How to make a girl run after you?

Communicating with a girl you like is like walking through a minefield: one wrong step and the relationship that you have been building for a long time, scatter to smithereens. The most difficult thing is when the girl herself is not interested in a man: her hints are vague, and the answer to courtship is ambiguous.

That is why many guys are wondering how to make a girl run after you, become desirable for the fair sex and make the girl take the first step.

Do you need a girl who runs after guys

For some men, it is important that the girl leaves behind a train of mystery and understatement. Such ladies will never take the first step, and you will not know what to expect from her. All that remains is to seek attention on their own, paving the way to her heart. Some guys, on the other hand, prefer it when girls’ attention is riveted on them. They are confident in themselves, and can manipulate the feelings of the lady. Each man determines the strategy for himself, based on his capabilities. It is much easier for open guys with developed charisma to attract the attention of girls, make them look for communication with him.

Some of the fairer sex does not have to be attracted by charisma and various tricks, their desire to run after guys is inherent in nature. And not everyone likes it: often this behavior serves as a signal of availability. Before drawing any conclusions about a particular girl, observe her behavior: if she likes to run after all the guys, without exception, we can conclude that she is frivolous. Excessive annoyance also does not add points to the behavior of such a lady, not all men favor “sticking”. However, some representatives of the stronger sex like this state of affairs: when a girl shows special attention, the guy feels extremely courageous and desirable.

Everyone chooses for himself which behavior of the lady is the most attractive, but the most difficult thing is to get an unapproachable, cold-hearted girl to run after you.

How to make the chosen one take the initiative first

Some men buy special courses and attend pickup trainings to figure out how to get a girl to run after them. The secret is simple enough: a few psychological tricks and a drop of your own charm.

The first one called and wrote

In order for a girl to run after you, write sms herself and call you, you need to know some manipulation techniques:

  • After an interesting and intense conversation on the phone, refrain from calling for a while. Soon, the girl will feel like you are missing, and will call herself.
  • Be mysterious, don’t tell every little thing of your life. Let me know that you are going to a meeting today, but do not tell who. Soon, curiosity will play a role, and she will contact you herself.
  • Don’t bother with frequent messages and calls. Let every sign of attention be unexpected and pleasant, and every call unplanned. Only in this case will she have a desire to contact you, and she will want to do it first.
  • Show how glad you are for her call and SMS, but do not create the impression of a person who lives only for the minutes of communication with her. Light feigned indifference attracts girls like a magnet.

I was looking for time and a reason to meet

In order for a girl to want to meet with you again and again, you need to create fertile soil for this:

  • Make unforgettable dates. She will definitely want to spend an evening with you if your last date was on a rooftop under a starry sky or in an unusual cafe. She will be interested in how you will surprise her this time.
  • Don’t show all your cards. Be a mysterious prince, do not let her get close and do not lay out all the ins and outs, girls are extremely fond of mysterious guys.
  • Don’t make every meeting a triumph. You should not show her how desperately you sought a meeting, let her feel in you self-control and masculine firmness.

She will want to see you if you alternate persistence with feigned coldness in communication: she will not know what to expect from you and will want to solve your riddle.

I wanted you as a soul mate

If you want to win her heart, do not rush to talk about this head-on. Try to be the ideal man, having found out first what your chosen one imagines by this concept. Does she like musicians? Mention that you have a guitar at home so you can play some songs. If the man of her dreams is a cook, invite her to your place and show how skillful you are at cooking. Or at least try to cope.

Do not impose a relationship, make her want it herself, but do not overdo it, indulging her desires and dreams of the perfect boyfriend. Do not forget about your merits and try to show yourself in the best possible light.

The secret of a girl’s attention is simple – to become who she wants to see next to her and to show how easily she can lose her dream. The main thing is not to overdo it with these games and do not scare the girl away with a mind-boggling ideal guy and your feigned indifference.

How to make any girl follow you

In order to get a girl to run after you, you need at least a little understanding of their psychology, then all the tricks to gain her attention will work. You can subordinate yourself to both the girl you like and your ex-lover.

The one you like

The main rule of the club of male seducers is never to say that you like a girl. Save that in case she gets caught in your web, when your relationship gets closer, you can express all your sympathy. Until this moment, use light flirting, not hinting at a relationship, communicate with other representatives of the fair sex, show your beloved that you are a guy in great demand.


It doesn’t take much for your ex-girlfriend to start running after you again. Show what she lost. Did she like your amazing sense of humor? Do not forget to make a couple of your most successful jokes in her presence. Did she like the way you look in shirts? It’s time to get them out of the closet and show off your outfit. The main thing is to do all this naturally and look less often at her reaction, then she will not reveal your plan.

You can make any girl run after you, try to be sociable, do not get hung up on your chosen one and demonstrate your best qualities, then you simply will not leave her a choice.

Older girls are difficult to be fooled, some of them can immediately understand that they are being manipulated. However, there are also techniques for women that work flawlessly.


If you were able to make a connection “on the side”, then the woman you have chosen was attracted by something in you. Use it to your advantage. Show how easily she can lose your attention, alternate the manifestation of feelings with cold detachment. Try to make each of your meetings more piquant and more interesting than the previous one, be unexpected and a little reckless, this will make a woman wait for your every meeting.


If family relationships have become burdensome, and you need the attention and adoration of your wife, try to show her the guy she once loved. Did she like your evening runaways? Give her a spontaneous night tour of the deserted streets of the city. If a couple of years ago your physical form was at its best, and now you have a beer belly, it’s time to fix it. As soon as a woman sees that her husband is making titanic efforts in order to become better, the passion in the relationship will resume and she will again begin to pay maximum attention to you.

Do not overdo it with your desire to make the woman run after you. With age, the desire for intrigues dries up, giving way to a calm relationship, full of understanding and love.

Psychologist’s advice

Psychologists recommend creating the appearance of popularity among women, then that one will begin to be more interested in you. A psychological trick works: if a guy is surrounded by many girls, then he has a lot of positive qualities.

Experts recommend not to focus all attention on the chosen one, devote more time to sports, hobbies, studies or work. As soon as you become a lot in her life, the girl’s interest fades away.

Psychologists believe that you should not stir up the past and make former lovers run after you: not all relationships can be saved in this way, and you are wasting time that you could use to create new relationships.

It is not necessary to make a girl run after you; for a strong long-term relationship, it is enough to maintain a keen interest in your person in her, adding interesting dates, adventures and adventures to your relationship.