How to get an intense orgasm for a woman?

Orgasms are great, but there is always room for improvement. What do we mean by this? Sex is a journey, not a destination. It’s about exploring your body and finding new paths to delight. They come in different shapes and sizes: weak or strong, more intense orgasm or less.

But did you know that your potential for great pleasure is (to some extent) under your control? If you are looking for a more powerful effect, then read on. We spoke to many experts and regular women to give you the best advice on how to get a woman’s orgasm.

1. After the first satisfaction, continue on.

How to do it? Continue on and don’t stop even if you are a little tired. My third “ending” is usually the strongest because everything is horny. If you feel that one part of your body is overly aroused, try switching to another for a later result. Listen to yourself to maintain arousal. This is necessary so that you constantly remain energized and not cool down after receiving what you want. It will also give you the opportunity to experience several pleasures.

2. Masturbation

Do not be ashamed or afraid of your desires. Take some time to please yourself. Take a bath, put on music that turns you on and create your favorite atmosphere. Masturbation is about taking care of yourself.

Why does it work? To experience pleasure is to be connected with your body and your partner. The better you get to know yourself through masturbation, the better you will be able to communicate your desires and guide your man to help you climax. Ultimately, this is the key to maximum results. You also need to get negative thoughts out of your head and enjoy the moment, rather than focus on what you get.

3. Use a riding position

Let your man sit on a chair, you sit on his lap with your legs wide apart. Then slowly slide on his penis, go up and down. Many women love this position because in this way they are in control, their clitoris is easily stimulated, and both of your partner’s hands are available to stimulate other parts of the body (such as your breasts or nipples). Also, depending on the angle at which you bend yourself, you can stimulate the G-spot. This pose is also a great form of foreplay, especially if you want to start with a regular lap dance. A vibrator can also be used in this position. Start teasing yourself before getting into sex.

4. Close your eyes

Close your eyes and focus on your sensations, this will help you have a more intense orgasm. It works because by closing your eyes, you turn off one of your main sensory organs, which makes you more aroused. Feel as much as possible everything that is happening to you and what your man is doing.

5. Restrain yourself

In order to get an intense orgasm, a woman needs to restrain herself. Basically, you are slowly getting closer to getting the desired result, but holding back before you climax. Accumulation really amplifies the result. By prolonging this entire process, you will have a more intense orgasm (as if alone or with a partner).

The point is, increasing your pleasure threshold will only make the final part more effective. When you become overly aroused and then cool off a little, your energy goes around in circles and looks for a place to exit. If you hold yourself back for a long time, the ending will be explosive.

6. Kegel muscles are key

How to get an orgasm for a woman? Study and train your Kegel muscles. When your kegels are strong, you can have more thrills and what happens to you. You are in more control of yourself. The stronger the kegels, the better your feel. Your partner will love it too, and thanks to them, you will have a more intense orgasm.

7. Breathe deeper

Use all of the techniques you’ve heard of or done while doing yoga or Pilates. Breathe deeply and with awareness throughout your love act. But you do not need to hold your breath, as this is of paramount importance. Breathing keeps the body free and receptive, easier to awaken.

8. Use a small toy

A small vibrator can go a long way in an act of love. Try it as it is difficult to achieve much-needed stimulation during penetrative sex. Its presence will give you the opportunity to use this zone to the fullest. If you can combine G-spot and clitoral stimulation, you will have the strongest thrill of your life.

9. Position 69

How to do it: Your partner is lying on his back, you lie on your stomach at his feet. Leaning on your hands, push your hips back so that they line up with your partner’s face. This is very comfortable and is the perfect position for you to climax. In this way, your partner can please you. It will be even better if your man uses his fingers or a vibrator while doing this.