How to find yourself in life?

Finding yourself in life means learning to enjoy your existence, learning to enjoy your life, to feel joy from what is happening around. It is to have your favorite hobbies, hobbies, satisfying work, to be in a psychologically comfortable state. To be able to quickly and efficiently cope with all difficulties and not get hung up on them.

How to understand that a person has lost himself

This important question exists in order to be able to help oneself and a loved one to cope in a crisis situation.

Most people find it extremely difficult to ask someone for help when it comes to inner experiences. Especially when it comes to the strong half of humanity. After all, from a very early age they are taught to cope with all difficulties on their own and not to complain. How to recognize in time that a loved one needs help and how to help a dear man find himself?

It is possible to determine that a person has lost himself by some signs:
* The lost person is always not satisfied. If you have known him for a long time, you will quickly notice that those things and events that previously gave him pleasure have become uninteresting.
* Very often, lost people are embittered or aggressive. This is especially evident in choleric people. They quickly get annoyed, any little things infuriate them. Even if something interesting and joyful appears, the positive feeling of what is happening quickly fades away. Work causes them indignation, they often lose interest in friends.
* Another option is also possible – apathy. Complete lack of interest in what is happening. In such a situation, a person constantly feels tired. He does not want to put himself in order, the food does not seem tasty, the affairs of his family become a burden. A person may say that he sees no reason to do something, to strive for something. Not aware of possible future prospects.
* In such a situation, you need to try to get yourself together, take all your negative emotions about the glued state of a loved one in your hands, make efforts on yourself and, by all means, help your loved one find himself again.

This requires patience, love and affection, understanding and support. Unobtrusive recommendations of the relevant literature on “how to quickly find yourself” are possible. If a person has no craving for reading at all, you need to help him remember all his old hobbies and offer to do them again. Use modern techniques to define values, interests and priorities. And determine the future plan of action to overcome the crisis.

How to find your calling

The ideal image of a modern successful person draws him as necessarily financially secure, held in a family plan, having a fascinating interesting profitable business. In fact, everyone knows that there are only a few out of millions of such people. But still, this prototype of a “happy life” is in front of everyone’s eyes. And each day compares himself to him.

There are several ways to find your calling:
* Remember what you wanted to become in childhood, what you dreamed about. Answer yourself to the question: what prevented you from realizing yourself in this role? Think, maybe now is the time to make your old dream come true?
* Analyze your strengths: what you know how, what you could do, what kind of work is suitable for the implementation of your skills. Think also about what you would like to learn, what new skills to acquire. Learning a new profession, gaining knowledge always contributes to the development of personality, helps to find oneself and acquire useful contacts.
* Listen to your feelings: what do you want? What do you like to do? What do you get real pleasure and joy from? Or maybe some activity that you have not yet performed, but feel an intense desire to do, is responding to you? This can be the impetus for action.
But work may not be by vocation. For most people on the planet, it is only a source of existence. In order not to lose yourself in such a situation, it is enough just to balance work and personal life. That is, time, free from work, to spend on hobbies and pleasant activities.

If it didn’t work out in business, and you still haven’t found a financial creative streak, exhale. Step away from this terrorizing thought and look for a calling in other areas of your life.