How to keep a man?

How to keep a man close to you and keep him? In fact, any woman can use the very innermost parts of her man’s ego, which will keep him close and make him a faithful partner. These are also the things that will help your relationship stand the test of time and make it more successful.

In fact, it’s a pretty common situation where you date a guy, think you’re doing well, and suddenly, for some reason, things start to change. Relationships deteriorate, and feelings for each other cool down. And even after several years of marital happiness, husbands can become very cold and distant. And it’s even worse when they start to cheat and cheat.

This article is intended to answer the question of how to keep a man near you. And you will be amazed at the simple steps you can take to keep your partner distant from you even after many years.

1. Show that you really need it

When a guy feels needed, a miracle happens. A man is very motivated by the idea that someone needs him and can change someone’s life, even if only to a small extent. After all, a person’s life becomes meaningless when there is no one to whom one could demonstrate his strength (not only physical).

When a partner doesn’t feel needed in a relationship, they lose motivation and desire to work on the relationship. And when he feels that you trust him and praise his efforts, then as a result he will do everything possible to satisfy your needs and be there.

So stop acting like you don’t need a man. Just because you have a job, a career, and can take care of yourself financially, doesn’t mean you have to give the impression that you don’t need it. This scares the person, and suggests that their masculinity will be compromised.

Here are some simple steps you can take to show your guy that you need him:

  • Always remember that your man wants to be your hero. It may sound trite, but he wants to be the one who protects you and supports you when any problems arise. You need to give him the opportunity to be just that. Because he instinctively sees this as his role in your life;
  • Ask for help when doing housework;
  • Talk about the problems you face at work or in life. He will instinctively want to offer you help or advice on how to fix it. Just listen to him and say thank you;
  • Tell your partner more often that he makes you feel special and that you feel safe with him;
  • Allow yourself to fall asleep on his chest sometimes;
  • After a hard day at work, return home and tell him you want his hug.

A successful relationship takes work and conscious effort.

2. No need to bother and be too intrusive

Too frequent calls and messages, especially during working hours, are very annoying for many men. This behavior will not lead to anything good. You must learn to give your partner a little freedom in the relationship and time so that he can do his favorite things. Let him go out with his friends on the weekends and do what he likes. Let him devote more time to his own hobbies and interests.

And if you constantly bother him, he will just get angry with you and start to move away. So here you need to maintain a balance so that the man understands that you love him and you need him. And at the same time, one should not “go too far” and annoy him.

3. Respect yourself

Every woman knows that she must take care of herself and look good in order to please her man. This is really important. But in the constant “race for big silicone lips and boobs”, you must not forget about your own self-esteem.

After all, men feel good when a woman loses self-respect and her own “I”, just to please someone. Therefore, take care of yourself and your appearance. But do not change your values ​​and priorities in life. You don’t just need to think about how to keep a man near you and not lose him. Instead, think more about how not to lose respect and love for yourself.

4. Stop being jealous

To keep a man close to you, you must stop being jealous. You must understand that absolutely all representatives of the stronger sex love to stare at other women and admire their beauty. There is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, stop being jealous and “nagging” him every time he looks at another lady.

Don’t you look at handsome guys and admire their pumped-up bodies? So don’t worry about a man looking at other girls. He’s not cheating on you. The main thing is that there is trust between you and the feeling that you love each other.

5. Be there when he needs support.

Men do not like to show their weakness and ask for help. Therefore, they quite often “close inside themselves”, which negatively affects their behavior and mood. As a result, they become angry and cold. And this, in turn, negatively affects the relationship with you.

Therefore, you must be an intelligent woman. Show that you see your partner’s problems and are ready to provide support, even if only moral. And even if a man does not need your advice, he will be very pleased that in this difficult situation he was not left alone.

6. Get to know your partner better

Sometimes the hardest part turns out to be pretty simple. The same applies to our case, when we want to understand how to keep a man near us. You must understand that each person is different. And each has its own desires and needs. You just need to define them and learn to satisfy them.

So think about what your man likes the most? What dreams and desires does he have? Most of the time, it can be something pretty simple. Such as a delicious dinner in the evening, or a bottle of beer after work. Show him care and attention. And you will notice how the man begins to change, and your relationship improves.

Much of the problem for women is that we need to learn to graciously accept help when it is offered to us. We are afraid of being rejected for too much. Quite often this happens due to our upbringing, when we do not feel that we are worthy of someone else’s love and support. Therefore, we play the role of self-sufficient women, and push away what we need.

When we don’t show a man that we trust him to give us what we need, we reinforce the subconscious fear that he might not be good enough. We are mistaken in thinking that he is not interested in our needs. But this is not the case. This prevents him from being the hero he wants to be for us. Demonstrating a need means that we allow him to play his role and demonstrate his skill and competence to change our lives.

So start sending your man a message that you need him. Get rid of excessive pride. Let him know that he can fill the voids in your life. At the same time, do not forget to give him time for his own hobbies, and offer your help and support in difficult times.