How to get a girl to kiss you?

Don’t be upset if you’re too shy and don’t know how to get a girl to kiss you. Many guys face this problem. First, you don’t need to be persistent if the girl is not showing interest or you are just starting out. But if your relationship has been going on for a long time, and there are still no kisses, then you should read our tips on how to get a girl to kiss you.

Basic tips on how to get a girl to kiss you

Work on self-confidence

In fact, if a guy already has some experience in a relationship, it will be easier for him in this situation. He will understand that if he is attracted to a girl, then she will not mind a kiss. And perhaps he has been dreaming about it for a long time. So if you keep sitting and thinking how to get the girl to kiss you, nothing good will come of it. Women want men to take the initiative and take the first steps in a relationship. They want guys to show confidence not only when kissing, but also in everyday life. So if you’re trying to get a girl to kiss you, you probably need to work on your confidence. Or, if you have a fear of dating and kissing, you should also get rid of it.

You need to understand that a girl can have the same fear. She can be very upset about the fact that you do not kiss her. The girl may think that she is not attractive or interesting to you. Kissing reassures the person that you have sympathy for him and that your feelings are mutual. So if you really like the girl, don’t hesitate. Show with all your appearance that you like her and you want to kiss her.

Don’t rush things

If there hasn’t been a kiss between you yet, perhaps too little time has passed? Have a few dates. You will get used to each other, and you will better understand how to build relationships. Just again, you shouldn’t wait too long and think about how to get a girl to kiss you. I know a lot of guys who think that if they wait a little longer, the girl will take the initiative herself. But if more than three dates have passed, then you should move on to the next stage. Try to find out if the girl really has feelings of love and attraction for you. Or is she just using you?

No need to say much

In the event that a lot of time has passed and there are feelings between you, then take courage and kiss her on the next date. There is no need to say anything. Everything should happen naturally. And you don’t need to ask the girl for permission to kiss. As we said earlier, they like it when guys show courage and confidence. So just do it.

If you join hands during a date or a walk, this is already good. So you took the first step to kiss the girl. Indeed, at such moments you may have a mutual regret to kiss. Don’t let your first kiss take too long. But he must be gentle and romantic. It is important for you to make the girl like it, and she wants to repeat this kiss next time. So get closer to her and then make eye contact. Try to see the desire for a kiss in her eyes. Then bend over to her lips and just kiss.

You don’t have to show and prove how good you kiss. Let your kiss not last long, about 2-3 seconds. And if you are nervous, then just the same quick kiss will not make you even more worried. Such a kiss shows the girl, you know what you are doing, and you will not persuade her to intimacy. It’s still really early for that.

Three signals that a girl is ready for a kiss

1. It makes it possible to get too close

If a girl allows you to get closer to her, or to whisper something in her ear, this is a good sign that she is ready for a kiss. So when you get too close to each other, watch her reactions and behavior.

2. The girl starts to flirt

Perhaps she is the first to take your hand, or she is trying to somehow flirt. She can be in a good mood and behave absolutely calmly and naturally. This means that the girl is happy next to home, and she is probably ready for a kiss.

3. You are often alone

Perhaps this happens on its own, or one of you is the initiator of the fact that you remain alone. But it’s also a good sign that the girl is ready for the kiss and she’s not afraid to be alone.

What to do if a girl doesn’t want to kiss

It may happen that the girl turns away, or gives the opportunity to kiss her only on the cheek. Therefore, you should also understand how to behave in such a situation. Of course, you don’t need to be angry and nervous. If a woman gives you a cheek, then it is too early for a kiss on the lips. But she, nevertheless, has a certain interest in you. Yes, perhaps she has such a character, and she allows only a few to kiss her. In this case, even more time is needed.

But if a girl, instead of a kiss, just hugs you. It means that she is set up now only for friendly relations. And you should think about what kind of relationship you want with this person? But in the event that a woman completely deviates from a kiss and hugs, and behaves strangely, then it is not worth wasting time. Move on and find someone who truly appreciates your advances and loves you.

So, I hope I helped you figure out how to get a girl to kiss you. However, I want to give one more little advice, it is really important. If there is such a problem between you, and you do not know how to kiss a girl, then you need to be more open with her, and establish a more serious relationship. When a girl feels your sincerity, she can kiss you first.