How to hook a guy and keep him?

Not sure how to hook a guy and keep your interest in you? I think many girls would like to have such knowledge, but in practice it may not be so easy. After all, all men are different, and many relationships, although they start well, but after a while, when feelings cool down, we again have to look for a new partner.

Therefore, even if you know how to hook a guy correctly, then keep him near you and develop a long relationship, you also need to be able to. And if at first nothing works for you in a relationship, then you should remember that we are all not perfect and often make mistakes. But if we draw the right conclusions for ourselves and endure certain lessons, then in the future we will be able to interest any guy and hook him forever. For now, I recommend reading my tips on how to get your guy interested and build a long lasting relationship with him.

1. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.

Society made the girls think they should wait for the guy to take the initiative. But why can’t the girl herself take the first step, walk up to him, or write to the guy first? There is nothing wrong with that. Yes, men are more confident in themselves, but this does not mean that you need to sit and wait for him to decide to come to you. If you don’t know how to hook a guy, then just talk to him first, and ask how his day went, what he did, or how he spends his free time. And even if after the first conversation the man does not ask you out on a date, you will surely make a good impression on him. And next time your conversation will be very different.

2. Show love and attention

Men also like it when they show love and care. So do something special for him more often. Write a love letter, buy a gift, or surprise him. Depending on the mood and sympathy of this person. Even such a common phrase as “I love you” can work wonders. The element of surprise in relationships makes them evolve. Therefore, do not hesitate to make pleasant surprises for a man, especially when he least expects it. And don’t forget the special days in his life. Congratulate on various holidays and significant events.

3. Watch yourself

Men like well-groomed women. So keep yourself in shape, be beautiful and attractive. Pay special attention to how you look and dress. Try to always look well-groomed and look your best. If your goal is to hook a certain man, then before you meet, take an aromatic bath, use your best perfume, do your makeup and put on a sexy dress. Just don’t be too serious. Guys like open and simple girls with whom you can freely communicate and be yourself.

4. Smile more

If you want to hook a guy, then become a nice and friendly girl. Smile more, and feel free to show laughter and good humor. Just do it sincerely, no need to pretend. Be as sociable and friendly as you like. Guys like girls with a sense of humor. So don’t be afraid to tell him a funny story and laugh at it together.

5. Try to ignore him

One proven way to hook a guy is to ignore him a little when interacting with other attractive men. If you have a habit of always clinging to a guy, then stop doing it immediately. If you are too annoying and desperate, then it will be difficult for you to interest a man. And even if you are together, sooner or later the guy will change his mind about you, and everything will come to the point that you just disperse.

A successful relationship depends more on how well you understand your partner. Remember that a person has a life of their own and must take the time to pursue their professional duties. Therefore, give him more free time and rest from each other. After all, distance makes our hearts beat faster.

6. Have your own opinion

If you want to hook a guy and impress him, then you shouldn’t agree with everything and behave too approachably. Guys like girls who have their own opinions and look decent. After all, girls who say only “yes” may not seem interesting to men. They want to have a woman with whom it will be fun and interesting.

7. Never express anger or frustration.

We are used to being negative quite often. For example, when we’ve had a bad day or things aren’t going well. But as a result, we only make ourselves worse. We talk rudely, walk with a sullen face, pour out our anger and disappointment on the immediate environment. Instead, sit down and try to calmly share your problem with someone you like, or just ask for a hug. I’ve done this a lot and it really works. When I’m upset, I put my head on my boyfriend’s shoulders before having a heart-to-heart talk with him.

8. Monitor your behavior

Your general behavior as a person should attract men. Try to cultivate as many good qualities as possible and eliminate negative behaviors. The key to successful acquaintances and long-term relationships is in your own hands. So use it correctly and then your boyfriend will be attached to you for life.

9. Spend more time together

If you were able to attract the desired man, then show love for him and spend more time together. In the event that both of you work hard, it may not be easy to devote enough time to each other. But you can make up for this on weekends. Go for a casual walk with your partner. Either visit another city, or a place where you have not been. Try to do something together every day. For example, meeting after work and drinking tea. You need at least 30 minutes of communication daily. And don’t forget that good communication is a vital element in any relationship.