How to maintain any conversation with a person?

Having such a useful skill as the ability to support any conversation, a person becomes a master of communication as a result. He feels comfortable in any situation, and it is interesting to have a conversation with him. The right questions and phrases are the perfect communication tool. They help prevent many conflict situations and make boring conversation more interesting.

Simple Tips to Maintain Any Human Conversation

First, it is very important to listen to your interlocutor. During the conversation, try to analyze, trace, and also understand what topics will be interesting and pleasant to this person, or to the people with whom you communicate. Never interrupt the person you are talking to. Then you don’t have to puzzle over how to keep the conversation going. In the event that you have met before, or are familiar with this person, then remember what you talked to him about before, and feel free to lean on old topics. If you are not familiar yet, then start with general questions. For example:

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Where are you from?
  • What area do you live in?
  • How did you meet the birthday boy?
  • How do you know newlyweds?
  • How did you hear about this conference?

That is, in this case, a lot will depend on the specific situation in which you are. And after meeting the person, you can ask more in-depth questions:

  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do in life?
  • What are your activities?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What movies do you like to watch?

And already here you can talk about your interests and what you are fond of. In addition, there is a high probability that your interests may overlap, and then it will be much easier for you to carry on the conversation.

A carefully thought-out conversation is a conversation in which the interlocutors ask questions to each other, listen carefully and freely express their opinions.

The best topics to keep a conversation going with a person

Remember that all people love to talk about themselves and express their opinions. But besides that, they want to be asked more, listened carefully and be interested in them. People also want to hear others talk about themselves and give their opinions. Whether the conversation is between two or ten people. The challenge is to keep the conversation tactful and interesting. Below are the top 10 topics for conversation and questions that many men and women love to discuss. By remembering them, it will be much easier for you to maintain any conversation, and you can become an interesting interlocutor.

1. Hobbies and interests

Some people may find it difficult to name their real hobbies because they work hard and just don’t have enough time for hobbies. Therefore, your question should not have a time limit. You can tell the person to refer to their past hobbies, or what they would like to do in the future. In general, talk about what he enjoys doing and what he has a great passion for.

2. Study and student years

For many, school or college is one of the most interesting topics of conversation. And if you also studied together with this person, then you will definitely have something to talk about. Think about your favorite teachers, talk about the subjects that you liked the most, or did not like at all. Remember some funny stories from this time. In the event that you communicate with an unfamiliar person, then just ask about his education. Ask what specialty he received, and how, in general, he was given his studies.

3. Discuss news and the latest events in the world

A great way to keep any conversation going is by discussing the latest news in the world. Only in this case it is better to discuss positive news and not touch on politics. After all, news is a huge world of interesting topics for discussion, and not all news is negative. Remember some good news that you heard on the radio today, or someone you know told you, and support your conversation with it.

4. Plans for the future

Few people do not like to dream and talk about their goals and plans for the future. And in the event that you are already familiar with a person, then you can ask him how he sees his future? What city did you want to live in? Who would you like to work for? What kind of family would you like to have? There are many questions like this that will make your conversation more interesting and fulfilling. So do not forget to ask the person about his plans for the future.

5. Ask what he / she does best?

This question is more about human activities, but also provides an opportunity to highlight his strengths. At the same time, he can talk about his activities at work, at home, in sports, in relationships, and so on. Additional questions related to the topic of your conversation will also be very helpful. This will demonstrate that you are listening to the person carefully, or nudge them into an area that you might want to talk to them about.

6. Ask what kind of people he admires?

In this case, your interlocutor will choose who he wants to mention. For example, it can be some celebrities, famous personalities, teachers, or acquaintances who have achieved success or have influenced the life of this person. This could be a friend or family member. Only in this case you do not need to be specifically interested in parents or teachers. Let the person talk about whom he wants so that your question does not cause bad impressions or negative memories in his memory.

7. Talk about his / her favorite places or cities

Just do not need to ask a person whether he traveled once or not? Let him talk about what he wants. Just ask him what places he likes to visit? Perhaps he wants to talk about places he would like to visit in the future, or about familiar places he has been to recently.

8. Talking about values

You can start a conversation with the fact that our society has been changing a lot lately, and human values ​​are changing accordingly. Ask what he thinks about it? In this case, the person will have the opportunity to choose what values ​​he wants to talk about. It can be etiquette, morality, or spirituality.

9. Sports and sporting events

You don’t have to be a fan or a professional athlete to start talking about sports. Just remember the last high-profile event in the world of sports, and talk about it. Can you ask a person how he keeps himself in shape, and is he doing anything at all? In general, try to find common sports interests, and talk about them in the future.

10. Discuss typical everyday life.

In order to keep any conversation going, you can talk about various little things. You can ask your interlocutor how he spends his weekdays and what he does on weekends. Ask how he gets to work, how often he gets stuck in traffic jams, what kind of transport he prefers to travel, and so on. Also talk about what you do and how you spend your days. You can talk about your job, because most of our time is spent at work anyway. And then you can start a conversation about a profession or study. Thus, your conversation will be more intense and fruitful.