How to learn to kiss correctly and avoid mistakes?

Each of us has made or continues to make mistakes when kissing. Kissing is a skill that comes with practice. But no matter how many romantic partners a man or woman has, they regularly make mistakes in relationships, and during kissing in particular, which are best to learn to avoid.

Before we start, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning how to kiss properly. The most important and romantic thing you can do is understand what your partner wants. Therefore, try to be as receptive as possible, and listen to the person with whom you are meeting and build a harmonious relationship.

1. Bad breath

This is a fairly common mistake that many people make. Especially those who have been in a relationship with a person for a long time. So if you’re already dating or just starting a relationship, then make sure you always carry gum with you wherever you go. You never know what you can eat, or when that very romantic moment will come.

Of course, it’s best to avoid foods that contain onions or garlic if you know you can be close with your partner afterward. In the event that you already live with a person, and are in a long-term relationship with him, then you will often have a morning or evening kiss. So be prepared for this as well. And try not to make these common kissing mistakes.

2. Dry lips

Just as you should try to carry gum with you at all times, I recommend bringing lip balm with you. And this advice probably applies more to men. In this case, it does not matter that you are too masculine and do not want to lubricate your lips. But your lady will also not be pleased to kiss your dry lips all the time. Plus, there are many different and delicious lip balm scents that will make your kiss more enjoyable.

3. Unwanted kiss

Usually, a couple realizes in advance that their date may end with a kiss. For example, when they are increasingly leaning against each other, when the distance between them is closing, or when they look into each other’s eyes for a long time. These are all signs of a kiss. On the other hand, if you don’t get these signals, then don’t try to impose.

Perhaps your new girlfriend or boyfriend is still too shy and not confident enough to kiss. Either you don’t know much about her / him yet. So listen to your gut instincts. And watch how your partner behaves. If everything suggests that the person is not interested in kissing, then there is no need to impose. This will only make it worse.

4. Don’t make it difficult for your partner to breathe

In a passionate kiss, you will be so close that you can block your boyfriend or girlfriend’s nose. As a result, it will be difficult for him or her to breathe. Therefore, if your partner is constantly trying to change his position, then use this tip. The kiss should be comfortable for both of you. So be sure to pay attention to how your partner is behaving.

5. Open eyes

Few people like to keep their eyes open when kissing. There are really very few such people. So while you don’t know what your partner prefers, you better keep your eyes closed, in case he decides to look at you in the middle of a kiss, and realizes that you have been looking at him / her all this time. This may seem a little odd and will make the situation awkward.

6. You are doing it in the wrong place.

I do not recommend kissing in public. Yes, for some it may seem romantic, because in this way you publicly express love for your partner. But at the same time, you do not know how he or she will react to such behavior. Especially if this is your first kiss. Better to wait until you find yourself in a quiet and peaceful place in which both of you are relaxed and ready for this pleasant process.

7. Too Long Kiss

As we can see, mistakes in kissing can be different, and what we like may not like our partner. For example, some people like to purse their lips while others don’t. Someone enjoys long kisses, while others are uncomfortable. Therefore, if you still know each other little, you should not make your kiss too long. Over time, you will understand your partner better, and you will be able to kiss in a way that is comfortable for both of you.

8. Kiss only lips

Although kissing only on the lips is really good and pleasant. But many people love physical touch when they are kissed on the neck or cheeks. If you kiss your partner only on the lips, you are missing out on the opportunity to truly show them all kinds of affection. And if you are in a long-term relationship with a person, then kiss him not only on the lips.

9. Improper breathing

Don’t start choking or making strange noises. Your kiss should be pleasant and romantic. Bad breathing will only distract your partner, and will definitely affect the passion and pleasure of kissing that you both should experience.

10. Remember to use your hands

Yes, I agree that there are many factors to consider when kissing, and you need to try to listen to your partner more. But in addition to all this, you still have to use your hands. It doesn’t matter if you stroke his or her face with your own hands. You will hug or run your fingers through your partner’s hair. But using your hands will intensify the kiss anyway, and make it more passionate.