How to make a girl laugh?

Girls really love guys with a good sense of humor. Therefore, you should be interested in learning how you can develop a sense of humor, and how to make a girl laugh. After all, many guys, when communicating with a girl, or when they first meet, do not know how to behave, and what needs to be said to interest the girl. In addition, since she still does not know you well, she will be treated with a little suspicion. So you need to win her over. And present yourself in such a way that the girl wants to meet next time. Here a good sense of humor and laughter can come to your aid.

Humor is a universal language that everyone, without exception, understands. Therefore, we have prepared a few ideas that can benefit you when communicating with the opposite sex, and not only. After all, everyone loves humor and good mood. And if you can make a person laugh and cheer him up, then he will definitely like it.

1. Smile

Until you have yet learned how to tell jokes easily and freely, and have not developed a good sense of humor, then a smile can become a “lifeline” for you. Smiling helps a person to visually understand and accept that you are a positive person, and it will be interesting to have a conversation with you. Just don’t fake a smile, do it sincerely. Because girls are pretty quick to spot fake feelings, including a fake smile.

2. Good mood

We are not aware of this, but our mood can influence how others feel. We are social beings, and this is how the human psyche works. Also, think about how you can joke and make a girl laugh if you yourself are in a bad mood? Therefore, it is extremely important to be in a good mood and have a positive attitude towards everything that surrounds you. Try to find positive moments in any life situation. And even if some kind of failure happened to you, it should not ruin your mood.

3. Make eye contact

Look at her and make eye contact. It is essential for building any relationship, be it romantic, friendships, or work relationships. Try to control yourself, do not hesitate, and do not look away from her. Even if she doesn’t laugh now, she will definitely smile. Be considerate and respectful of her. If you’ve listened to various relationship-building gurus so far tell you to ignore girls, be assertive with them, and be overconfident, then it’s no surprise that you don’t have the skills to communicate well with women. You must treat the lady with respect, not be angry and sarcastic with her.

4. Observe other positive people

If you really have trouble with your sense of humor, then don’t despair. There are many interesting and cheerful people around you. This could be your friend, work colleague, neighbor, or new acquaintance. Begin to communicate more with such people, and spend time with them. Ask them for a couple of tips on how they can maintain a positive attitude. Observe how they behave in society, what phrases they use, what jokes they say, how they behave in a given situation.

Find humorous movies or TV shows and get some jokes or ideas from there. Learn more and watch other people joke. You can make small notes for yourself. This way you will form an idea for yourself about how you can become a more positive person, because in this case it will be much easier for you to make the girl laugh.

5. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

People are more impressed by the person who is not afraid to laugh at himself. It inspires sympathy and shows that you don’t have an overly inflated ego. This behavior brings you closer to other people and endears you to yourself. Therefore, when meeting a girl, you can tell some funny story that you got into, or laugh at your failures and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to pretend to be stupid and be funny. The girl will understand that you are doing this for her sake and want to cheer her up. This behavior will definitely make her smile, and this is one of the easiest and safest ways to make a girl laugh.

6. Share a secret with her

The point here is to make the other person feel closer to you by demonstrating a certain level of trust. Therefore, share with her some story that you have told very few people. Make the woman feel special and it will help you be closer to each other.

7. Behave as usual

It will be difficult for a girl to make a girl laugh if you pose as someone who you are not. Try to calm down and act naturally. When interacting with a girl, remember to keep an eye on your body language to convey your emotions naturally. Watch your hands, facial expressions, and body position. But don’t be shy about being funny, and constantly think about how you can make her laugh.

8. Choose the right moment

You don’t have to constantly try to joke, only do it in appropriate situations. For example, when one of you said something stupid, you can support it with your joke, or when you see some funny situation on the street, you can focus on it. Try to be involved in the conversation with the girl, then it will be much easier for you to find a moment for a joke.

9. Feel free to fool around from time to time

Again, this should be done in appropriate situations, and in most cases, you can make the girl laugh by laughing at yourself or by doing something funny. Try to parody one of your friends or acquaintances, make a funny expression, and say something inappropriate. If you don’t know how to do this, then go to the cinema with a girl for some funny film. Or visit a place that can cheer you both up and make you laugh.

10. Share a funny video or picture with your girlfriend

Social media is filled with various funny videos right now, but you can use that to your advantage to make a woman laugh. So, when you see some funny video in your feed again, do not forget to share it with your girlfriend. And then remind her of this when you meet, and laugh at him together.

Just don’t abuse it. Especially if you are not yet familiar, otherwise she may perceive you as an immature boy. So when you’re working on how to make a girl laugh, always remember that you don’t need to overdo it. Until she gets to know you well, you don’t need to seem overly playful. After all, a girl may misinterpret your actions, and will not take it seriously. Maintain a healthy balance better. And don’t forget to joke only when appropriate.