How to get rid of jealousy and stop being jealous?

We all sometimes feel jealous of friends or loved ones. And, although it may not be easy, but everyone can get rid of this feeling and use it to their advantage. This is a really frustrating condition that occurs when your friends announce that they are going on a long trip or tell them that they have bought a beautiful new home. You may want to be happy for them, but it can be difficult to achieve true happiness when things aren’t going well in your life. When you see people much richer and happier, you simply do not understand why this is happening, and do not know how to get rid of the feeling of envy.

Where does the feeling of envy come from?

Have you ever wondered why we tend to be jealous? It turns out that our brains are programmed for fairness and equality. But obviously, we live in an unfair and unequal world. This is annoying and causes negative emotions in relation to those whose life is better than ours. But is this right from the point of view of morality? I think no. After all, we cannot change the fact that we live in a dishonest world. But what we can do is change our attitude towards this.

In fact, envy is an emotional illness and can be bad for our mental health. She indicates low self-esteem. It has no positive or constructive effect on a person. And to a greater extent it causes indignation and bitterness. And if jealousy is not controlled, then in the end everything can lead to depression, anxiety and bad state. But you can use jealousy to motivate yourself. After all, it’s all about our human nature. People get jealous at an early age. And although, in adolescence, it is still difficult for us to appreciate what we have, but in adulthood we become more conscious. And we can use envy to achieve our goals. Therefore, we need to learn how to identify negative emotions in ourselves and get rid of them.

How to get rid of jealousy?

1. Identify negative thoughts

What thoughts do you have when you hear about someone’s success? You may be saying to yourself, “This is not fair! Why do some people get everything, while others get nothing? “Or something like this:” I’m probably just a loser, because I can’t achieve such results. ” But stop and think. How can someone’s accomplishment make you a failure? Perhaps there is some good reason why this person has achieved such success?

There is no need to think that many things are unfair. We must look for the true reasons why we are failing something in life. You need to look for motivation to change, and not focus on negative thoughts and emotions. We must be realistic, take a sober view of the situation, and be honest with ourselves. And if you want to get rid of the feeling of envy, then you must focus on positive thoughts, and look for ways to solve problems. And not focus on your jealousy and the success of loved ones.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

What is the point of constantly comparing yourself to other people? You get nothing out of it. Why not try to focus on getting your job done? Better focus your attention on what you have. And what can you do now to improve your existence. And if you are used to constantly comparing yourself with someone, and this somehow helps you, then it is better to compare with yourself. Try doing something better next time. Improve yourself and your skills. After all, even if a person has something more, this does not mean that he is truly happy.

3. Find the positives

Another good way to get rid of jealousy is good old school gratitude. After all, in any case, you have a house or apartment in which you live. It may not be yours, but someone doesn’t have that either. The realities of the modern world are such that many do not even have a roof over their heads. So be grateful for what you have. After all, each person is unique in their own way. Sit down and think about your strengths? Don’t ignore even the smallest things. This exercise will make you realize that you are a truly unique person and that you have personality traits or qualities that others do not. Then ask yourself, “So why should I be angry when I have something to be grateful for?”

4. Turn envy into motivation

Turn your anger into an incentive to achieve your goals and plans. Tell yourself: “I don’t have a car or a house like this guy right now. But why don’t I strive for this, start working harder, and realize my plans? ” On our website, we talk a lot about goal setting. They really help us achieve the results we want. And thanks to them, we simply do not have time for envy and negative thoughts.

5. Avoid acquaintances who appreciate the wrong things.

Stay away from people with wrong values. From those who only dream of a new gadget, who buy only branded clothes for themselves, and consider everything else useless. From men and women who do not know how to show respect, who have no morality, no etiquette and good manners. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get rid of the feeling of envy. Communicating with them, you only fill yourself with negative thoughts. You will become a materialist, and your envy will become even stronger. Beware of consumer culture and materialism. There is nothing wrong with getting better and enjoying all the benefits that we have. But this should not be to the detriment of your mental and mental state.

6. Let go of thoughts and relax

Doctors always advise to rest more in difficult situations. Relaxation means peace of mind. If you work hard, take a vacation and get some rest. You must understand that there will always be people who will be better and richer. Just like there are people who do not have what you have. So stop thinking about it and put your thoughts in a positive direction. Taking control of jealousy can help you achieve better results and become more successful. You can release the negativity that feeds resentment and anger. You will learn to appreciate what you have. And this is the key to happiness and how to get rid of jealousy.