How to find time for yourself and spend it profitably?

In our age of technological development, the issue of lack of time is becoming more and more acute. Our priorities have changed over time, because if you think about how our great-grandmothers lived, it gets a little creepy. In their time there were no washing machines and dishwashers, no diapers, no multicooker, no other useful and very “time-releasing” things. And at the same time, they managed to do everything: keep an eye on the house, look after the family, do handicrafts and devote time to themselves, their beloved. Yes, in our century many have changed their priorities, additional interests have appeared, and the woman has shouldered many other problems and concerns. As a result, the question of how to find time for yourself, your beloved, becomes very relevant.

How to make time for yourself — what needs to be done?

Of course, there is no ideal solution to this issue suitable for everyone, because everyone has their own life, their own problems, opportunities and obligations. Let’s collect all the possible effective secrets of saving time, and which of them is right for you, you choose yourself, the main thing is to look at your problems from the outside and act according to a strictly planned plan.

  • Take a piece of paper and divide it in two. In the first, write down the actions for which you spend energy, in the second – the actions through which you draw energy. Naturally, there will be much more items in the first column. Study the list carefully and remove unnecessary or delegate cases from the first column and add additional items to the second. And most importantly, follow the designated points. The column where you get your energy should include items such as the desired daily routine, beneficial procedures for body and soul, chatting with friends, and perhaps even a glass of red wine once a week.
  • Make it a rule not to be discouraged and not to waste your time. Spend time on the move and as productive as possible to make time for yourself in the evening. Allowing yourself to be lazy and put off important things for later, you run the risk of getting used to such a routine and accumulating a huge cart of unresolved issues.
  • Find someone who will inspire you by personal example, good advice, approval and, of course, constructive criticism. After all, this is what does not allow us to relax, allows us to develop, and not degrade and wither.
  • Don’t let unfulfilled tasks build up like a snowball. It is better to pay a little daily attention to important matters – and your mood will improve, and things will be done in a timely manner. And to sort through the accumulated cases, you will need to spend completely different forces and nerves.
  • Feel free to delegate household chores to your loved ones. Do you really think that you are the only one who is able to wash the dishes in the house? If you do not have free time or you are simply pleased when your relatives help you, do not hesitate, ask them for help, do not wait until they figure out to do it themselves, believe me, if they still haven’t figured it out, they won’t figure it out. A woman who allows herself to help feels the support of loved ones and receives an additional supply of energy.
  • Fall in love with what you do, your daily chores. It is very important to get satisfaction from everyday worries. Even if you have to finish work unfinished in the office or at home, find a way to set yourself up in the right mood. Place a candle and a glass of red wine next to the computer, place your bare feet under the table in a bowl of sea sand, or do yourself some other pleasure so that work is fun, or at least not so disgusting.
  • Try to mix things up whenever possible. For example, before preparing dinner, take a couple of minutes to make and apply a homemade mask to your face, and then, during a break or at the end of cooking, wash it off. As a result, you have delicious fresh food and a refreshed, prettier look. Or, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, call people with whom you have not communicated for a long time, but really want to, but you do not have time for this. So this is it! Has your baby fallen asleep? Don’t waste precious minutes, take care of yourself and other important things.
    Take your lunch break for yourself, go to a hairdresser or beauty salon. This will raise your mood and increase your efficiency.
  • Pump up audiobooks on your favorite topics, trainings and other courses and listen to them while driving to and from work, strolling with a stroller, cooking, gardening, etc. If your brain is “overloaded” and cannot perceive information, but you want to unwind, put on a light genre or relaxing music.
  • Limit the duration of the “time sinks”, which include the TV and the computer.
  • Love yourself, learn to tell your dear family “I love you very much, but please, during these hours of such and such days, please release me from such and such matters and responsibilities.”
    And most importantly – no remorse about the fact that you spent the free time on yourself, beloved. That at home the husband, who is also tired, is sitting with the children, that you do not spend all your free time with your children, that there has been no normal cleaning at home for a week. By depriving yourself of the delights of life and relaxation, you are depriving your family of this. After all, a wife and mother simply have to be healthy, cheerful and optimistic about life. Even spending time on yourself, you can go two ways: the first is to spend your nerves and strength on experiences, the second is to abstract and be charged with positive energy for your pleasure. You have earned the right to take care of yourself a little, because the husband does not need a wife who is fading in front of her eyes and put an end to herself, and the children – a nervous mother who breaks down at them over trifles.

I will tell you about some of the ways to spend your time that may help you diversify your leisure time.

1. Find a hobby for yourself. Today there are many circles, courses. You can practice dancing, singing, sports, painting and much more. The choice is so wide and varied that each person can choose something suitable for themselves. Moreover, it can be both a child and an elderly person. The main thing is to open an interest in something in yourself, so that it brings you joy and, perhaps, in the future would serve as a good way to earn money.

2. Pay a little attention to your appearance. Make masks for the face and hair, take care of your nails, make various hand baths. Moreover, in winter, our skin requires special care. You can find many different recipes on the Internet. Thus, you will not only save money on trips to the salon, but you will always remain fresh and attractive. The result will not be long in coming, and then you just say thank you to yourself for it.

3. Clean up your room. No, I’m not talking about general cleaning. Just wipe off the dust, put all things in their places, thereby creating coziness in the room. If you devote at least 15 minutes every day to cleaning, then your house will always be clean and you can forget about three-hour cleaning of the entire apartment on weekends. Most importantly, do it with a smile, you can turn on pleasant music. Is it pleasant for you to be in a clean, tidy apartment, where everything is in its place? Then let this be your motivation and cleaning will turn into a pleasant experience for you.

4. Prepare something delicious. I mean some simple, pretty dish that you enjoy. It is not necessary to spend 2 hours on this. Let it take you 30 minutes to cook, but you will feel good about yourself knowing that you have learned something new and useful. After all, the result will delight you, your friends and your family? So let everyone know what a wonderful hostess you are and how many different and tasty things you know how to cook.

5. Learn languages. Today, without knowledge of foreign languages ​​- nowhere. Everyone is obliged to master at least standard phrases, for example, English. And if you already speak English, it never hurts to start learning the second. By learning a language, I don’t mean cramming words and rules. After all, you can learn a language in different ways. Listen to songs trying to understand the lyrics, watch films in a foreign language with Russian subtitles, read texts you understand. This will not only give you pleasure, but also bring a positive result. By following these simple rules, you will learn how to spend your time not only pleasantly, but also useful. You don’t have to do everything at once, spread it over the whole week. Or maybe, after thinking carefully, you yourself will find some other useful activity for yourself that you will like.