How to flirt with a pen guy?

Not sure how to flirt with a pen guy or how to get him interested? In fact, there are no specific rules and step-by-step methods here. But there are certain tips that will help you get his attention much faster and interest you in your behavior.

After all, the great thing about the internet is that you can flirt and build relationships before committing yourself. So don’t hold back your fantasies, but don’t be too frank either. These tips will surely make the guy think of you, even when both of you are offline. So remember them well and put them into practice.

1. Don’t wait for him to send the first message

You have no reason to wait for a guy to send a message, especially if you like him a lot and want to talk. Stop worrying about feeling too needy. Small, harmless text will not look desperate. After all, flirting and communication is like a two-way street, along which both people must move. And if you really like him, then there is no reason why you should avoid the opportunity to call or text the guy first.

2. Use likes and comments

If you want to flirt with a penpalier on social media, then don’t forget to put “I like” under his pictures and write some intriguing comments. In short, you need to get the guy to notice you. Naturally, you should not overdo it, and send him dozens of likes and comments throughout the day. 2-3 likes or comments on the first day will be enough.

3. Avoid boring greetings

You’ll be much less likely to attract a guy to a conversation if you just send boring text like “hello”. Instead, take the opportunity to make a good first impression by sending them a thoughtful message. The idea is to address him with a specific observation or thoughtful question. These are the types of conversations that will allow you to get to know each other better.

4. Use smilies and GIFs correctly

To properly flirt with a pen guy, it is recommended that you use emoticons. With the right emoji or GIF, you can add more flirting and intrigue to your conversation. Use these tools to express yourself more clearly and show your playful and witty side. But you should also not abuse them, otherwise he will take you lightly.

5. Send your messages so that the conversation lasts longer

The trick is to maintain excitement and intrigue when texting with the young person you like. Don’t use all your tricks to flirt with him right now. Stretch your messages for hours or even days. If it takes him a little time to answer, then you should do the same, and not rush to answer. The idea is that your flirtatious conversation of five to ten messages can last for several hours. This will heighten the excitement and make him feel like interacting with you will never be boring.

6. Wait for his reply before sending another text

One of the biggest mistakes a girl can make when flirting with a young man by correspondence is not to wait for his answer and send her messages. Never be in a hurry, otherwise he will perceive it as disrespect for him. Calmly wait for his answer, even if it takes several hours.

7. Praise him often.

The guy will have a lot more desire to chat with you by correspondence if you praise him. In fact, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to raise the male ego. Just stick to classic ego-strengthening compliments.

8. Send him some of your best photos

Men love with their eyes. So give him a glimpse of you and your amazing life by sending him photos from your vacation or where you are having fun with your friends. Just be careful not to submit too personal photos. Otherwise, he may perceive you as a girl of easy virtue. There is a fine line between flirting and seduction. So don’t lose your self-esteem just to get noticed.

9. Make him think about the meeting

Use impressive phrases that make him think about meeting you in person. Don’t be too blunt and don’t say, “I want to meet you.” Use slightly hidden suggestions instead:

  • How do you spend your free time?
  • Where do you like to walk the most?
  • My friends and I often go to the beach / park in the evening, do you go there?
  • What kind of movies do you like?
  • Which cinema do you go to?

Don’t take flirting too seriously.

10. Do not forget about yourself, and do not worry

Sometimes we want to please someone so badly that we neglect ourselves and our health. So stay calm, don’t be nervous or worried if the guy doesn’t write to you for a long time, or if you can’t flirt with the pen guy. Try to relax and take a light-hearted approach to your flirtatious conversations.

Sometimes you may get anxious feelings if you communicate with a person you like, and after a while he stops responding. This is especially true if you are new to each other or are communicating for the first time. Therefore, it is best to act as if you have nothing to lose. Because around you there are still millions of people with whom you can flirt by correspondence, or have a romantic relationship.