How to impress a girl at the gym?

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of letters from guys asking them to talk about how to talk to girls at the gym, or how to impress a girl at the gym and draw attention to yourself. Therefore, I decided to answer these questions in more detail, and have compiled basic tips for men, thanks to which they can impress the desired woman.

1. Strive to impress with your personality

Most guys make the mistake of trying to impress girls with their big curves and bulging biceps. Don’t try to impress her with your strength. Many men find that the weight they lift is directly proportional to how impressive they look in the gym. But this is not true, especially from the point of view of the girl.

Don’t flirt with her like that. It will be much better if you show your personality and your personality traits. Always remind yourself that it is your personality and your charm that will help impress the girl at the gym.

2. Behave naturally

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. This will make you look unnatural. In order to be yourself and look confident, be calm and relaxed. Don’t push your chest forward to look bigger. Relax your body and behave naturally. This will make it much easier to impress the girl.

3. Eye contact and smile

As in any flirty life situation, it is extremely important for us to smile, especially if we want to please someone and make a good impression. So a smile and a positive attitude are your biggest assets if you’re trying to flirt with a girl. So look her in the eye if she looks at you. Or, when a girl smiles, smile back at her. This will instantly “break the ice between you” and you will become closer to each other.

4. Don’t forget to use cologne

Smelling should be your number one priority if you want to impress a girl at the gym. Therefore, use a good deodorant or cologne before and after your workout. If you sweat a lot, then carry a towel with you and wash off the excess sweat.

While it’s okay to sweat a little in the gym, that doesn’t mean you have to leave sweat all over your training floor. Carry a personal sports towel with you, and remember to dry your forehead, neck, and hands. In the event that a towel does not work and your body tends to sweat profusely, there are workout shirts in stores that use moisture management and anti-odor technologies.

5. Watch your body and appearance

If you want to look attractive to girls in the gym, neatness, moderation and balance are the most important factors, especially when it comes to men’s body hair. For example, some girls don’t like thick chest hair that sticks out from under a shirt. So watch this closely.

6. Build rapport

The girl will immediately notice you in the gym if you look friendly and not aggressive. Build rapport with coaches, gym staff, and other people who usually come to train with you. Girls are attracted to guys who are friends with everyone and are open-minded people. So becoming a more outgoing person will help you impress the women in the gym.

7. Compliment her during her workout.

Tell her a few phrases that indirectly hint at the fact that you like her. Or you can just say that you like the way the girl works out. Just don’t use vulgar phrases, and try not to sound rude. In the beginning, use the usual compliments as a platform through which you can connect with her. And then you can have further conversation with her and talk about something.

Just try not to talk to your girl about just training. Talk about something more interesting. Here are some topics you can use to start an interesting conversation.

  • Talk about a hobby;
  • Ask a woman about her profession;
  • Ask what she enjoys in life, besides training;
  • If you both enjoy movies, you can discuss recently released films and the actors who played there.

Remember to compliment your lady romantically.

8. Do not interrupt her training.

You need to find an opportunity to talk after you’ve made eye contact or exchanged smiles. But don’t do this while she’s busy exercising. Your behavior will look rude if you force the woman to be distracted from her studies. Another common mistake many guys make when trying to impress a girl is giving her advice on how to practice properly. Do not do this. Don’t stop the lady from enjoying her workouts. If she wants, she will ask you for help, or ask for advice.

9. Add her to social networks

After a few flirty phrases, exchange contacts with her or add her as a friend on social networks. Just don’t bombard her with stupid messages right after she responds to your friend request. Adding her to your circle of friends on a social network will give you a lot more information about her. Also, use social media to meet her next time and go to workout together, or to arrange a date.

10. Ask her if she wants to meet you outside the gym

You must act decisively after exchanging contacts and chatting with her at the gym. Subtly ask the girl if she is dating someone, and think about how to ask her out on a date. You will be forever stuck in the zone of friends and will become her faithful friend in training, if you do not show sympathy and signs of attention to her. Here are some phrases you can use to ask her out on a date right after your workout.

  • I feel so hungry after this workout. Shall we stop by and have a bite to eat at the nearest cafe?
  • I always stop by for a cold cocktail after a workout. Would you like to join me?
  • I’m going to go to a new interesting place that has opened up next door. Will you keep me company?