How to find your calling?

Each person has their own purpose or significant reason why we are on this planet, but, unfortunately, most of us are not interested. We do not think about how to find our calling, and we do not think about how we can make our life and the people around us much better. Most people just “go with the flow”, they live only with thoughts of how to make money with a new iPhone, new clothes or a car.

We become materialists and forget to benefit other people. We rush through our lives doing meaningless things and wasting our precious time and energy. Just not living the life we ​​should, and not knowing what our purpose is – this is the greatest mistake people make.

Why seek your calling?

I communicate with many outstanding people who have achieved significant results in their field. Someone says that his calling is to teach and share his knowledge with the world. Others find their calling in charity and helping other people. Someone is trying to build a successful career, achieve all of their goals and build a happy family life. But when you find your calling, you find the meaning of your life. You no longer feel like you need to do what you shouldn’t, or live up to other people’s expectations. It makes your life easier, happier and more joyful. In this case, your level of anxiety drops, and you know exactly what you should do and what to work on.

All the anxiety associated with not knowing what you are doing or where you are going in life simply disappears. Peace of mind becomes your second self, which means that you are on the right track. You have your own direction in life, you enter your role. By doing what you like. After that, you move with incredible speed and determination. After all, there are no barriers in front of you.

Know yourself

In my opinion, this has always been a problem for many people. After all, it is easier for us not to think about anything, but just go to the usual work and carry out someone else’s instructions, than to think about how to find our calling. But I had my own thoughts about this. It was always interesting for me to understand why I was born into this world and what my destiny is. I began to look for answers to these questions, although at that time I did not yet understand how this should happen. Nevertheless, I continued to work in this direction.

Looking back, deep down, I have always been open to new ideas and opportunities. I read a lot and constantly studied new information for myself. I tried to learn more about myself, figuring out which direction I should go. I also gave myself the time and space to do this. Because if I gave myself some kind of commitment, I would never have found my calling. It was not some kind of phenomenon or discovery. Rather, a gradual entry into the life I wanted to live. I just realized one day that I like writing and sharing my knowledge with other people.

Where can you find your calling?

Each of us comes to our calling in different ways. Some show a certain talent as early as childhood. While others do it under the guidance and advice of some mentor, friend, or parent. I just had the opportunity to give myself the time and space to find myself. I tried many different jobs and roles in life, but nothing suited me. I spent a lot of time traveling, visiting various cities and countries. I communicated with people of different cultures and nationalities. And after each such trip, I discovered something new for myself. It is precisely thanks to the way out of the usual place of being and communicating with other people, I was able to find my calling.

Yes, this path may not be easy, and you need to prepare for it in advance. You just need to create such conditions for yourself so that you can be distracted from your work from time to time. So that you can rest and travel more. So start managing your finances and time properly. Start saving money for your next or first trip to a new place. Start doing things you haven’t done before. Develop new skills in yourself, and be interested in everything that surrounds you. Say yes to the things you used to be afraid of. Start removing your fears and worries. And then it will be much easier for you to understand how to find your calling.

Several ways to find your destination

1. Remember what you dreamed about when you were little

In childhood, every child has his own dreams and desires. But, over time, when we grow up and problems fill our lives, we simply forget about our childhood dreams. So remember what you dreamed about as a child? What did you want to become then, where did you want to live, what to do, what were your favorite games? Write it all down on a piece of paper and transfer it into adulthood. Write down all those hobbies and hobbies that bring you joy and pleasure.

2. Remember what directions in life you like the most

Think about what you most often like to talk to your friends about? What topics do you read books, articles, or watch videos on? Find the areas that you are most interested in right now and spend more time on them. This will help you draw closer to your calling.

3. Constantly try yourself in different areas.

Laziness is a sign that you are heading in the wrong direction. Therefore, if you feel that you have no desire to go to work or engage in some kind of activity, then do not be afraid to change it. Many people are not living their lives. And all because they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. But, if you want to understand how to find your calling, you should definitely try yourself in different roles.

4. Communicate more with people with similar values

Never go it alone. Look for people who have already achieved some significant results in life, and try to communicate with them more. Look for someone who will inspire and motivate you. You are surrounded by people who know what they want from life, have clear and specific goals. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to reach your potential and find your purpose.

5. Identify your strengths

It will be easier for you to achieve meaningful results in life if you do what you are good at. If you try yourself in some direction, and you see that nothing comes of it, then you don’t need to force yourself. Again, do what you enjoy doing, do what you are an expert at. Because in this way you will find a business to which you can devote your whole life.