How to get a girl to break up with a guy?

There are many ways to get a girl to break up. But it’s better to be honest and say that you don’t love her anymore. Telling the truth is always easier than deceiving. But if a person is in a situation where he does not have the courage to say everything as it is, then I will give you some advice on how to properly break up with a girl. And what not to do if you want to break off relations with her.

1) Stop hugging her

Stop loving kisses and loving hugs. When the girl asks why you are acting so weird, tell her that you are not in the mood. Physical intimacy is the essence of a relationship. And if the girl does not receive them, she will begin to realize that you have begun to move away from her.

2) start saving money

Girls hate it when guys are cheap, especially if it’s a romantic date. The last thing she expects is that you will be saving on her. Better yet, if you deliberately begin to argue with the service staff, or demand a discount. If she asks why you are acting this way, tell her you just decided to start saving. After you do this a couple of times, the girl will no longer want to date you.

3) start acting stupid and insecure

Use this tactic if you want to force a girl to break up when the relationship is just starting to develop. Since she still doesn’t know you well, present yourself as an insecure and stupid person. Behave in a way that makes her uncomfortable with you. The point is to make her feel like you are a complete failure. After a few days of this behavior, she will be ready to leave you and find herself a new guy who does not embarrass her in front of others.

4) start showing discontent

If you don’t know how to get a girl to break up, then start acting like you are her dad and not her boyfriend. Show displeasure and irritability when she’s out with her friends. Tell her that you don’t like it if she goes for a walk without you. And when she comes back, start asking a lot of questions. Such discontent will begin to annoy her, and soon enough she herself will want to part.

5) Forget her birthday

Act like it doesn’t really matter. Forgetting your girl’s birthday is every guy’s worst nightmare. This is a very difficult error to fix. The girl will be disappointed, angry and heartbroken to learn that the boy has forgotten her most special day of the year. You can make a girl break up with you even faster by forgetting her birthday and making a lousy apology.

6) talk about commitment

This method will also work well if you decide to break up with your girlfriend, and it’s only been a couple of months since you met. Start talking more and more about loyalty and responsibilities in a relationship. This is frightening and annoying for many girls, since they are not yet ready for a serious relationship. Just make sure that your lady is not the same devotee. Otherwise, she will think that she has found her soul mate, and then it will be difficult for you to part with her.

7) Become a different person

Surprise her by becoming a person you are not. Change your personality, speak and behave in a way she doesn’t expect. Become the guy with whom she simply cannot have a relationship and will take the first step towards breaking up herself.

8) start spending less time with her

Your girlfriend will be annoyed if you start spending more time with your friends and less time with her. You can schedule a date and reschedule it at the last minute. Use a frivolous excuse and tell them that you urgently needed to meet with one of your friends. When you do this a few times, it becomes obvious that your friends are given higher priority in your life. When she tells you this, explain that friends are an important part of your life. She will hear you and be the first to talk about breaking up.

9) start deceiving her

Lying and cheating are evil in relationships. When trust between a man and a woman disappears, then love and attraction also begin to fade. Start telling lies more and more often, and when she points you to this, then you do not pay attention. This behavior will definitely cause disagreement and quarrels. When this happens, be a little silly and not serious.

10) Don’t answer calls

The easiest way to let someone know that they are not important to you is to avoid them. Stop answering the girl’s phone calls and don’t call back. When she calls again, give some lame excuse. She definitely won’t like it. If she wants to talk, act like you don’t care.

11) Forget the anniversary of the meeting

Quite often in films and TV shows, guys are portrayed as forgetful. You can also use this to get the girl to break up with you. Perhaps she will try to remind you of the anniversary. At this point, act as if you do not understand what is at stake. When she gets angry with you, try to calm her down. Pretend it doesn’t really matter.

You shouldn’t betray the girl

Cheating is one of the worst ways to betray someone and break your heart. This is morally wrong and will leave terrible emotional scars in a person’s life. Think about how you would feel if your loved one cheated on you? It’s a terrible feeling and your girlfriend doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Also, don’t make fun of her. Saying that she is ugly, fat, shy and not attractive. Such words can greatly offend her and cause psychological trauma. No matter how much you want to break up with her, her devaluing self-esteem is not something to use.

The best way to make a girl break up

Be honest about how you feel about her. Explain that you no longer want to continue the relationship. It may sound daunting in the beginning, but it is actually the least painful way to break up with someone. All it takes is a little courage and honesty. If there were strong feelings between you, then it will definitely upset her. But months later, she will be grateful for your honesty. So, if you do decide to break up with your girlfriend, do it in the most loyal way.