How to find a good woman?

I think many guys will be interested in finding out how to find a good woman for a relationship with whom they could build a long and happy union. Because most guys have trouble finding the right girl. And even if they find a good woman, they do not know how to approach her and start a relationship.

It’s time to use your logic and mental abilities, and not be guided only by emotions and hormones. You can find anyone who is compatible with you both physically and emotionally. But this will naturally require some effort.

1. Search in the right place

First, you won’t find a good girl in a bar or club. These places attract people who are not looking for quality or lasting relationships. Naturally, good girls can meet there, but there are very few of them, and they are more susceptible to the influence of their friends. Finding your future soul mate in a bar or club is like winning the lottery: possible, but unlikely.

It would be much wiser to go to places that you like more, or that are related to your interests and hobbies. For example, if you are an avid reader, then start visiting libraries or bookstores and meet women there. You can even join a book club. Or, if you love animals, then pet shelters or volunteering can help you meet other female animal lovers.

If you want to find a good woman, then as often as possible go to places where nice and kind girls go. They mostly work as volunteers, in kindergartens, or help the elderly. The point here is that whatever your interests or hobbies, I can guarantee that there are women who share the same interests. This solves two problems at once. The first is a great way to “break the ice between you,” and the second is that it increases the likelihood that you will impress her because you already have a common interest.

Of course, you don’t have to have everything in common with a woman to build a successful relationship. But having at least a few similarities helps a lot. If you are complete opposites, then in the long run you will begin to drift apart. Shared interests are good building blocks for long-term relationships.

2. Be a real man

To be honest, real women want real men, not mom’s boys. Women need confident men who do not give up in the face of difficulties. The main reason many girls start dating bad guys is because they often ooze confidence and know what they want.

Women want to have a man next to him who is ready to take responsibility and is not afraid of difficulties. I am not saying now that women should not support men and take care of them. You need support too. But only you should manage your life and make decisions.

3. Avoid these types of women

To find a good woman, you need to start understanding them at least a little. Men often confuse one kind of woman with another, or do not see who they really are. After all, there are quite a few girls who use naive men. They can endlessly test, coerce, or manipulate you until they get what they want. You should try to avoid these types of girls at all costs. And to help you with that, I have categorized them by type using my own system.

Gold prospectors

These are ladies who are often called “gold diggers”. For the most part, they do not want to achieve anything in life. Except how to see how much money you have and how many different things you can buy them. You should never start a relationship by trying to seduce a woman with lavish gifts. Otherwise, you will become a victim of this type. They will persuade you to give them jewelry or clothing, using their feminine tricks, or by seducing you.

I am not saying that you should not give gifts to the girl you are dating. I want to tell you not to let them take advantage of you. Giving gifts should be more your decision than hers.


These are very cunning and intelligent women. They are very assertive (or even aggressive) in their approach. Usually they try to seduce you from the very beginning. She will use all the tricks to completely take over your life. If you are stupid enough to sleep with such a lady, then she will lure you into her trap even more, and perhaps even deliberately become pregnant in order to force you into marriage.

Then it will use you until it runs out of all your resources (financial, emotional, etc.). She can even use your children as leverage and stretch tyranny for years. This is why it is so important to take the time to really get to know a girl before you get married.

Narcissus woman

These women are completely narcissistic, self-centered, and only care about meeting their own needs. They often require constant attention or compliments from other people, and will be very resentful or angry at you if there is even a hint that you might neglect or criticize them.

They may come up to you with a plaintive story about their life in order to win your sympathy. Don’t fall for it. Be wary of any woman who immediately tells you the whole story of her life with various details and not happy stories.

Drama queen

These ladies live in constant chaos and drama. As if quarrels and conflicts are their lifeline. They will struggle to look for flaws in everything. From how you brush your hair to why you went to the store for so long or came home late from work. You will have to stop inviting friends or even stop making plans altogether, because everything will not suit her. You will constantly calm her down, and “walk on tiptoe”, just not to catch.

If you want to find a good woman for a relationship, then stay away from these types of girls in the first place. A good woman should add happiness and joy to your life, make it easier and better, and not add problems and stress to it.

4. Take your time to get serious.

The worst mistake you can make in any relationship is to rush. It’s important to take the time to really get to know a woman before making any serious commitments. The time frame required to get to know a person well. But usually I recommend at least a year. I know many couples who drifted apart for the same reasons. They just got married knowing each other for only 6 months or less.

Understand that you cannot change it in the future. I used to think that only women make this mistake. But now I know many men who make the same mistake and hope that they can change the girl in the future. Don’t let this happen to you. If she’s independent, don’t expect to magically become more needy someday. If she hates cooking and cleaning, she will probably always hate it.

You need to decide what personality traits you are willing to put up with in the long run? I think it will be much easier for you to find someone who already suits your preferences than trying to turn someone into what you need. It’s okay to compromise on the little things, and sometimes everyone gets on each other’s nerves. But if she drives you crazy before marriage, then things will only get worse over time.

Finally, you must understand that no matter what, entering into a relationship with a woman, you are taking risks anyway. You can follow all my advice, take all precautions, get to know a woman for years. But your relationship could still fall apart.