How to fall in love with a friend and start a relationship with him?

Today we will talk about a topic that is close to my heart. It will be about feelings for loved ones, and how to start a relationship with your best friend. In our society, relations are rather sloppy, and I would like to contribute to their improvement. I believe that we should respect and value our friends, loved ones, show them kindness and respect. In some areas of our society, we can see great progress. Unfortunately, given the divorce rate, the same cannot be said for the relationship between men and women.

True love

I truly believe it exists because it is one of the greatest human experiences. But we need to understand that the world is filled with negative people and various situations that negatively affect us. You shouldn’t talk or date someone if they treat you badly. And you do not need to be with a partner if he does not suit you with something.

After all, relationships are an important factor in life. And having a person next to you who will love and support you in difficult times is really important. Any relationship goes through tough times, it’s like climbing a steep hill. Easy at first, but more difficult. And when you reach the top together, you will feel joy and happiness.

Love must be sincere

Love can come unexpectedly, and we need to be prepared. Healthy relationships take time and hard work. Studies have shown that long-term courtship and communication with a partner is an indicator that they will be successful and happy. So feelings for an old friend can develop into a serious and happy relationship.

Some people say they don’t know how to start a relationship with their best friend because love is illogical. But this is a serious misconception. It is a biological and predictable feeling that makes our life great, and not just a surge of emotions. For many, it is the meaning of their whole life. Our world is made up of formulas, numbers, and certain patterns. So love is a completely logical feeling.

Let’s get back to how to start a relationship with our best friend. After all, with this person you have been together for a long time, and you know him well enough to correctly express your feelings. I know many people whose friendship has grown into love, this is quite normal. But this is more a matter of trust than love.

You must believe that he will understand you and make the right decision that will not affect friendship. And in most cases it does. If the person does not like your offer to move to another level in the relationship, then you can continue your friendship. Let’s take a look at how we should express our feelings.

Practical ways to start a relationship with your best friend

  • Choose a time that is convenient for both of you when you can talk to the person calmly. Preferably on a weekend or after work. Trying to convey feelings in front of other people will not be successful.
  • Before expressing your thoughts, help him feel special. After all, you know what he likes, talk more about it. If you see him becoming more open, then all is well. This will help place him even closer to you.
  • You don’t have to constantly walk around and think about how to start a relationship with your best friend and turn it into some kind of landmark event. Just say what you want – short and straight. You don’t need to tell a person what beautiful eyes, hands or lips he has. Say the following: “I want you to know that I like you very much. And I would like to spend even more time with you. What do you think about this?” It sounds attractive and not aggressive. State your thoughts clearly and concisely. Then let the person think and give their opinion.
  • If the person doesn’t reciprocate now, you shouldn’t despair. You can say the following: “Perhaps after a while you will change your mind, do not hesitate to tell me about it.” After all, people and their interests are changing. Therefore, continue your friendship with him and be open to a relationship.
  • It may be that he will once again consider your proposal and change his mind. Plus, you don’t need to get upset or worry too much. It won’t help you. Take some time to reflect on your feelings. Tell yourself that you did the right thing because you genuinely expressed your feelings for this person. And now that your friend knows how you feel about him, he will treat you differently.
  • Whoever you like, you cannot be sure that he will always be free. So do not delay expressing your love. If your friendship has been going on for a long time, then you have many ways to do it. There is no need to hesitate in this situation.
  • Research shows that the more you can keep out of intimacy with a person, the better your communication and relationships will develop in the future. Which will lead to a happier life. Don’t let passion sneak in too early and destroy what can be so beautiful.
  • If this is a good friend of yours, then conduct a conversation with him calmly and openly, just do not be too persistent. Be yourself. Express your feelings boldly, it won’t ruin your friendship.
  • If you know the person likes someone else, then you need to be good at how to start a relationship with your best friend and succeed. It may hurt you if you don’t try and he is with a different partner. But even if this happened, you should not be upset, you will definitely find a worthy person. And in no case ruin your friendship with him, because our life is full of unpredictable events, and who knows what will happen next.