How to make a girl want you more and make her want to?

Do you remember those times when you and the girl could not live a day without each other? Remember when she couldn’t wait to hug you, kiss you and make love? But what happened between you now? Why did you start thinking about how to make a girl want you? This, unfortunately, happens to many couples. And instead of having fun on weekends and then incredible nights, you sit and just watch movies. So let’s try to figure out why this is happening. And how you can bring passion back into a relationship.

1. Learn to speak her language

If you want more sex, then you need to learn how to communicate with a girl in her language. Everyone knows that girls love to chat a lot. They cannot live without it. But for men, this may not always be interesting. But if you want to improve your intimate life, then you need to start communicating more with the girl. You don’t have to talk a lot. Just give her the opportunity to speak, and listen carefully. If a woman is too busy, she spends all day at work or at home, taking care of children, she is not always able to communicate well. And she, as a woman, wants understanding and normal communication.

When she comes home from work or school. The first step is to ask how her day went, what she did, etc. Give her your full attention. Ask more questions and listen. Effective communication with your girlfriend will not only create more intimacy, but it will also improve your overall relationship.

2. Restore trust

If you want more sex, then the girl should trust you. You need to be sincere, honest and open with your partner. When she sees this, she will feel a strong connection between you. Trust is built when you open yourself up, show everything honestly and openly. By living your true life, speaking the truth, and respecting yourself, you build trust with your partner.

Your relationship is the only place where you can feel safe and be who you are. Trust your girlfriend enough so that she can see you for who you are, without pretense or fiction. The more she begins to trust you, the closer your intimacy will be and the better your sex life.

3. Show respect

There is nothing more annoying than trying to talk to someone who does not take their eyes off their phone. It’s just rude and unethical. This is important for anyone, not just your girlfriend. And let you have a lot of letters to check and messages, but still start paying more attention to your girlfriend. After all, if your boss walks into the office to talk to you, you will immediately give him time to do what he does. And your girlfriend deserves the same attention and respect. In fact, she deserves even more respect than your boss.

Show the girl that she matters to you. Work can wait. But if you want more sex in a relationship, then start showing respect. After all, a girl wants to feel special and desirable. She won’t like having sex if you ignore her all day and then expect her to show love for you.

4. Don’t be too rushed

The next step on how to make a girl want you more is not to rush things. Men are ready for sex anytime, anywhere. On the contrary, women need more time. So if you want to make the girl want you more, then you shouldn’t rush.

Be sure to keep in touch with her and write throughout the day. Tell her you missed her a lot and can’t wait to meet her. And even if you are too busy at work or school, you have time for lunch and a break. During one of these breaks, send her a short love message. You need to make her think about you too. Just don’t be too vulgar. If you send her a message filled with vulgar language, she will probably delete it.

When you meet a girl, be sure to kiss her, but nothing more. Let her talk, and you keep the conversation going. When you think about the long-term and big picture, you show sensitivity to your girlfriend. As a result, she will be more open and excited about sex. Also take some time to cook something delicious with the girl. It may take time, but the girl will appreciate such a step.

5. Have fun

In order to make the girl want you, start having fun. Do you remember when you first started a relationship and loved each other madly? You couldn’t wait to go somewhere and relax. You laughed together, teased each other and just had fun. But what happened now? Work, problems, family – they all get in our way. You feel tired and have no desire for entertainment. The same can be true with your girlfriend. And sex for her is the last thing she wants.

Think about what you enjoy doing together. Doing things that both of you enjoy doing will be fun and will lift your spirits. To relax and have fun, you need to break out of the rut: work-sleep-work. Stop this cycle. Start doing something else. Go for walks and spend time away from home more often. And if you can cheer up your girlfriend, she will be more inclined to have sex with you.

6. Make her feel sexy

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it can be difficult to maintain passion and attraction. But every woman wants to feel beautiful and desirable. Buy her something sexy, maybe lingerie or a sexy nightgown. It shouldn’t be too overt to make her feel insecure. If you don’t know what size a girl is wearing, then look at the labels on her clothes. Write it down and buy her something nice. Also, do not forget to tell the girl how beautiful and attractive she is. Women love compliments. And when a girl feels attractive, she will want to have more sex with you.

7. Take care of yourself

This is probably the most important step in making a girl want you. Start taking care of yourself. Not only physically, but also emotionally. You cannot control anyone but yourself, and you can only correct yourself. Start paying more attention to your physical and mental health. Try to show your best self in a relationship. Take care of yourself, your appearance and physical form. Such an attitude will not only improve your intimate life, but also your life in general.

If you start taking care of yourself, you will feel much happier and more productive. Plus, as you start to take more care of your physical body, the girl will become more receptive to sex. Your mental health is very important and in your hands. Taking care of yourself means taking responsibility for your health. If you feel healthy, you can better express yourself in relationships and become a more desirable man.