How to hug a girl when you meet her to make her feel good?

The thought of hugging a girl can make a shy guy or total introvert feel nervous. Even the most casual hugs with the opposite sex can be awkward for those who don’t know how to do it right. Therefore, I want to give you some tips on how to properly hug a girl when you meet, so that she would be pleased, and you would not feel embarrassed. Whether she is your friend, your first girlfriend, or the person you just met. After all, it depends on how she will perceive you, and whether she will have a desire to continue relations with you in the future.

1. Smile when you walk towards her to determine if you should hug her.

Even if you have not yet come close to each other, a sweet smile in many cases helps to endear the person to you. If she responds with a mutual smile, then you can take this as a sign that she will not mind hugging and further communication with you.

2. Walk slowly and calmly

This is the next step in learning how to properly hug your girlfriend when you meet. Walking too fast can show your nervousness and insecurity. Act naturally, walk calmly and slowly, as if you are walking in a park. Relax and just walk towards the girl with a pleasant smile.

3. Do not keep your hands wide open in advance.

If you’ve recently met and just started dating, then avoid getting too loose with her. Many girls can be intimidated by this approach. When you approach her, keep your arms at your sides, walk calmly and look directly at her. If this girl is just a friend or you don’t know her very well, then don’t hug tightly, and don’t let the hug last too long.

4. Be confident

In order to properly hug a girl when you meet, you need to remain calm. If you behave confidently while approaching the girl, she will be more relaxed and the situation will not be awkward. In most cases, low self-esteem breaks down a lot when it comes to shy guys and their behavior with girls. Even if you are deeply in love with the woman you are going to hug, you need to pull yourself together and stop being nervous. Here are some tips to boost your confidence when you walk to hug her:

  • Relax and take a deep breath;
  • Keep your arms at your sides and do not slouch;
  • Spread your shoulders;
  • Keep your chin high and do not look down.

5. Maintain eye contact when getting closer.

This is really important if you want to learn how to properly hug a girl when you meet. Men need to understand that one of the easiest ways to understand a woman is to look her in the eye. Keep this in mind and maintain constant eye contact when approaching her for a hug. Greet her with “hello” or “how are you?” A few words that you exchange will relax you even more and reduce your nervousness. It will also start a pleasant conversation after the hug.

6. Spread your arms to the sides a few steps before her

In order to properly hug a girl when you meet, give a sign in advance that you are going to hug her with your arms wide apart. Make sure that your actions do not confuse her. Keep your palms open towards the top and your arms fully extended.

7. Choose the side to which you are going to lean

Likewise, if you were to kiss a girl, you need to decide how you are going to bend over to hug her. She may get nervous if you think for a long time. As soon as you tilt your head to one side, the girl bends over to the opposite, and both of you hug each other lightly.

8. You should know where to hold your arms when hugging.

If she’s your girlfriend, then hugs can turn into more romantic ones. But if you only recently met, then when you hug her, do not snuggle too close. Keep your hugs light and relaxed just to greet each other. Don’t risk touching her hair or pulling your hands down her back. Shy guys often don’t know where to put their arms when they hug a girl.

9. Don’t let your arms go beyond your lower back.

If you feel like putting your hands on your girlfriend’s bottom, make sure she’s in a good mood first. Be calm and gentle with your hands on her buttocks. The slightest slip towards her lower back can embarrass both of you. So do this when you know your partner well.

10. Don’t be embarrassed when hugging a girl.

Hugs should be sweet and friendly. Shy guys are often nervous when they approach girls. And they may feel uncomfortable with excitement or not knowing what to do next. If you also have a problem like this, then tell yourself that hugging is just a warm, friendly gesture that is like shaking hands with another guy. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

11. Don’t let her go too quickly, and don’t hug her for too long.

Stopping the hug quickly will make you feel awkward. While holding it for too long may seem strange to her. Unfortunately, there is no fixed time for how many seconds you should hug a girl. But two to four seconds is quite normal. In the event that you have been with a girl for a long time, and you have a serious relationship, then you can hug her tightly, whisper a couple of affectionate words in your ear, and kiss.

12. Avoid embarrassing moments after hugging by preparing a topic for conversation.

This will be the last tip on how to properly hug a girl when you meet. For a shy guy, the awkwardness doesn’t end when the hug ends. The real challenge starts after that, because he needs to start a conversation. If you belong to this category, then come up with several topics in advance to start a conversation. Act naturally and calmly so that your hug turns into a warm and friendly conversation.