How to learn to analyze people?

Understanding what a person is thinking, feeling their feelings and mood, can be really difficult. Without certain knowledge and skills, most likely, you will not be able to do this. But, there are some effective methods that will help you understand how to learn to analyze people, understand them and see a person as a whole, as a person.

First, you must start with yourself. You must realize who you really are. This can be the most difficult thing for a person to understand himself. What do you want from life? What are you striving for and what do you want to achieve? What are your positive aspects, and what else needs to be worked on? If you can understand yourself, you will already take a big step towards learning how to analyze people.

What is the nature of the person you are trying to analyze?

We are all social creatures and we all have basic needs. These are safety, the need for communication, self-realization, physiological need and social – who we are in society. Once you understand the basic needs of the person, you can better understand them. Next, pay attention to his character. What is the nature of the person you are trying to analyze? How to determine this? Pay attention to what it does. By what a person does, you can tell a lot about his character. To analyze a person, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What prompts a person to engage in his activities?
  • Does he or she have an active social life?
  • What does this person need, and what does he need?

When you ask yourself these questions, you can come to a definite conclusion. If a person is active in society, this may mean that they care about other people and are socially active. For example, I have a friend who supports several charities and helps people. His social life revolves around helping other people. He has many friends and a very active social life. He does everything sincerely and from a pure heart. So this person has a kind soul. He is always ready to help, and is a fairly conscious person. He understands that in our world, not only money, power and recognition are important, but also many other human values.

Pay attention to what the person is saying

In order to learn how to analyze people, you need to pay attention to some little things. What is the person you want to read talking about? Does he talk about his problems or is he trying to find out more about you and is genuinely interested in you? Watch out for his communication. Does he behave confidently and communicate openly, or is he uncomfortable with dialogue with you and doesn’t know what to say? The way a person communicates can tell a lot about his personality. Confident and self-sufficient people speak calmly and meaningfully. And if a person is in a hurry and jumps from phrase to phrase, then he is hiding something, or he is simply not interested in you.

Pay attention to body language

The next way to learn to analyze people is to pay attention to the person’s body language. This will help you see his inner mood and state. People who are doing well in life, they are joyful and happy, as a rule, they walk and behave quite cheerfully. They are very active and just radiate energy. The opposite of this, people who walk with drooping gaze and bowed head. They are shy and secretive. Such people, as a rule, do not have their own opinion and they are introverts.

If a person seems negative to you, then he could not achieve something and his life is not developing in the best way. When our basic needs are not being met, we can respond in a variety of ways. One of them is that it becomes an angry and aggressive person. See if this person is a loner or has a specific social circle? If a person interacts with two or three acquaintances, chances are that he feels comfortable with them for a specific reason. We have a tendency to love people who are more like us.

When a person interacts with a large number of people, it can be assumed that he is open and sociable. And if he is inside himself and communicates little, there is a possibility that he does not feel the need to communicate with other people. Why doesn’t a person want to communicate with someone? There may be several reasons for this. One of them is that a person may not feel that he belongs to these people. Another reason may be due to his social fear.

Ask the person more questions.

There are some reasons why a person behaves in a certain way or does something. You can learn more about a person if you are genuinely interested in him. When you understand what the motives and goals of a person are, it will be much easier for you to analyze him. Yes, not all people will be open with you. But even if a person avoids questions, it will be possible to conclude that he is secretive and afraid to show his true self.

Be aware of cultural differences

In order to learn how to analyze people, you need to know and understand their culture. A person can behave in a certain way because his culture is different from yours. When trying to analyze someone, it is important to pay attention to where they were born. When you learn a little more about where a person is from, you can have some idea of ​​his personality, manner of communication and behavior.

Conclusions – how to learn to analyze people

Communicate more with the person, ask questions and monitor their behavior. Once you understand why he communicates and behaves this way, you can collect it all and make an assumption about his character and personality. Once you understand a person’s character and motives, you can predict their future behavior. Of course, you cannot analyze people like psychologists or psychiatrists. Nevertheless, you will have a general idea of ​​the person, and you will understand for yourself whether it is worth keeping in touch with him or not. The main thing is not to judge people too harshly. When trying to understand a person, do it with an open heart and good intentions.