How to identify a true friend?

Many of us have people around us whom we consider friends. But there are situations that make us doubt this. Our values ​​in life begin to differ and at this moment we are trying to figure out how to define a true friend. After all, we have known each other for quite a long time, but still we have doubts about friendship with this person.

This is a serious question. You just need to reconsider those people whom you let into your life. Are they really interesting and do you need them? Or are you just wasting your precious time? Below are eight characteristics to help you figure out how to identify a true friend.

1. Reliability and honesty

These are essential elements in a friendly relationship. Honesty requires that we speak openly and from the bottom of our hearts, and include objectivity in our words. Being reliable means your friends can count on you to be there in times of need. That your words will be confirmed by real actions, and you will be ready to stand up for them. If this is not between you, then the relationship becomes superficial, not so attractive or may end altogether.

2. A true friend is always ready to help

I try to be with people who are ready to support me in difficult times. This is especially important for a woman. Real friends should be there for you when you face life’s challenges. But there are people who are just pretending to be helping, but in reality they are not doing anything. They say what you want to hear in order to please you. They are not real friends. They think more about themselves. Such people are afraid that they will lose you for criticizing them.

3. He should inspire you

As we get older, we make more mature and thoughtful decisions. There are times when we don’t even need to think about how to define a true friend, because we already understand that our relationship is not genuine. And why be with a person with whom we are not on the way?

If you have emotional difficulties when you are with someone who has negative energy, ask yourself why do you feel the need to be with them? Life is too short to spend with people who don’t inspire us. You will feel much better when there are people around who lift your spirits and make you happier.

4. He listens to you attentively

Good listening skills are essential for communicating with loved ones. When a person sincerely listens to you and worries, then this causes respect and you really want to have a relationship with him. Do not neglect your communication, share your feelings and experiences. In such a situation, it will be easier for you to understand how to identify a true friend.

5. A true friend gives constructive criticism.

I noticed that some people find friends who are not interested in their development. They cannot give constructive criticism and try to please you in everything. You cannot build a normal relationship with such a person. A true friend shouldn’t be afraid to upset you when he tells the whole truth. If we want to be successful in any area, we need to have a strong environment. A true friend should give you constructive criticism, not just say what you want to hear.

6. True friends respect advice

Most of the people who come to you for advice are really interested in your opinion. They want answers to help them deal with their problems. Just remember, in the event that you ask a person for advice, listen carefully.

Some people are not even worth messing with. You need to know when to give up trying to help, even if asked. There are people who just want confirmation that they did the wrong thing and will end up taking your advice as negative criticism. Others want to know about their shortcomings. They want meaningful guidance and change. It is pleasant to build friendly relations with such people, because they value and respect you for the help provided.

7. He keeps his word

When I make a commitment to do something or meet someone, I don’t let anything hinder me. I only make a promise when I know I can keep it, and I expect to be treated the same way. I have no problem changing plans as long as my commitments are not affected. However, if these changes negatively affect other people, I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. These are my values ​​and it really surprises me when some “friends” do not appreciate this behavior.

8. He changes your life for the better.

Some of my greatest accomplishments in life have come from helping other people. If there is a person around you who can positively influence your life, stay with her as long as possible. When a person is honest with you and tries to help you sincerely, then they are worthy of true friendship. Don’t be afraid to give and receive constructive criticism. Those who truly appreciate this will appreciate your friendship as well. And success or failure in our life is largely related to our interaction with society.

9. Don’t forget old friends

I think there have already been people in your life who really mattered to you. Friends who had the same vision of the world as you. With whom you could talk about extremely interesting and important topics.

Listen to yourself

Over time, as we get older, we begin to better understand people and it becomes less difficult for us to understand how to define a true friend. We understand that we need a person with whom we really want to develop and maintain friendly relations. So think carefully before letting a new personality into your life. Find out the qualities of this person, his life priorities and compare with yours. Just remember that no one is perfect. But it’s best to feel with your heart what kind of person you want to see next. In this case, it will be difficult to make a mistake.