How to get acquainted on the Internet?

Online dating has really changed the creation and construction of romantic relationships a lot. Our parents could not even think that with the help of the Internet it would be possible to get acquainted, find a partner for relationships and to create a family life. But the problem is that very few people know how to get acquainted on the Internet. And people often choose partners with whom it will be very difficult for them to build a life together in the future.

Although, through text messages on social networks, email, or by talking on the phone, you can really get to know a person and have an affair. But to convey true feelings and emotions is unrealistic. In the old days, when there was no internet and various gadgets, people welcomed the usual courtship. They were more open and sincere.

But we no longer live in that time, so we need to adapt to the new tools for building life and use them correctly. Now you can express your feelings through text and video. Which is an easy and quick way to show the person you are interested in them. This is especially useful for introverted people who are not comfortable with live communication. Therefore, the Internet provides a good opportunity to find a partner for a relationship, communicate with him, and build a life together.

1. Learn more about your partner

When you first start dating on the Internet, it doesn’t matter if you are a boyfriend or a girl, it is quite normal to find out as much as possible about him / her. Including you need to tell about yourself in order to determine how much you fit together. Here are some points to look out for first:

  • Relationship status;
  • Religion;
  • Location;
  • Employment;
  • Hobby;
  • Social life;
  • The presence of children;
  • Willingness to move if you live in different cities;
  • What are the goals the person pursues in the relationship with you.

I do not recommend starting a serious and long-term relationship if you have too few similar qualities and interests. I once met a guy on the Internet who was obsessed with animals. He had the whole house in pictures of dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and so on. Each room was decorated with these pictures, and of course, there were many animals in the house. I don’t even know how many there were. Because I am allergic to animals and cannot be near them. For this reason, we parted with him.

2. Take your time to start dating

During online dating, I met men who, within an hour after exchanging messages, said that they “love” me. Some even talked about creating a marriage. But how can a person fall in love and want to build a life together if he has never seen me live? He does not know my character, and I do not know him. Therefore, I do not advise you to rush to develop a serious relationship with a person with whom you met on the Internet and still know each other little.

In addition, you should not disclose too much personal information about yourself in online chats. For example, your last name, year of birth, address of residence, place of work, and so on. When you get to know a person better, or go on a date with him and feel comfortable, then you can give out more information about yourself.

3. Do not rush to give answers, and correctly formulate the questions

Ask and answer questions as they come. You do not need to fill up a person with a mountain of messages and ask about everything that comes to your mind. When I still did not know how to properly meet a guy on the Internet, and what questions to ask. She always kept a notebook next to her, in which she made various notes and wrote down the questions of interest to me. I enjoy communicating with people in this way, and this way I can get to know them better. Because you have time to think before you answer the person, and you can ask a prepared and well-formulated question.

If you want to get to know each other properly on the Internet, then you should not ask provocative questions. You don’t need to ask a person about his financial situation or past relationships. You can, like me, make in a notebook a list of adequate questions that need to be asked first in order to get to know a man or woman better.

4. Do not fall in love until a live meeting

I often hear stories from my friends about how they corresponded with a person for more than a month. They wrote each other romantic words, poems, made incredible compliments. As a result, they fell in love without even meeting live. But when after that they met, it turned out that the person was completely different from the image that they had created for themselves.

In reality, many men and women do not know how to communicate normally and present themselves correctly. Yes, in virtual life, they can write incredibly beautiful messages, and subtly feel the mood of a person. But, unfortunately, when they meet in real life, they become withdrawn, and do not behave naturally. Therefore, one of the most important tips on how to get acquainted on the Internet is not to fall in love before you meet.

5. Get a separate dating number

Don’t be afraid to give your phone number when dating online. But do this only when you understand that the person is adequate, and you want to know more about him. You can even create a separate number for this occasion. Because people are different, and you never know how your relationship will develop further. And, if you don’t like something, you can simply not pick up the phone from him / her. Or immediately add it to the blacklist.

A separate phone number is also needed so that you can hear the person as quickly as possible and feel their mood. By voice, you can tell a lot about a man or a woman. And already at an early stage, you can understand how comfortable you will be with this person, and how adequate he is.

6. Do not engage in lengthy correspondence

This is another important rule of how to get acquainted on the Internet. After all, as we understood earlier, a man or a woman can perfectly communicate by correspondence, but live cannot connect even two words. Therefore, as soon as you get to know each other a little, immediately go to the phone. Talk on the phone, understand that this person is interesting to you, then do not delay and go to the meeting. If you are in another city, go to Skype, turn on the video and communicate online. Long correspondence does not lead to anything good. It’s just a waste of time.

7. Add good photos

You don’t need to add too many photos. Load about two to seven pieces. But remember to update them regularly, and remove the ones that get the least response. After all, it often happens that photos that you really like may not seem attractive to other people. Therefore, test different photos and keep the most effective ones.

8. Feel free to write first

There is nothing wrong with writing to the first guy you like, or to the girl you like. Priority may be relevant in public places, but there are no boundaries on the Internet and the rules are completely different. So feel free to be the first to be active, write messages, comment on photos, and ask questions. Stop thinking about how to get acquainted on the Internet. Just go and write to the person you like first.