How to get rid of the black bar in life?

Our life is like a zebra. The happy period is replaced by a black streak of bad luck and setbacks. And very often such a streak drags on so much that we begin to be exhausted, unsuccessfully trying to get out of the deeply sucked abyss of misfortunes and problems. And everything happens due to the fact that once we committed an unseemly act or gave free rein to negative thoughts and feelings.

It is often believed that the cause of such a streak is damage or the evil eye, but this is a misconception. We ourselves attract everything that happens to us into our life with our thoughts and actions, which are the most powerful creative energy. What thoughts and actions are, such is the future life.


Magicians and fortune-tellers offer many conspiracies and prayers, which they believe will help us in this situation. But I would not advise you to quickly rush to fulfill their instructions, because any problem has its cause. And a prayer or a conspiracy is unlikely to be able to eradicate it completely. This can only be done by those who have brought trouble to themselves, that is, you and me. We will not go to the wizards for help, but will try to get rid of the black stripe on our own.


All our troubles come from the fact that we do not know how to think positively and at the first failure we panic. In addition, we allow our minds to manipulate us, to have power over us, to suck in negativity deeper and deeper. I can give an example – all my life I was afraid of one situation, but I was so afraid that the blood froze in my veins from fear, this fear tormented me, fettered me, did not allow me to sleep peacefully. And what is the bottom line? And in the end, I got exactly what I was most afraid of, so we change bad thoughts to positive ones. How do you do this, you ask? And for this there are affirmations.


Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense and in an affirmative form. You need to pronounce them as if we already have everything we want. For example, instead of “I will soon have a lot of money,” we say “I attract money energy and have as much money as I need.” When pronouncing affirmations, you need to forget about the “not” and “no” particles, which are not perceived by our subconscious, nor the Universe, nor the Higher Forces.


If we are tired of lack of money and cannot get out of it in any way, we say the following:

  • money comes to me without any effort;
  • my income is constantly growing;
  • I can make money;
  • I love money, and money loves me, etc.

You can act in the same way in any other difficult situations. It will also be of great benefit if we control our negative thoughts and consciously replace them with positive affirmations. This is difficult, but possible. Gradually, you yourself will not notice how replacing negativity with positive in thoughts will become a habit with you.


When a black streak comes, we start to get hung up on it and think about our troubles all the time, thereby feeding them with our own energy, increasing their strength and power, therefore, one trouble after another begins to fall on us. Until recently, I was just as obsessed with my financial difficulties, I was intensely looking for a solution to the problem, thinking about it day and night, but it only got worse. As a result, I just took it and spat on it, that is, I accepted it as it is and let it go, I simply stopped thinking about it. And the situation immediately began to change for the better by itself.


This can be done by pronouncing aloud with complete confidence in what you are doing, some special word forms such as: “I accept this situation (voice what) with gratitude and love and release it from myself in peace. Now I am free and open to all the best. ” There is a saying among esotericists: “Let go of the old, make room for the new, and all the most amazing and beautiful will come to you.” And these are not empty words. Tested on myself.


With the help of meditation, we are able to move mountains, just do not be lazy and shirk. To change your life for the better, you need to immerse yourself in meditation every day, at least for a few minutes a day, and mentally draw for ourselves everything that we want to improve in our life.


We cover a sheet of paper with black paint, and then draw a white stripe.
Now let us delve into this white stripe both with our eyes and with our consciousness. You can stroke it with your hands, and at the same time imagine that now our life will move only along this strip.
Next, we expand our consciousness. Visualize how white expands and fills all black. We also imagine how the flow of energy from space fills the white space, filling it with purity and perfection. Let us sit for a while in this state, peering into the distance, where the white blank sheet leaves so that we can no longer catch it with our eyes.
Then we will try to feel how purity and novelty penetrates into each of our cells, how the energy of freshness fills our entire body.