How to identify a liar and how to find out that you are being deceived?

Nobody likes to cheat and be deceived. But one way or another, we cannot trust many people, even if we know them well enough. Therefore, many of us are faced with the question of how to identify a liar and understand that a person is cheating? Indeed, many do it so confidently that it is not always easy to understand whether a person is telling the truth or deceiving.

In fact, it is not difficult to recognize a lie. There are universal signs to watch for if you want to determine when a person is lying. Below we will analyze these signs in more detail so that you can understand who from your environment can be trusted, and from whom it is better to stay away.

Several ways to determine that you are being cheated:

1. He misses many details.

As a rule, when a person is lying, he misses many details that play an important role in his story. A liar in most cases will try to be as incomplete as possible so that the interlocutor will find it difficult to identify his lie. In doing so, he can refer to forgetfulness and poor memory. Although people who always tell the truth have no particular problem remembering real events. After all, they lived by this, so it is quite easy for them to remember everything.

2. The person makes spontaneous corrections

Because liars often overlook important details, they can change their stories to a large extent. You don’t need to keep an accurate count of how many times a person makes spontaneous corrections. But if this happens quite often that you simply cannot help but notice, then the person is clearly hiding something.

3. He speaks short and vague.

The longer, fuller, and clearer the story, the more likely it is to be true. But, when a person clearly does not say something, avoids answering, or speaks vaguely, then there is a lie in his words. There can be many contradictions in his phrases, and one gets the impression that he himself is not sure what he is talking about.

4. The person becomes nervous, tense and fussy

You need to have a stable mental state so as not to look at least a little worried during a deception. The average person will feel uncomfortable while lying. He will do his best to look the other person in the eye. He will fidget in his chair, or slouch a little while sitting at the table. These are all clear signs that the person is not telling the truth.

5. She / he is betrayed by the eyes

Many people believe that liars cannot maintain eye contact for long. However, there are no studies that support this. In addition, experienced liars know that many people do not like it when a person does not look at the other person during a conversation. So they act differently and try their best to make eye contact. So, if a person is intentionally lying, and wants to defend his point of view at any cost, then he will start looking you straight in the eyes so that you begin to trust him.

I also know a person who studied the changes that occur in the eyes of people with the non-verbal expression of various emotions. He says frequent blinking can be a sign of lies or understatement.

6. Trust your intuition

Another effective way to identify a liar is to simply listen to your intuition. After all, sometimes people are really good at lying, and they do it very professionally. However, if your intuition tells you that the other person is not telling the truth, then this may be all you need to know. Therefore, do not ignore your inner feelings, and listen to yourself more.

7. Movements of arms and legs

When a man or woman is lying, their hand movements often become too lively, and do not coincide with what they say. Or their hands may tremble altogether. Therefore, a great way to identify a liar is to look at his hands. If they move restlessly, or he plays with small objects, then this is a clear sign that the person is uncomfortable because of his lies.

Leg and foot movements can also help identify the liar. In the event that a person crosses their legs or lifts their heels off the ground to appear taller, then these are all good signs that they feel uncomfortable with deception. Shrugging your shoulders while answering an important and uncomfortable question is another alarm bell and a sign that you are being deceived.

8. Sudden changes in speech

Any significant change in tone, from a sudden drop in voice to a sudden slowdown or quickening of speech, implies that the person is not natural and is hiding something. Sudden pauses during the story can also help identify the liar. After all, this means that your interlocutor cannot find the right words. So he pauses to invent a story. Stuttering can also be a sign that the person is struggling to form a false response.

9. Covering the most vulnerable parts of the body

The chest, abdomen and intimate areas are parts of the body that a person tries to cover when he is concerned about something. There is a psychological explanation for this gesture. Under stress, and lying, it is always stress for the body, the autonomic system signals the contraction of the abdominal muscles, which can cause pain spasms. So the lie literally hurts both physically and mentally.

10. Lip biting

Every minute it becomes more difficult for a liar to speak, because his mouth is dry. This can be easily explained. Indeed, during times of stress and nervousness due to lies, our nervous system reduces salivation. And if you offer the cheater water, then he will most likely drink it in large, nervous sips. Dry mucus on the corners of the lips or on the sides also indicates a deceiver. And the movement of the lips to the side or biting the lips, says all about the same lies. In addition, when a person stops in the middle of a conversation to bite his lip, it is a natural attempt by the body to prevent him from continuing to tell a lie.

11. The man speaks from the third person

Liars quite often try to distance themselves from their invention. Therefore, if a man or woman begins to speak in distant phrases speaking from a third person, then there is a high probability that they may be telling a lie.

12. Playing with hair or rubbing hands

This behavior is typical primarily for girls. They try to straighten their hair, remove non-existent makeup from the corners of their eyes, or wind a strand of hair around their finger. All this again helps to relieve stress, achieve inner harmony and protect yourself from external threats.

How to spot a liar over the phone

Liars often swallow phrases and speak hoarsely because they know that the rougher the voice, the more likely you are to believe what is said. Therefore, a person who wants to lie, knowingly or unknowingly, but still lowers the timbre of his voice. The point is that unfounded lies are supported by a rough and hoarse voice.

Liars often do not finish their sentences and their tone of voice becomes lower. This is due to the peculiarity of breathing, because the need to lie worries a person, he begins to get a little nervous and cannot calm down. As a result, his breathing becomes confused, and there is not enough air to finish the sentence normally. So now you can identify the liar not only when you meet, but also over the phone.