How to forget your girlfriend?

Breaking up with his girlfriend will be difficult for any guy, and will negatively affect mental and physical health. Therefore, if you cannot restore the relationship, then you need to find effective ways to forget your girlfriend.

A similar situation recently happened to a good friend of mine who turned to me for help because he himself could not cope with this problem. This was his first long-term relationship, they lasted more than three years, but, unfortunately, ended unsuccessfully. The break with his beloved woman happened very quickly, and negatively affected his life. He was in a difficult emotional state, and I had to work hard to help him.

But as a result, after a few months of our work, and thanks to my advice, the pain of parting began to go away. And after a while, he practically did not think about his ex-girlfriend. This story inspired me to write an article on this topic, and will share with you practical ways on how to forget your girlfriend.

1. Completely remove it from your life.

I know how difficult it is to forget a person and completely exclude him from your life, especially if you loved him dearly. But you need to take this step anyway. You just need to understand that this takes time. And you will not be able to forget your beloved woman overnight. In the situation with my friend, it was difficult for him to completely remove the ex-girlfriend from life. First, because they worked together. In addition, they lived in the same house, so they had to see each other often, and this complicated the situation.

Perhaps, in your case, it will not be so difficult to exclude a girl from life, and it will be enough for you to get rid of all the things that may remind you of her. Therefore, it is necessary to break off all contacts and avoid meetings as much as possible. And in the event that you work with her or live in the same house, then change your place of work and place of residence. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to forget your ex-girlfriend.

2. Burn all memories

You may no longer see her and not communicate, but memories of the past will constantly remind you of her. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all things that can raise the memories of this relationship. Delete joint photos, stop following her on social networks, get rid of all the things that remind of her. Make sure that nothing in your life can revive the memories of this girl anymore.

3. Stop thinking that you love her.

The next tip on how to forget your girlfriend is not to think about your feelings for her. If you keep telling yourself and thinking that you still love her, then you just won’t be able to forget. You need to keep track of your thoughts and feelings. Anyone can completely control their thoughts and their emotions. We can learn to experience the emotions we need and eliminate unnecessary emotions from our lives. Start telling yourself that you no longer love this woman, that you no longer need her. Tell her that she found herself another boyfriend and she feels good with him, and you are ready for a new relationship and a new life.

4. Start to devote more time to sports and physical health

Exercising is a good way to get rid of negative thoughts and heavy feelings that flood your mind after a breakup. Therefore, sign up for a gym, start running, or engage in any team sport. Discover new sports. They will give you motivation to take action and for life in general. Start burning your calories, and with them the memories of your ex-girlfriend. Through sports and exercise, your physical health and beauty will only get better, which will give you self-confidence and improve your overall mental health.

5. Focus more on important things.

Perhaps you are still studying, then study harder. Maybe you are already working, then devote more time to your work. Focus your attention on the things that matter in your life. This will help you forget your girlfriend faster. If you don’t have goals in life, then now is the right time to set them. This way you can divert your attention from the failed relationship. Become a more productive and efficient person. Often life circumstances “lead a person astray,” but in this case everything depends only on you and on how you will perceive the problems that have arisen and how to react to them.

6. Take a trip

New people, countries and cities will help you forget your girlfriend faster. You need to leave the place that reminds you of your relationship with your ex for a while. So take a vacation, find a fun company and go on a journey. If you do not have the opportunity to travel to another country, then visit the nearest cities. You can also visit parts of your city where your heart can find peace. Doing things like this will give you time to think, refresh your mind, and start over. Think of old friends who live in another city, contact them and go on a visit. You need to change the environment and switch your attention to completely different things that will not remind you of your ex.

7. Get involved in charity work

Do charity work and pass on your kindness and love to people in need. Volunteering can help you spend time doing more important things. Plus, you are likely to meet other people and make new friends. You will understand that people have problems that are not even close to yours. You will also realize that life does not stop with one person, and there are many beautiful women around you with whom you can form new relationships.

8. Start spending more time with your friends

Perhaps you have not seen your old friend for a long time, or have not visited any of your relatives for a long time, now is the right time for this. You need to spend more time with other people, you don’t need to be alone. Now that you are free, many opportunities open up before you. Start spending more time on your hobbies and interests. Meet with your friends more often and have fun with them. You can spend more time working on your projects and spending time with colleagues to improve your professional skills. Meet new people and make new friends. Become a more outgoing and sociable person – this will help you forget your girlfriend faster.

9. Find a new girl

Parting with your beloved is not the end of the world. And when the pain after the breakup has cooled down, start being active again and getting to know each other again. Talk to your friends and ask them to introduce you to their acquaintances. Start spending more time with them. You can meet online, then date girls in real life. I am sure that your ex was not perfect, and you will definitely find a girl with whom you will build a long and happy relationship.

So move on and don’t remember the past. Learn from past mistakes and accept that she is gone. And new opportunities, new people and acquaintances open up before you. So do not dwell on the past, follow our advice, and you will notice how your memories of your ex will no longer pop up in your memory, and your life will sparkle with new colors.