How to humiliate a person with a word?

There are times when we see the only opportunity to stand up for ourselves in the ability to offend the interlocutor. It is worth recognizing that this method is not always justified, and, at times, can even lead to negative consequences. But still, there are situations when it is very difficult to do without it.

When is it necessary to offend someone

There can be many such situations, and we will consider some of them in more detail.

Self defense

When someone allows himself to speak offensively in our direction, often, we “boil” in response. Rarely does anyone manage to restrain emotions in such a situation and ignore the attacks of an aggressive interlocutor. Of course, if a person has managed to achieve the highest degree of self-control or simply cannot decide on an offensive reply, then he is able to ignore negative words addressed to him. And yet, more often than not, restraining yourself is not easy. You can read how to act correctly in such cases in our article on how to react to insults.

Protecting the Weak

There are situations when we are unable to ignore the fact that someone allows himself to be abusive towards another person. It is especially unbearable to observe this when a spouse, a child, a shy girl, or even an unfamiliar pensioner falls under the shelling of offensive words. In general, aggression awakens in many of us when a weaker person suffers, who finds it difficult to stand up for himself. Of course, in this case, the injured party needs protection, and will undoubtedly feel a deep sense of gratitude upon receiving it.

Animal protection

This point is somewhat similar to the previous one, but the difference is that this time we are talking not about a weak person, but about an animal. Some of us, seeing, for example, how teenagers torture a cat or a drunk man kicks a dog, try to pretend that they simply do not notice what is happening, but most still cannot look indifferently at the sufferings of the “smaller brothers”. Of course, in this case, the insults on your part will be more than justified.

How to morally humiliate a person without a mat

Not each of us is able to humiliate a person without resorting to swear words. However, if you learn this, then we can say that you have comprehended the art of the most “subtle” offenses.

Clever phrases to shut up a person

If you want to put a person in their place, some kind of veiled insult, take note of a few phrases.

  • Open your mouth at the dentist!
  • Usually, those who do not succeed in their own climb into someone else’s life.
  • Do not fall under a hot hand, so as not to fly away under a hot foot.

Funny and funny insults

Such insults can seem funny and funny not only to the person who pronounces them, but also to the person to whom they refer. However, it all depends on how touchy your interlocutor is. If he is too sensitive to the slightest hints of insults and is overly vulnerable, then, of course, he will not be funny in this situation.

  • Yes, close you already your laughing man!
  • Stop fluttering your tongue like a parade flag.

Offensive caustic phrases

If you want to offend someone with a barb and an offensive phrase, then, apparently, this person really managed to offend you and you crave revenge. Of course, in no case should you show that you are offended or angry – in this case, you will not achieve the desired effect. Speak caustic phrases in a calm tone that may well be accompanied by a slight grin.

  • It looks like the stork dropped someone on the way. And more than once.
  • You would have been taken to the Cabinet of Curiosities during your lifetime.
  • Another similar phrase, and in life you will have to move in jerks.
  • You would think about saving nature by sterilizing yourself.
  • Probably, it is difficult for you to love nature, after what she has done to you.

How to send a person culturally, calling with witty words

You may well be able to offend a person, even being with him on “you”. To do this, it is not at all necessary to switch to obscene words or direct insults. One witty phrase is enough. Therefore, you can even say that in this way you will send a person culturally.

  • Leaving already? Why so slowly?
  • I am too busy a person to pay attention to your complexes.
  • Shock me, finally say something clever.
  • It seems that your youthful maximalism has never passed.
  • You would have to be silent more often, they would have passed for a smart one.
  • I hope that you are not always that stupid, but only today.

And yet, most likely, you understand that in the case when we insult someone else, it is rather difficult to talk about any level of culture. Often, such conversations simply slip into an ugly squabble.

Create long-term systematic pressure on the enemy

Naturally, at this point we were talking about psychological pressure – the influence on the interlocutors, which occurs in order to change their psychological attitudes, decisions and opinions. Often this method is used in situations when, for some reason, you cannot openly be rude to a person, but also cannot not react in any way to his behavior. So what types of psychological pressure are there?

Moral pressure

It can also be called humiliation, which is expressed in the desire to morally suppress the interlocutor. Systematically, you point to some feature of a person, even if your words do not correspond to reality. Thus, you are intentionally sowing complexes in your opponent. For example, you can always hint or directly tell someone: “How stupid you are,” “You are very clumsy,” “You still need to lose weight,” and the like. In this case, it becomes difficult for the interlocutor to control himself, and if at first he practically does not pay attention to your words, then later they begin to seriously hurt him. It is important to note that this technique is appropriate to apply to people who suffer from self-doubt.


This method can be used by a person who is endowed with any kind of power – finances, information, or even physical strength. In this case, the opponent is not able to provide a worthy rebuff, realizing that in this case he may suffer financially, not get the necessary information, and so on.


This type of psychological pressure can be called the most rational. Applying it, you are trying to appeal to the logic of a person and his mind. This method is applicable to people with a normal level of intelligence who are able to understand what you are trying to convey to them. A person who tries to act by persuasion should select the most logical and evidential phrases, avoiding doubts and uncertainty in his tone. It is important to understand that as soon as the “victim” begins to notice any inconsistencies, the force of such pressure will begin to weaken.


In this case, the person makes an attempt, as it were, to “starve out” the interlocutor. You try to put pressure on someone, but when they try to convict you of this, then you withdraw or move on to other topics. You can also blame your opponent for inventing everything, twisting it, and so on.


This method of psychological attack can only be used by a person who is in some way an authority for his “victim”. One way or another, you are trying to suggest something to the interlocutor, speaking in hints or directly.