How to get romance back in a relationship?

I often hear from people that over time, their feelings for a partner fade away, due to the fact that they do not know how to return romance to a relationship, and this is true. It doesn’t matter if you are in a new relationship, or have been living with your partner for several years, in any case, it is important to maintain love and romance. At first, when people just start dating, romance between them naturally arises. Although I often hear that for many people, already at this stage, sex is more important. But I’m confident that relationships that include romance are more likely to succeed. Let them be small romantic gestures, but they show that your partner really loves you.

The reason I wrote this article is to share some of my ideas on romantic moments that couples can bring to their relationship. Hopefully, using these ideas will help you keep the passion in your relationship and prevent it from breaking down.

1. Go somewhere for the weekend together

If you can afford to spend a weekend in another city or in another country, then this can be a good opportunity to get rid of the usual everyday worries and problems. Even one night away from home in a good hotel can have a positive effect on your mood. Allow yourself to do what you want. Walk in new places, enjoy delicious food, drink your favorite drinks and do your favorite things. Make your evening even more romantic by ordering a bottle of chilled champagne in your room and two glasses that will be waiting for you and your partner upon arrival.

2. Romantic Scrapbook

You can bring romance back into a relationship by leaving romantic notes to your loved one. A few words in a notebook with the inscription – “Hello dear / dear! I love you very much! ”Can mean a lot to your partner, and they will definitely bring a smile on his face and create pleasant sensations. You can post these scraps in the following locations:

  • Inside the lunchbox that he or she takes to work;
  • In a jacket pocket;
  • In the car;
  • Put in a notebook or wallet;
  • Place on or under your pillow.

3. Trail of rose petals

It doesn’t matter if you use real rose petals or make them out of paper, but it looks very pretty. Imagine how nice it will be for a person when he comes home from work and sees this beauty. You can also post some love notes along this path, or decorate your bathroom with candles and fill it with rose petals.

4. Call or write to your loved one more often

The next way to bring romance back into a relationship is to remind your partner that you are always thinking of him. Let it be a phone call or a messenger message. Either way, take time throughout the day to remind your partner of how much you love him. Say that you miss me a lot and can’t wait to see you again. It will only take you a few minutes, but you will remind your partner of your feelings.

5. Hold hands

A simple gesture, such as taking your partner by the hand when you are walking somewhere or walking down the street together, can mean a lot. It shows that you are proud to be together, that you are not afraid to hide your feelings, and that you want your partner to be there at all times.

6. Make surprises and gifts more often

This surprise doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does mean you’ve taken the time to think about how you can please your loved one. Trust me, most men and women will be moved by what you think of them throughout the day and want to surprise them in some way. Gifts can be any, it all depends on your budget.

7. Kisses

It may surprise you that one of the first things that disappear in a failed relationship is kissing. Men and women can stop having sexual relations if they don’t kiss each other. Let it be a goodbye kiss when you leave home to go to work or shopping. Or, a kiss goodnight when one of you goes to bed earlier than the other. By themselves, these gestures are a manifestation of love, and help bring romance back into a relationship.

8. Compliment

It may seem obvious, but so many people forget to pay attention to their partner and give him their usual compliments. It is very frustrating when you are trying to look attractive to your partner, and he does not notice it. Even if you haven’t noticed any obvious changes in your partner, the compliment can go a long way in making your partner feel loved. You can compliment the following:

  • Emphasize the beautiful figure of your partner;
  • His new hairstyle;
  • New outfit;
  • How delicious he or she prepared the food;
  • How good you were together in bed;
  • How well he or she does his or her job;
  • Compliments about his sense of humor and many others.

9. Breakfast in bed

This is one of the nicest things you can do that will help you bring romance back into your relationship. So start getting up early and make your partner’s favorite breakfast. Place it on a tray and bring it into your bedroom while your loved one is still basking in bed. If there is room on the tray, then one rose in a small vase will create even more romance.

10. Get a massage

Give your loved one a romantic massage that will grow into intimacy. The massage will show your partner that you care and want them to feel good. But it’s important that your partner knows that you love him unconditionally. And that he is not obliged to make love with you after that, if he is tired after work or does not feel well.

11. Have a picnic

One of the most romantic ways a couple can enjoy their meal outdoors is with a picnic. You can fill your shopping cart with all your favorite foods. Then find a great place to be alone there. And why don’t you make this day even more romantic and have a dinner with the stars? I think this is a great idea to bring romance back into a relationship.

12. Hug each other more often

My husband and I use hugs on a regular basis, especially when we feel overwhelmed or when something goes wrong. It only takes a few seconds to walk up to your partner and hug them. By doing this, you show that you care about him and want to support in every possible way.

13. Remember the good times.

Take time to think back to the times when you were together so well. Whether they were last week or last year, it doesn’t matter. But it will help remind you both of why you fell in love with each other, and you will remember why you created that relationship.

14. Praise your loved one in front of your friends.

Say some good things that you can use to compliment your partner in front of your friends. It is advisable to do this when your partner is around, so that he hears how much you appreciate him. After all, we are all pleased to hear and feel that we are appreciated and loved, especially from a loved one.

15. Take romantic walks

Perhaps it will be a walk along the beach at sunset, in a beautiful forest or in a park. But romantic walks in which you enjoy nature and fresh air can help create romantic memories for the future and bring you closer to each other.

I hope my tips give you some new ideas on how to bring more romance into your relationship and keep the passion between you. We must always remember that every day we create memories for the future. Therefore, we must spend this day in joy and happiness. Indeed, in the coming years, we will rely on our memories. Remember how good it was for us together, and we want to repeat these moments. This way we will keep the romance in our relationship.