How to improve your self-esteem?

There are many ways in which we can increase our self-esteem. When we have low self-esteem, we feel insecure and not particularly attractive. This greatly affects our daily life and it is difficult for us to find a way out of this state.

1. You need to admit it.

The first step to solving this problem is to develop an awareness that you really have such a problem. 70-80% of all people I know have this problem. But many do not understand that the solution to the issue of self-esteem is at the subconscious level.

Some people with whom we meet for the first time may seem confident to us at first, but when we start communicating with them, their behavior model shows their insecurity, as well as low self-esteem. Such people very often post their best photos on social networks in order to appear perfect or thus hide their insecurities.

2. Start changing yourself

Change must take place not only within you, but also outside. When you have low self-esteem, what is your behavior? Are you standing with your head held high? Are you looking straight ahead? If you are in a bad emotional state, then most likely you will not have it.

3. Use your memory to build confidence

Look back at your past, remember the time when you felt confident. Just do not worry, but be calm. Next, do the following: close your eyes, look at your strengths, then remember how you felt, saw, heard? What made you so confident then? When recalling your past, you need to remember your strengths. Notice how you feel better as you recall these moments. In doing so, your self-esteem will also increase. Thus, by remembering your past confidence, you can increase your self-esteem in the present.

4. Study yourself more

“Self-awareness is your ally in confidence,” says psychologist Ayling Kurten. If you are not afraid of your thoughts, then your actions, your confidence, will only get better. Psychologists often suggest improving your self-awareness through self-reflection. Learn more about your behavior and what actions you take in a given situation. Feedback from competent people can really help you know what you are doing right or wrong. And also what you need to do to build confidence, and therefore increase self-esteem.

5. Do good deeds

Buy something for a homeless person to eat on the street. Do some good deed, and do not demand anything in return, do it from the heart. By being impulsively kind to others, your well-being will only improve. This in turn will boost your self-esteem as well as make you feel like a happy person. Thus, by focusing on others, we remove focus from our negative thoughts, while benefiting other people. Which ultimately allows us to increase our self-esteem.

6. Write down negative phrases more often.

Write down any unpleasant moments associated with your low self-esteem. Once you write these points down, you will be in a much better position to challenge negative beliefs. Ask yourself, “Is this thought really correct? What evidence do I have on this score? What can I do to change this for the better? ” This will help you understand what exactly you need to work on in order to increase your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence.

7. Say only good things about yourself.

Confidence and self-esteem also depends on how you describe yourself. People with low self-esteem often talk about themselves in a negative way: “I looked so stupid today” or “I am not doing anything useful.” Such phrases only make you worse. That is, you need to develop the ability to say only good words about yourself. Once you remove negative thoughts about yourself, your well-being will begin to improve as well. This is truly an important step towards boosting your self-esteem.

8. Accept and be yourself

It really is! Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time wanting to be someone else. Comparing yourself to others or trying to meet some perceived standard. Truth is about accepting yourself and working on your shortcomings. But many of us think that they should imitate other people. Try to talk about yourself as best you can. We are all not perfect, we often make mistakes. It is important not to focus so much attention on this. Take it easy, accept yourself as you really are.