How to keep a long-distance relationship?

If social networking, phone calls, or messenger messages are the only ways that you support to keep the relationship at a distance, then this article will be of great help to you. You will learn how to preserve your feelings, bring more love and romance into them.

1) To keep the relationship at a distance, talk about love and feelings more often

“I love you”, “I want you”, “miss you” and other similar phrases symbolizing love are of great importance in the formation of your relationship. Use these words as often as possible when on the phone or texting on social media. These messages will tell your partner that he thinks of you and his feelings are really strong.

2) make it feel like you are doing something together at the same time

Think of ways and activities you can do at the same time, even if you are far away. This could be watching the same TV show, cooking the same meal, or reading a book at the same time.

Creating a relationship at a distance is, first of all, creating a feeling, although you are far away, but something unites you. Doing something at the same time will not only make you seem closer, but will also make you feel happy and positive.

3) Show in real time where you are walking and what you are doing

A good way to keep a relationship at a distance is to show in real time what you are doing and where you are. To do this, you can use the Skype application or its analogs that support live video streaming.

4) Send each other postcards and letters

This old way of communicating may seem like overkill, but handwritten writing can outperform e-mail due to its real presence. You will really love it when you read the love lines in your partner’s own handwriting.

Building a long-distance relationship involves taking actions that will help bridge the physical gap between you and your loved one. A real letter written in your hand will allow you to draw something from yourself, to express your love and emotions in full.

5) Send each other handmade gifts

If your loved one lives in another country, then sending small gifts that you made yourself will make your partner feel special. But you should definitely do it yourself, you do not need to buy something in the store, just to give it. Try to get creative and come up with something interesting. Let your loved one know that you remember him and try to do everything possible to keep the relationship at a distance.

6) Be always in touch

Communication is the main and most important aspect of long distance relationships. The couple must remain in constant contact to create the feeling that they are close, even if they are physically far away. Keep in touch using social networks, instant messengers or by communicating on the phone.

7) set a common goal and work together on it

A great way to get rid of long-distance relationship anxiety is to set a common goal and work towards it together. The goals can be different, for example, start collecting money together for a trip to a beautiful country, work together to lose weight or start learning a foreign language.

Thanks to this, both of you will feel motivated to achieve your common goal and will feel closer to your loved one.

8) Send more photos

Photos are powerful. Take all your photos from everyday life and send them to your partner. These photos do not have to be important events in your life. These can be regular snapshots from your daily life. When you submit, ask them to do the same and enjoy watching your photos together.

9) Play games together online

You can enhance the feeling of closeness with your partner by playing online multiplayer games with them. Search for games online and choose the ones that interest both of you, be it billiards, cards or another game.

10) control your jealousy

Jealousy can destroy absolutely any relationship, not to mention those where partners live in different cities or countries. The next time your partner is with someone else and you have doubts, treat this situation as a normal aspect of the relationship. Although it can be difficult for you to get rid of the feeling of jealousy, this is a gradual change that you must work on.

11) set some ground rules

How would you feel if your loved one went to the club with colleagues at work? Or if your boyfriend was attending parties with a lot of girls on the weekends? If you feel uncomfortable with these moments, then talk to your partner to establish some general rules that you will follow. Never do something that your partner does not approve of, otherwise it will be difficult for you to keep the relationship at a distance.

12) Discuss your problems together

The foundation of keeping love at a distance is trust. Reliability is an integral part of life, moreover, if you are far from each other. Don’t let your partner doubt you, and if there are such cases, then talk openly about everything.

13) Meet each other’s families

If your relationship is at the stage of getting to know your partner’s family and friends, then be sure to do it. Take advantage of the situation when your loved one is not with you and visit his family. Such meetings will serve as a reference point for your relationship and will bring you closer together.

14) Don’t make unfounded accusations

Making unfounded accusations will create a bad foundation for your long-distance relationship. Choose your words carefully when talking to your loved one. Accusing your boyfriend of talking to someone or not answering your calls is not the best way to sort things out.

15) talk about your future more often

Devoted partners can discuss their future to make their bond stronger. If he does not mind talking on such topics, then ask him this question: “Where do you think we will both live in 3 years?” You do not have to go into details, communicate freely and easily, as some guys, such questions can make you nervous.

16) don’t forget important dates

If you forget your birthday or the date of your meeting, it can greatly offend your loved one. This kind of forgetfulness can actually negatively affect your relationship. In addition to birthdays and anniversaries, do not forget to congratulate him on other holidays. On days like this, you can show your creativity and send some special gift to your loved one or compose your own poem and write to him.

17) stay romantic

Try to be romantic even when you are physically away from your partner. A romantic relationship is more about real meetings and dates, but in a long-distance relationship, romance should turn into an emotional connection.

Speak nice words on the phone, repeat often that you want to hug him or her, exchange candid photos or send each other virtual kisses. The idea is to keep romance and passion between you.

18) try to see each other more often

Keeping a relationship at a distance requires equal effort on the part of both partners. If you rarely see each other, then do your best to make your meetings happen more often. Talk about the reasons that prevent you from seeing each other more often and together decide what can be done about it.

19) live life to the fullest

You must lead an active life in order to remain energetic and cheerful person, even when your loved one is away from you. Study, connect with friends, find a new hobby, and do your favorite things.