How to get rid of negative thoughts?

Do you feel that you are unable to control your emotions and do not understand how to get rid of negative thoughts in your head? Perhaps most of your thoughts are negative in nature. Therefore, they negatively affect your personality. Sometimes, these negative thoughts can keep you from experiencing joy and happiness. So all sorts of pleasant moments will bypass you. There is such a thing as looping on your own thoughts, I also call them mental addiction. In fact, this is not a normal condition. Because negative thoughts can hold a person captive to negativism, and he gets stuck for a long time in this loop of the negative past, or terrible assumptions about what may happen to him in the future.

These kinds of thoughts that flash in your mind can become an obstacle to your personal growth, happiness, or success. But if you try to move into positive thoughts, then you can motivate yourself, guide yourself to success and happiness. Recently I came across very interesting statistics that opened my eyes even more to how thoughts can influence our lives. A few years ago, the National Science Foundation determined that a person produces about 50,000 thoughts a day. And they all try to control our actions and feelings in everyday life. They can determine the direction of our life and how we will react to a given situation. Thus, one of the most important elements for improving our lives is understanding how to get rid of negative thoughts.

Practical advice on how to change negative thoughts

1. Identify Areas Where Negative Thoughts Occur

The first method to get rid of negative thoughts is to identify in which areas of your life you have the most negative thoughts. For example, it might be thinking about work or relationship issues. List or keep a diary of your negative thoughts. Then try changing the way you think about just one of these things. Just don’t try to approach everyone at the same time.

Whenever you think about something, try to understand whether your thoughts are negative or positive. If they are negative, then challenge them and try to think of ways to make them more positive. For example, if you are convinced that your employer thinks you are not doing the job. Even if your work is of high standard. Then remind yourself that you are doing your best. And your confidence cannot be undermined by any unfair criticism. And as soon as your thinking in one area has become positive, move on to the next. Most importantly, keep practicing and constantly work on yourself. Because overcoming negative thinking takes time. But this habit must be developed.

2. Stop criticizing yourself

The next tip for getting rid of negative thoughts is to stop talking bad about yourself. After all, we all make mistakes, both at work and in our personal lives. But instead of thinking, “I’m not doing my job well,” you can simply say, “I was wrong. But now I have gained experience, and next time I will not make this mistake again. ” If you are having a hard time overcoming this type of thinking, try to imagine your mentor giving you advice. And when you do them, he admires you. Think what he can tell you? And what advice will he give so that you can challenge your negative thoughts.

3. Spend more time with positive people.

If people around you think negatively, it can also affect how you think. Therefore, when possible, spend more time with people who are less likely to think negatively. It’s not always as easy as it sounds. Few can choose with whom they want to work or live. But if you have to spend a lot of time with a work colleague who is cynical and negative. Then try not to let his mood affect you personally. You may even find that trying to improve your own thinking patterns will benefit you and the pessimistic people around you.

4. Smile more

Many scientists have concluded that there is a direct link between our facial expressions and mood. And the overwhelming proof is that even a fake smile can make a person feel more positive. It can also help him get rid of stress and negative thoughts. But too much of a fake smile can make your mood worse. So try to induce a real smile from time to time by thinking of something that makes you laugh.

The idea of ​​someone smiling at you can help clear negative thoughts and change negative thinking. In a recent test for the British Health Foundation, people were asked to imagine someone they love. They had to imagine that this person was smiling or laughing. At the same time, the researchers measured their brain activity. As a result, they found that even imagining a loved one smiling made people feel more optimistic and positive.

5. Monitor your health

Eating a healthy, balanced diet and lots of exercise can help improve your mood and get rid of negative thoughts. And when you are tired or relaxed after training, you will not have the strength to think negatively. Adopting a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. Including improved mental health, better sleep, and increased energy levels. All of this will help you adopt a more positive attitude.

A quick method to get rid of negative thoughts

Step  1. Pause

Take a break, take a few minutes from your busy schedule, and just stop. Find a quieter place, sit down, calm down, and move on to the next step.

Step  2. Change your posture and start breathing deeply

Straighten your back, close your eyes and take 4 deep breaths. With each inhalation, concentrate on your stomach, and when you inhale air, say “inhale” in your mind, and when you exhale, say “exhale”. And so all four times. When done with breathing exercises, move on to the next step.

Step  3. Create a positive thought

Imagination is your inner strength, it can work miracles. So try to create a positive thought that you can substitute for a negative one, and then write it down on a piece of paper.

Step  4: Focus on the new thought you’ve created

Keeping your eyes closed and seeing your new thought that you have created in writing, keep concentrating on it and repeat out loud 4 times. Once you’ve done it four times, open your eyes. Then go back to the first step and repeat all the steps again to change the next negative thought. After such an exercise, unwanted thoughts will disappear into the past, and you will operate with new positive thoughts.