How to get closer in a relationship?

In today’s world of online dating and virtual dating, everything is turned upside down. People just don’t understand how to get closer in a relationship. They have sex with partners they have just met, under the influence of alcohol or other substances. They only need physical satisfaction and nothing else. Many middle-aged people are socially unadapted, they are lonely, although they have many “friends” on social networks. But in real life, they don’t even have anyone to go for a walk with, and the worst thing is that many are quite happy with it. They do not plan their future life, do not want to build a family, but simply live for today.

But we are all social beings, and our primary needs are communication and procreation. In the age of technology and the Internet, unfortunately, not everything is good for us. When a person communicates with hundreds of friends on social networks, but sits at home alone in the evenings and on weekends. This is definitely not good for him. We stop respecting and appreciating our loved ones. Since we do not know how to build a happy and long-term relationship. Therefore, we have prepared for you tips on how to become closer in a relationship with your loved one.

1. Start cooking together

When you cook lunch or dinner together, you are next to each other, and begin to interact in unison. It becomes a kind of dance. You feel close to your partner, inadvertently touching each other and feel physical attraction. And to create a romantic atmosphere, dim the lights, use a few candles and turn on music. And the taste of food, your touch and pleasant smells will awaken warm feelings in you and bring you closer to each other.

2. Read the book and discuss it

When my husband and I were trying to figure out how to get closer in relationships, and were just starting to date, we read the same books on psychology and relationships. After that, when we saw him, we always had common topics of conversation. For us two introverts, this was a good opportunity to improve our communication skills. Reading has been an amazing way for us to get to know each other better. You can do the same with your partner. And you don’t have to read books on psychology, you can choose more interesting topics. Anything classic or artistic. Reading will definitely make you a more interesting person, and you will always have something to talk about with your partner.

3. Take a bath or shower together

My husband and I often talk about how we can get closer in a relationship, and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing more relaxing and intimate than a hot bath. Taking a bath or shower together, especially after a long and hard day, is a good way to relieve stress and tension. In addition, you will definitely touch your partner’s body and enjoy his sexuality. Lathering each other and rubbing the back is very erotic and fun. I think you will find many more ways to please each other besides this. After all, if you want to become closer with a person, you must have a partner nearby who is ready to share his sexuality, and not just communication.

4. Go on a joint journey

Various travel films for couples in love show us what experiences such trips bring and how easily they create intimacy. Hundreds of kilometers provide an excellent opportunity to talk about your life and get to know your partner well. Leaving a familiar environment, we see new places and can sincerely share our emotions. When my husband and I met, we often traveled, visited many beautiful places. We spent the night together in a tent, and spent wonderful evenings on the seashore. In this way, we created memories that belong only to us and bound us forever.

5. Stay together in bed more often all day.

When my husband and I were newlyweds and we did not have children yet, we began to spend almost the entire Saturday and Sunday together in bed. We talked, hugged, and of course, had sex. We did not allow ourselves to be distracted by TV shows, phone calls, and did not discuss work. The bed has become our refuge from the restless world. It was a great time when we could see the big picture of our life together, plan our joint future and future life. And that was one of the most effective ways for us to get closer in a relationship.

6. Look at your loved one’s childhood and family photos

Once my husband and I sat together for more than three hours while he showed me his family photo album and recalled his childhood. It was very funny. If you want to have fun with your partner, then viewing your family photos is a great solution. You cannot get enough of it. You laugh, ask questions, and ask for details. This is really so addicting. I still love watching my husband’s childhood albums, even after 20 years of marriage. And I constantly learn something new and interesting about him.

7. Take turns to be each other’s “slave of the day”

My husband and I learned about this game at the very beginning of our life together, and we still play it. On such days, we leave children with grandparents. It turned out to be an effective way for us to get to know each other better. We got to know our likes and dislikes better, what turns us on, and how we love to spend our time the most. When “my husband was my slave,” he walked with our dog, went shopping, cooked me breakfast, lunch and dinner. When “I was his slave” – ​​I had to watch football with him, go fishing and play video games. Of course, it could not do without various intimate desires.

It was a fun way to let your partner know that we enjoyed it. What positions in sex we like more, what hidden desires we had. What kind of music we like, what kind of clothes turn on and much more. It is often difficult for couples to talk about such things, but this game makes the task easier.

8. Massage each other

With my husband, massage was a common request for a “day for a slave.” Who doesn’t love a good massage? And who doesn’t appreciate the one who makes it? When we just started our life together, we even took massage lessons. We had a very good experience that deeply connected us. We got to know each other’s bodies better. Learned how best to relieve tension and how to use massage oils to enhance the sensations.

9. Don’t forget to flirt with your partner

Flirting seems natural to us at the very beginning of a relationship. But over time, it disappears. This should not be allowed, because it is one of the most powerful methods for getting closer in a relationship with your partner. Plus, there are now many ways you can flirt without even being around your partner. These are text messages, phone calls, and social media.

Many of us hesitate to flirt because we are too withdrawn and we feel uncomfortable with it. I definitely place myself in this category. But who doesn’t like to hear that he looks sexy, dresses attractive, and is a witty and outgoing personality?

10. Practice Active Listening

Everyone sooner or later learns about active listening. This technique reflects what was said by the speaker to show that we listen carefully and understand. While active listening can often seem challenging, it can actually help you get closer in a relationship. The more often you do this, the easier it becomes for you to understand your partner. You realize that you need to ask more questions, gain clarity, and listen, not just speak. In this case, your conversation with your partner becomes more dynamic, and the relationship improves significantly.