How to get a guy to propose to ask him to marry him?

Still dreaming of a marriage proposal and waiting for this magical moment? And do you think your relationship deserves to be taken to the next level? So it’s time to give your partner certain hints so that he asked to marry him. In case you do not know how to do this, I will share with you some useful information on how to get a guy to propose. Using casual conversations about your future, marriage, wedding expenses, and more.

1) Ask him what he thinks about your relationship

An easy way to get a man to propose is to ask him about your future together. Here are some tricky questions you can ask to find out his thoughts on marriage.

  • “Who do you see your future with in 5 years?”
  • “What do you think, what awaits us in 10 years?”
  • “This is our third anniversary as a couple, what’s next for us?”

2) Get the guy to talk about his views on marriage in general

The next step in getting a guy to propose is to discuss the concept of marriage with him. In fact, it’s a good way to talk about family life without any pressure. Your goal should be to ask your guy what he thinks about marriage in general and see how he feels about it. Here are a couple of ideas for starting a conversation:

  • “Do you think David and Lisa did the right thing in deciding to get married?”
  • “I wonder how much life changes after marriage. What do you think about this ”?

These questions will give you an opportunity to understand his views on marriage and attitudes towards marriage. If the answers seem too negative, you can draw a conclusion about the seriousness of your relationship. And is it worth it for you to waste time with this person.

3) Say something stupid about marriage

The most innocent way to talk to a man about marriage is to say something funny or stupid about the topic. You can drink a little and start saying frivolous romantic things to your boyfriend, including about your future life. The next morning, you can declare that yesterday you went too much with alcohol, and do not remember what you said. But you will know for sure that you have planted certain thoughts in his mind about marriage.

4) help him feel more financially secure

The guy may try to postpone the marriage as long as possible so that he can cover the costs of the wedding and the various responsibilities that arise after that. He can be understood, because he does not want to be considered a person who cannot provide for his wife and family. You can play a part in this by increasing his financial confidence. Compliment him about his work and earnings. Say that his financial goals are ambitious enough to be achievable. This will prompt him to reconsider his decision about the timing of your marriage.

5) Share your views on pre-wedding expenses

Many men see marriage as a money pit. Starting from buying an expensive wedding ring, and ending with a wedding ceremony and a restaurant. If you are not the type of woman who longs for the wedding of her dreams in the most luxurious place, and does not like to flaunt everything, then let your man know. Such a revelation will make the guy breathe a sigh of relief, and remove all the negativity and anxiety associated with the monetary aspect of the wedding.

6) Discuss misconceptions about family life

Your partner may have many misconceptions about family life. Try to refute them to get the man to propose. Tell him that life doesn’t get monotonous after marriage. Marriage is not only the birth of children, but also the beginning of a new round in a person’s life. Marriage does not mean the end of freedom. Husband and wife can give each other more free time to satisfy their desires and needs.

7) talk to him about happy married couples

If you don’t know how to get a guy to propose, then show him real examples of your friends who live a happy family life. Thinking about the prosperous life of other couples will relieve him of his fears of commitment and lead him to positive thoughts about marriage in general.

8) talk about your future with a mutual friend

Involving a third party in your privacy is a bit of a risky decision. The guy might not like it. But if there is a person in your life who is very close to both of you and knows you well as a couple, then he can become your helper. Don’t be direct about wanting your boyfriend to propose. Start a discussion about how you enjoy watching married couples. If this person really knows you both well, such words will be a signal for him to approach your man and talk about this topic.

9) casually start a conversation about the benefits of family life

Various TV shows often show the negative aspects of family life, and talk about how the number of divorces only increases from year to year. Reverse this trend by discussing the benefits of family life. Say that in family life, partners support each other. Their financial situation is improving. Since they both work for the good of their family, and all responsibilities are divided equally. Once you voice the obvious benefits of marriage, you can easily get your boyfriend to reconsider his position on marriage. If he really is the kind of person who wants to develop a long-term relationship, these words should be exactly the motivation that will help him take the first step.

In the event that you have already moved in with your partner, clearly show the benefits of marriage. Take a day to cook delicious food and have a romantic evening. As soon as he compliments you, tell him that these moments will happen more often. And then he will not waste time thinking and doubting, but will ask to become his wife in the near future.

Don’t get hung up on discussing marriage.

You have to remember that there is a fine line between giving a man hints of marriage and obsession. Don’t push it to the point where he feels like you are obsessed with getting married. If this happens, more negativity will arise in your relationship. Stretch these conversations over several weeks or months. Don’t expect to be able to get a man to propose on the first try, or after the first hint.

No pressure

Don’t pressure him or set deadlines. First, find out if your desire to get the guy to propose is justified. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long ago did you start dating?
  • Are you and your boyfriend at a stage in life where you can be completely independent?
  • Do you both have a job?
  • Do you both think that postponing marriage is no longer a good idea?

Reflecting on these questions will generate thoughts in your head that will help you decide if getting married is the right decision at the moment. People get married for a variety of reasons. Just make sure your usual insecurity isn’t your cause. And remember that unnecessary pressure can push your boyfriend away from the very idea of ​​marriage. You don’t have to constantly think about how to get a guy to propose. He may perceive all of your attempts as nagging or a sign that will further confirm his fear of being trapped in marriage.