How to hug a guy and the meaning of hugs in a relationship?

Who among us doesn’t like hugs? But not everyone knows how to do it correctly. Especially when it comes to hugging a guy properly. The thing is, most guys don’t want girls to know how much they love hugs. Even those guys who behave very seriously in society secretly dream of a romantic hug with their beloved girlfriend. So if you have a boyfriend you like, there is no better way to bond with him than a romantic hug.

And even if you are a shy person, don’t be afraid to take the first step. Although I understand you well, and I know how it can be not easy. In high school, I was in love with a guy who was older than me. I really liked him very much. After a while, I mustered up the courage to write to him first, and on the same day we became friends. And already at the first meeting I managed to hug him. These hugs were the most important in my life. After all, after 2 years this guy and I became husband and wife. That’s why I decided to write about how to hug a guy properly.

What it takes to hug a guy

For brave people, hugging a person they like will not be difficult. But when you’re as introverted as I am, hugging can be anxiety, fear, and confusion. But everything comes with experience. While these interactions with other people can be daunting at first, to overcome this fear, you need to start small. Start with a family hug. After all, you have relatives, friends or loved ones. This is the easiest way to get rid of fear and learn to cuddle.

Also, family hugs are always welcome and not difficult to follow. Start hugging your dad or mom more often. Especially if you live separately and rarely see them. When you meet, squeeze them firmly with both hands, and hold for a few seconds. If you want to say goodbye to them, then a quick one-armed hug may be a good option. In this case, you can turn one cheek to be kissed.

How to perform a “love hug”

This is a special hug. I call them love. While there are many different ways to hug a guy properly, this technique is really special. The expression “love hug” itself feels kind, pleasant and romantic. And this soft pleasant energy creates special feelings between you and the man. You can use this hug in a variety of situations, but it’s best to do it with a loved one, or someone you really like. I often hug my husband this way when he leaves for work, or when we have not seen each other for a long time.

How to do it? Of course, you need to get close to the guy. Walk up to him, spread your arms wide and hug as tight as possible. Now, most importantly, be sure to wrap your arms around his neck, and let his arms wrap around your waist. Maintain this hug for about 10-15 seconds. Let them be really strong and long. And while you are holding it, whisper in your ear one of the following phrases: “When you hug me, I feel so good and safe in your arms”, “I feel so good when you are around”, “You know when you hug me, I feel that everything will be fine with us ”,“ I love you, dear ”.

Relaxed hug style

I want to tell you about a few more ways to hug a guy the right way, so that you can decide which one suits you best. If you want to keep your feelings in the shadows, then your hugging style should be quick and easy. Try to hug him lightly, or you can initiate the hug if your feelings aren’t strong enough yet. You can do this hug when you meet or when you say goodbye.

Expression of feelings hug style

The next style of hugs is what I call “expressing feelings.” If you want the guy to feel your interest in him, then use the following method. Try to hug him tightly, place one hand on his shoulder and the other around his upper back. You need to make sure that your hands meet, and your cheek is pressed against his cheek. This is a bit like a love hug, but at this stage you are not yet as close to the person as you were.

How to hug a guy correctly if you have been together for a long time

This is actually the easiest way. After all, you already know the person well enough, and it will not be difficult for you to snuggle up to him. But the most interesting thing is that it is desirable to find new ways of hugging. One interesting option is this: Gently grab the guy’s neck, resting your forearms on his shoulders. Do it very nicely, pressing your forehead against his forehead, and gently stroke the back of his head with your hands. Such a romantic hug can last about 20-30 seconds or more. Depending on how long your relationship lasts.

Friendly hug with a guy

If you are currently in the friendship phase, then you can hug the guy as follows. Perhaps this method will seem a little tricky, because he is still your friend now, but who knows how your relationship will develop further? And maybe he really likes you, it’s just that the guy hides it very well. With that said, in this case, a playful hug is a good option. This can be a hug around the neck, or a hug combined with a back stroke. Either way, make this moment enjoyable and special. After all, he is your best friend.

How to hug a coworker at work

Quite often we have to hug colleagues at work. Therefore, a hug from a colleague is very similar to a hug from a friend, but with a more serious approach. But in the event that you have sympathy for this colleague, then you can apply the hug “expression of feelings.” And remember, hugging is a great way to tell someone that you care about them. It just depends on what methods you use.