How to end a failed date quickly?

Meeting new people is a tricky thing. Whether it’s the world of online dating or just dating in the real world. We all get nervous quite often when we meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend. We do not know how to behave, we do not know what to say, and how to interest a person. But what is even worse is when we go on a date with a little-known person, and in just a few minutes we realize that this is not at all what we need. We’re trying to end a bad date because it doesn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. And it becomes clear to us that this is not our person.

If you are a woman, then failing dates can be really traumatic for you psychologically. Especially if this is not your first date of this kind. So, if you are a regular “player in the dating world”, then it will be useful for you to learn how to quickly end a failed date, and peacefully break up with the person.

1. Be decisive

Decisiveness is one of the main factors that will help you get out of a boring and uninteresting date. After all, if you do not like the person, or you did something wrong and want to leave, then it would be quite a reasonable decision to end this meeting. There is no need to waste your and his time. You also shouldn’t feel guilty about doing this, or be ashamed of something. Your desires and values ​​at this moment should come first. And, if something does not suit you, then all the more you should not hide it.

2. Tell them honestly that you are not right for each other.

One of the best ways to end a failed date is to sincerely tell the person that you are not interested in them. Say that you just don’t fit together. And whatever the reason for your refusal, there is no need to put forward any inappropriate excuses that you think will help him or her not to get upset. In doing so, try to remain polite, and do not show your dislike of the person too explicitly.

In fact, many people love honesty and openness. Naturally, not everyone has the courage to be honest enough to end an unsuccessful date this way. Therefore, many people resort to other methods, and try to leave a pleasant impression of themselves.

3. Send him or her a message

If the person is not pleasant to you, and you do not want to continue the conversation with him, then just get up and say that you need to move away and leave. Then send him or her a text message on the messenger. In it, you can write the reason why you decided to leave. So that a person knows what he needs to work on in the future. And he never made such mistakes again.

4. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to call you

The next way to quickly end an unsuccessful date is to leave for a couple of minutes and ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to call you in 10-20 minutes. Then, when you return to your new partner and take the call, you can say that you need to leave urgently because your friend is in some kind of trouble and needs your help. That being said, you need to be serious enough to be believed.

5. Be too serious.

The first acquaintances and meeting new people should be fun and interesting. But, when something does not suit you, and you want to end an unsuccessful date, then you can simply show with your whole appearance that you are not interested and you want to leave. After all, in fact, people are quite good at reading each other. And, if you never smile at a meeting, you will sit with a frown and say little. It is quite obvious that soon the person will understand everything, and you will part with him.

6. Start talking about marriage and children

Few people like to discuss the topic of children, marriage and building a joint family life on their first date. Therefore, if you do not want to meet with this person next time, then talk as much as possible on this topic. Talk about how many children you want to have, what house you would like to live in, what kind of relationship you would like to build. Talk about meeting your parents and that they are very serious, and you need a special approach to them. And I am sure that after such conversations, you will quickly part with the person.

7. Talking about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend

We all know that bringing up the topic of ex-partners on a date with a new person is highly discouraged. But, if you do not want to continue meeting with him, and your goal is not to show yourself in the best light, then do not avoid this topic. You can make up a story about how you previously had many romantic partners, but you quickly broke up with them. Say that you have a rather complex character and need a special approach to you. And I think that after such phrases, few people will want to continue with you.

8. Avoid physical contact with the person

If you want to end an unsuccessful date and break up with the person as quickly as possible. Then try to avoid contact with him. Do not let anyone touch you, and also avoid making eye contact with the person. You need to show with all your appearance that you want to leave this institution or the place where you met. If the person does not understand your hints, then you can openly express your unwillingness to continue the meeting. That being said, you don’t have to go into details. You can just apologize and say that you need to leave.

Naturally, all people are different. And meeting new people can be different. But, if the person did not do anything bad to you, he did not offend or insult you in any way. Then try to end the date on a positive note. At the same time, do not give hope for the continuation of the relationship. Just be respectful and be a decent person.