.

Here are some more ideas for what you can do:

  • Buy rose petals and scatter them all over the bedroom;
  • Experiment with different shades of lighting;
  • Buy several options for exotic bedding;
  • Play calm romantic background music;
  • Experiment with different scents, be it flowers or scented candles;
  • Turn off the lights and make love when your room is dimly lit with candles.

2. Plan sex with a partner

While many gurus will tell you that meaningful sex does not need to be planned, in reality, planning can often make sex simply memorable. Planning allows you to choose where you want to make love with your partner. How do you want to do it. Think about different experiments and games in bed. Most importantly, you will be free from other distractions such as work, children, or friends. For example: if you and your partner decide to make love on Thursday night, you can cancel all your plans after work or after school that day. You can finish all the important things, take the children to grandma, prepare delicious food, and buy a bottle of wine. You will be ready for a romantic evening and incredible sex. Just remember to turn off your gadgets while doing this.

3. Make love as if it were the first time

The couple’s sex life becomes boring over time. But this can be easily avoided if you make a conscious effort to keep your relationship meaningful and healthy. One way to avoid this swirl of boredom and sex neglect is to try to make love as if you were doing it for the first time. Treat every sexual activity with love and care. Why? Because the very thought that you are behaving as if you are doing this for the first time. Let you become a curious teenager who is about to lose his virginity.

4. Make love elsewhere

Getting rid of your daily routine and various worries is one of the easiest ways to have meaningful sex. Simply because it allows you and your partner to take your mind off various issues. Go to the blissful and romantic land of love, and spend this time in bed with your loved one.

Housework, school, meetings, children and other elements of your life can negatively affect you and your sex life. Try to get away from this routine from time to time, and go somewhere for the weekend. Neither with friends, nor with family, nor with any other company – only together with your loved one. And not necessarily this weekend should be too “hit in your pocket.” It can be something as simple as a hotel room or in another house. Any place will be great if it does not remind you of worries and various problems.

5. Do it with love and affection.

Do not have sex as if it is your obligation to your partner or in your family life. While animals and primates make love just to reproduce, we are much more evolved. So let’s use our minds for the right purposes. Let’s use our senses, charm and touch appropriately.

Use every possible means to explore your partner’s body and how he reacts to your every move in bed. Use your memory to memorize actions that your loved one likes. Use your sense of touch to touch your partner the way they like. Play with his or her erogenous spots and enjoy it that way. Because meaningful sex is much more than simple back and forth movements. Use your eyesight to look your partner in the eye. And chat just by looking into each other’s eyes while you’re both in bed. After all, only those who have experienced meaningful sex in its true sense will tell you that these sounds will sound in your head for days, weeks and months.

6. Talk about orgasm

One of the keys to meaningful sex is orgasm. Keep in mind that in about 10-15% of cases, a person may develop natural sexual dysfunction. This usually happens because you are too tired, stressed, anxious, or drank too much. To make the right connection and make love, you must allow your partner to please you. Time to orgasm during sex is a key element in creating intimacy. This allows your partner to touch you and give pleasure in the desired way. It will improve your intimate life and your relationship in general.

Avoid sex for one night

The very idea of ​​one-night stand with a stranger you are unlikely to meet again is not right. These relationships are often the result of drinking at a party or peer pressure at school or college. But unwanted sex can be bad for your mental health. And you can get into very unpleasant situations. So this is not the best way to have meaningful sex. Therefore, avoid meaningless and one-day relationships. Better yet, indulge in fiery love in bed with your beloved partner.