How to invite a girl to date?

Any guy gets nervous when he doesn’t understand how to invite a girl to date, and he really likes her. He cannot determine the right time for this, and find an opportunity to chat with her about the relationship. This is especially difficult if the guy has a fear of rejection. After all, he understands that every lady needs her own approach. And while one may quite normally respond to his proposal, the other may not want to communicate at all. Therefore, you need to do it the right way.

In this case, we will assume that you already know each other. Therefore, you have a certain idea of ​​the girl, and you can find a good way to offer to date. For our part, we want to give some tips on how best to do this. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t be asking or pleading with her for a relationship. And that getting rejected and being rejected is quite normal. Every man goes through this.

1. Take your time

You should not suggest a serious relationship if you are not familiar with her yet. Also, I do not recommend just calling or writing to her and saying – “let’s meet?”. It looks childish, and in such cases, there is a much greater likelihood of being rejected. For example, you met just a few days ago, and the next time you meet, you invite the girl to date. Do not do this. First, get to know the person better, talk to her, spend some time together. You can even make friends with her. And when you understand that there is mutual sympathy between you, and there is something in common, then you can proceed to the next step. Because any girl will feel uncomfortable when a guy invites her to date. Especially if before that you were little acquainted, or communicated only for study or work. In this case, she will be very surprised by your words, and most likely will refuse.

2. Show your interest

When we talk about how to invite a girl to date, then in this case it is important that she sees your interest, and you feel her mutual sympathy. Therefore, look at her as often as possible and pay attention. When you are together or just for a walk, you can take her hand, or gently touch her. Only your movements should be light and relaxed. And this should be done in those cases when you already know each other well. Touching is a manifestation of self-confidence. And this way you show your friend that you like her. But, if you notice that this behavior is very embarrassing for her, and she negatively perceives it, then you do not need to do this. Most likely, the girl is not yet ready for such a relationship. So give her some more time.

3. Ask her out on a date.

If you suspect that your interest in each other is mutual, then invite her to meet somewhere. This should be done when you actually meet, and when you notice that she is showing interest in you. If you do this, then the girl will clearly guess that you want to date her, and that more than just friendly relations have already been established between you. On a date, don’t let your conversations be boring and end on a negative note. Try to create a positive environment and atmosphere. After the first meeting, ask how she looks at meeting again. Offer to have a cup of coffee or go for a walk. By doing this, you will show even more that you have strong feelings for her, and you want to see her more often.

Just do not offer the girl to meet through social networks or by phone. With the help of social. networks, you can only get her attention, and show that you like her. But you need to talk about relationships at a live meeting. Show that your intentions are serious and that you respect her. It is also not recommended to kiss a girl on the lips on the first date. It will be better if you say goodbye with light hugs or just kiss her on the cheek. A kiss on the lips, or something more serious, means that you are only looking for physical intimacy. Therefore, do not insist on this, otherwise you will alienate your beloved, and all your efforts will be in vain.

4. Show respect

In any case, respect her decision. If she says “Yes,” I congratulate you! You have practically achieved your goal. But if she refuses, and says “No”, then accept her decision and retreat. Failures happen quite often. Therefore, do not insist and turn your attention to someone else. If she is unsure and says that she needs to think, do not press. Many argue that men need to be persistent in order to win the heart of their beloved. But this is bad advice. Pestering her with invitations will only irritate her.

It is also important to remember that sometimes girls say no to see how the young man will react. If you calmly and normally accept her decision, then you will create the impression of a reliable person. And she may change her mind in the future. After all, one bad meeting does not necessarily guarantee the final point in a relationship. And if the date went well, so much the better for you, and you can prepare for the second.

5. Follow-up dates

The next step to invite your girlfriend to date is to ask her out on another date. Most likely, she will be waiting for your initiative. In this case, it will be enough to say: “Hello! Let’s go somewhere else together? ” If she herself takes the initiative, and offers to spend time together, then even better. At the second meeting, you can be more romantic. If the first time you met for a cup of coffee, now you can go to dinner at a restaurant. Do the same as you did the first time. Talk, listen to her, joke, and be yourself. All in all, just have a good time.

But at the end of the meeting, you can try to take the relationship to another level. If everything is going well and you are in high spirits, then take the opportunity to kiss her goodbye goodbye. Pay attention to her body language. Does she expect a kiss from you? Are her gestures open to you? Perhaps she bites her lower lip, blushes a little and tilts her head towards you? Then you have to react. And if you end the meeting with a kiss, great, enjoy it. But, if she flinches and pushes you away – do not insist. Apologize and say you were in a hurry.

6. Talk to her openly

At this stage, you no longer need to think about how to invite your girlfriend to date. Because you’ve already created an atmosphere that says your relationship is not easy. And all that needs to be done now is to talk to the girl. After all, when you are convinced that there is a mutual attraction between you, you feel good together, you understand each other perfectly, and you are comfortable, then you can invite her to become your girlfriend. Although she will already guess that everything is serious between you. But in order to be completely frank with each other, it will be better if you discuss this point. Open and sincere communication is a good basis for a long-term relationship. You can do it somehow creatively, or just ask her in person.

If she’s still hesitant and asks for time to think, then it’s worth slowing down a bit. The main thing is to let the girl know that you really like her, and you will wait for her decision. Tell her that whatever decision she makes, you will respect it. This will characterize you as a reliable person with whom you can and should build relationships.