How to get your wife out of depression and help her?

Marriage should make people happy, not stress, depression, and headaches. And, if you are faced with the question of how to get your wife out of depression, then you need to make serious changes in your married life and in your relationship with your wife. What can you do now on your part to help her cope with anxiety and depression? Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways.

1. Let her cook and bake

The first method of how to get a wife out of depression is, of course, proper nutrition and food preparation. And, although, this method may seem a little strange to you. But research by psychologists at the University of Otago in New Zealand shows that cooking and baking can actually make a woman happier. You can ask your wife to cook something for you, or you can make a meal together. Choose a dish for cooking that you have not cooked before. By doing this, you will bring a certain novelty to your marriage.

While you cook, have interesting conversations with her. Think back to the fun moments you had earlier. Tell her how she has influenced and made your life better. Say that you are happy that she is your wife and the mother of your children. Such words will help to cheer her up and make her feel completely different.

2. Start playing sports together

Research also shows that exercise can help fight many mental illnesses, including depression. When we play sports, our body produces endorphins (hormones of happiness). They improve our mental health and make us feel good. Through sports and exercise, a person feels more positive. He copes better with various negative feelings and thoughts.

Therefore, encourage your wife to play sports with you every day. If she doesn’t show such desire, then create an incentive that will motivate her to exercise. For example, promise to take her to a beautiful country, or buy her favorite dress if she’s going in for sports for six months.

Here are some exercises you can do with it:

  • Get her to swim regularly. Take your wife to the pool and swim with her;
  • Every other day, or on weekends, go out for morning runs. Tell her that she looks incredibly attractive in her running clothes to encourage her to run more often.
  • Encourage her to ride her bike. Also think about some kind of prize for her activity. For example, promise to cook or do the laundry that day if she agrees to ride a bike with you;
  • Encourage her to dance, and dance with her. Research shows that dancing can help a person feel significantly better. So often visit the various events where you can dance. Take the initiative and be the first to ask her to dance;
  • In addition, you can organize parties at your home. Invite her co-workers, girlfriends, or family members. Only to make her feel comfortable in this company.

3. Encourage her to feel grateful.

The next method for getting your wife out of depression is to help her feel grateful. Because it has been proven more than once that when a person shows gratitude for what he has, it helps him feel happier. So remind your wife of everything she should be grateful for. Also remind her of those women who are not as fortunate as her. About women who are single or who have no job or home. Let her see that her life is not as dull as she thinks. And she lives well enough unlike other people.

Take some time on the weekends and sit together in a relaxed atmosphere. Invite her to remember her childhood. Let her tell you about various good things that happened to her when she was a child. Also in the evenings at the end of the day, encourage her to share positive things that happened to her that day or this week. Let her understand and be grateful that there is a person next to her who can listen and support her in a difficult moment.

4. Do gardening with her

It seems to me that any woman loves flowers and various beautiful plants. Gardening and growing flowers have also been shown to improve mood and help people who are depressed. Therefore, suggest that your wife grow a few carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, or other flowers and plants. Be sure to offer your help in this matter. Ask each day how the process is developing to keep her interested in the activity.

5. Buy her a pet

Research shows that pets can help people cope with mental health problems. And in your case, they will help to bring your wife out of depression. One of the best animals that can help you with this is the parrot. Because parrots are really funny. Especially when they are trying to talk. He can listen carefully to the words you say and play some of them later. And while your wife is feeling bad, the parrot might say something funny. This will make her laugh and she will forget about her worries for a while.

If you think she might not like the parrot, then buy a kitty or a dog. Your beloved woman will definitely like them. Plus, your wife will now have to look after them. So she will spend less time thinking about her problems.

6. Become a Caring Husband

If you want to get your wife out of depression, then you need to show more love, affection and care for her. Hug her more, kiss her and show signs of attention. Every day say words of love, give gifts, and make her the happiest woman in the world. Just do it sincerely and from a pure heart. When she sees your love and care, then her mental state will improve significantly.

7. Go to church with her

Research shows that attending church can often help a person calm down and develop a positive outlook on life. Therefore, ask your wife to attend Saturday or Sunday worship. Help her manage all household chores so she doesn’t have a reason to miss church on Saturday or Sunday.

Also, help her take care of the children as well as shopping so that she has more free time. The church is a place in which a person acquires peace of mind. It becomes easier for him in soul and heart. Accordingly, this will have a positive effect on her mental state.

8. Seek help from a psychologist

In the event that you have used all the methods, nothing helps you, and you do not understand how to get your wife out of depression. Then you better see a specialist. In most cases, women do not refuse outside help. So you shouldn’t have a problem with that. Only you should not focus her attention on the fact that she is sick or she has mental health problems. Tell them that you need to go for a consultation to improve your relationship. And if she doesn’t like something, then you will immediately leave.