How to find a good guy for a serious relationship?

I know many girls are interested in the issue and often think about how to find a good guy for a relationship. But the truth is, the more we focus on it, the more we miss out on men who can be ideal partners for us. While action is better than inaction, your approach matters. Try to keep the middle ground between finding a partner and a normal daily life.

Very often, most interesting meetings and events occur spontaneously, when we do not make much effort. We can accidentally meet an interesting person on the street or on public transport. When we create certain conditions in life, the desired people appear unexpectedly. And if you can’t find a partner for a relationship and constantly wonder how to find a good guy, then you are not living the life that can attract love.

I will not judge or tell you how to live. There is nothing wrong with enjoying being alone. But, if you want change and find out how to find a good guy, then I have prepared 8 tips for you to attract a man into your life.

1) Stop avoiding other men

You may think that you are concentrating on the positive qualities that you need in a person, but chances are that you are not. We think we are looking for the right partner when in fact we avoid many men. If you are too quick to jump to conclusions and make decisions that the guy is not worthy of you, then this will turn people away from meeting you.

Many girls try to find his negative sides in a man. They look for a reason to reject it without even realizing it. Most girls are afraid to take emotional risks and try to get to know the person better. So try to avoid this behavior and pay attention to the traits you want to see. Communicate more and get to know the person. It often happens that a man looks rude, but inside he has wonderful character traits.

Learn to find and appreciate what you love about people. And then you will notice that there are a lot more good guys in your life. How to find a good guy for a serious relationship.

2) You may not know exactly who you need

It may sound strange, but if you have not had a lot of experience with a partner, then it will be difficult for you to come up with the perfect scenario for a happy relationship. In addition, our requirements and desires tend to change constantly. Many people make a list of qualities that their partner should have. But this is all theory, and when you gain experience in dating, you will find that most of your list does not coincide with reality. This is why a lot of people get frustrated when they start dating. After all, this is not what they wanted and expected. The solution to the problem is to gain real experience, and not to create illusions about the ideal partner.

3) It is difficult for other people to guess what you want.

We often don’t know what we want, so we don’t need to ask friends for advice about relationships. They may have good intentions, but their advice will not be based on facts, but on their personal opinion. In other words, what they say may have nothing to do with your situation.

You can ask for advice from a friend who is often disappointed in the relationship, and will be negative about it. Or she was married to a man who could not satisfy all her desires because he did not earn much. So, in most cases, they will advise partners who will suit their requirements.

Instead, socialize more with your friends and acquaintances. I’m sure there are some good guys among them that you can have fun with and start developing relationships with.

4) Think less about what you deserve or don’t deserve

You probably, like many women, have a long list of mental abilities that a guy should have. But what does it give you? Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have standards. Just make sure they make sense. There are many people who make fun of others for their mistakes or failures. We often reject good people simply because we feel like we deserve more.

Be honest when an unattractive guy approaches you, what do you think? How could he decide that you will reciprocate to him? Doesn’t he see that you deserve more, does he? Of course, you don’t need to date someone you don’t like. However, don’t confuse what you want in a relationship with your exaggerated demands. With this approach, it will be difficult for you to attract a good partner and build a truly deep relationship.

5) set boundaries

Yes, you must have certain standards or boundaries in your partner’s behavior. Since, this is a reflection of his character. Therefore, if you do not like a certain situation, and he ignores it, then think about breaking up. You need a guy who takes your principles and limits seriously, even if he doesn’t share them.

6) discover yourself

We often try to hide our real emotions and not show who we really are. Moreover, we are afraid to listen to our own dreams and desires, because we think that we cannot satisfy them. Learn to open yourself up to the world and the people around you. A man must accept and love you for who you are. When you show your true feelings and emotions, you will have nothing to hide anymore. And you can build a truly healthy relationship. Try to be a more open person, and you will not have the question of how to find a good guy?

7) Pay attention to the needs of the other person

In fact, the concept of “good guy” is absolutely relative, and for every girl it can have its own meaning. But the problem is that most women want a man to satisfy all of their needs. Although the girls themselves give little in return. Remember that other people also have feelings and desires. And your partner cannot be constantly focused on you.

Pay attention to the person’s needs early in your relationship, and talk about your standards. This way you can understand how far your feelings can go. Just don’t be too demanding, it turns people off.

If you meet someone who is willing to give whatever you want without asking for anything in return, chances are your relationship won’t last long. Thus, many men want to appear perfect. But in the future, they change when they get what they want. And again you will think about how to find a good guy for a relationship.

8) be yourself

When we get into a romantic relationship, we want everything to be perfect. We want to look good, behave well, and our partner likes it. Don’t get too carried away with this. Think about how far your relationship can go if you are not real in it?

There is no need to hide your opinion. Let the person see your real character and do not be afraid that he will not like it. Better that this happens at the beginning than after a few months of “perfect relationship”. In addition, if you see that a man does not like your character or behavior, but he tolerates it, you should not develop such a relationship. A person who wants to be with you should accept you real, rejoice with you and show sincere feelings.

Dishonesty creates big relationship problems. You may find it difficult at first, especially if you are afraid of rejection. But this is the best way to find a good relationship guy who loves you for who you are.