How to get smarter and improve your intelligence

Most people are constantly striving to become smarter and increase their intelligence level. As a rule, such aspirations, in most cases, are associated with the fact that a person wants to implement any plans in his life much faster in order to make it much more interesting and better. Consider the most effective and working ways that will allow you to increase your intelligence level and become much smarter. If you are thinking about how to become smarter, you probably have important reasons for this:

  • You want to impress someone;
  • Experiencing academic and career difficulties;
  • You cannot achieve your goal;
  • You constantly find yourself in awkward and unpleasant situations out of stupidity;
  • You suffer from poor memory.

And the means should be chosen in accordance with the purpose. After all, the mind is a broad concept, which scientists now divide into several directions, each of which has its own functions:

  • Thus, emotional intelligence is responsible for our adequacy in relationships with other people. This is the part of the mind that keeps us from buying the 11th iPhone on credit or scandal with the neighbors;
  • Logic and mathematical abilities provide an understanding of sciences, facilitate the learning process and allow finding solutions in difficult situations;
  • Creative thinking or creativity is the very part of the mind with the help of which masterpieces of art, complex marketing moves and much more are created;
  • Wisdom is an ability based on life experience;
  • Memory, and it is also divided into long, short and instant.

A firm definition of the goal will help you understand which part of your mind you want to train, and help you choose the right methods and tools. If your goal is to impress someone, then getting smart is not at all necessary. After all, you can not be, but seem. And there are ways to do this.

How to get smart in 5 minutes

It is a pity that the brain cannot be pumped with silicone like lips: a 30-minute operation and you are a genius. However, you can get smarter if you spend 5-10 minutes every day developing your intelligence. You can even start a timer and get down to business:

  • Read 1 article a day from Wikipedia or a paragraph from a textbook in your profession. There are 365 facts a year – this is how they become the best in their field;
  • Solve problems in algebra and physics. If today you may need an hour for this, then in a year – no more than 5 minutes;
  • Learn poetry – they develop memory and creative thinking. Even in 5 minutes you can learn four lines, and in a year – an impressive poem;
  • Memorize 3-10 foreign words every day. And in life it will come in handy, and you will train your memory;
  • Play tetris and charades – they develop logical and spatial thinking.

You can also find time to learn new things in the standard schedule. For example, instead of evening news, it is better to watch a documentary, and listen to a useful audiobook on the way to work or college.

As you can see, it is not necessary to become a Ph.D. to become smarter. Just 5 minutes a day is enough to learn something new. In just a year of disciplined “pumping” of the mind, you can learn English, become an expert in your field, master a new profession. So everything is in your hands.

How to get smarter in 1 day

Tomorrow is an exam, and your head is empty? Alas, it is possible to grow wiser in one day or night only if you have a phenomenal memory. In this case, you will have time to memorize the textbook. But every student must know a few tricks:

  • Often the teacher overlooks the little things. For example, a bacteriologist himself does not remember the names of all microbes in Latin. Therefore, the more confidently you speak, the less chance he will recognize a fraud;
  • Each profession has its own response patterns. For example, in medicine, it is customary to say the definition of a disease, its causes, prevalence, pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Knowing the scheme, you can learn the material many times faster – it is enough to read only the most important;
  • If you intend to study the whole night before the exam, then take into account the “work schedule” of the brain – from 5.00 to 7.00 it rests. Therefore, it is better to give this watch to sleep.

From school we are also familiar with another way of diffuse absorption of information – you just need to put a textbook under your pillow. There is no scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of this method, but it has been used for several generations.

If you want to grow wiser in one day in order to impress the chosen one, then you won’t have to cram. There are several ways to appear smarter:

  • Take a stupid girlfriend with you – against her background you will look like a real polymath;
  • Avoid those in which you are downright weak. Talk about subjects that you know well;
  • Don’t know the meaning of a word? Ask for an explanation. After all, inquisitiveness and curiosity are characteristic only of smart people;
  • Repeat phrases of famous people. This always testifies to erudition;
  • Be silent more, agree with the arguments of your partner. We all like to feel smart. Therefore, giving this opportunity to another, you yourself grow in his eyes.

And one more important fact. Smart people tend to have restraint. Therefore, if you want to seem more reasonable, you should not show emotions too violently: laugh like a horse, sob in public and wring your hands.