How to make a guy confident?

Are you looking for ways to make a guy feel confident? I want to say that this process is not an easy one, and it is quite long. As his girlfriend or wife, you must be patient and positive. This process can take several months. You really have to be patient. But in the end, you will achieve the desired result. And your boyfriend will become exactly the person you have always dreamed of.

1. Help him dress stylishly

Clothing plays a significant role in a person’s confidence when they go out. You can boost your man’s self-esteem by choosing clothes that make him more attractive. Also, use positive affirmations if you want to influence his style and self-confidence. You shouldn’t tell him that he dresses badly. Just offer to go shopping and pick a new shirt, pants, or suit together. You should not force him to wear clothes that you personally like. It is important for a man to feel comfortable himself and to like what he wears.

2. Don’t tell a guy that he is insecure.

Many people are very receptive. Therefore, never tell your boyfriend that he lacks confidence. No matter how annoyed and upset you are with his behavior, you shouldn’t talk about it all the time. Use subtle and indirect ways to increase his self-esteem so that he does not even understand what is happening to him.

3. Compliment a guy in public

As we have already learned, getting angry and offended is the wrong way to react to a situation if a guy is shy on a date. He will become even more nervous if you lose your calm. One of the best ways to make a guy confident is to compliment him when you’re out. Here are some examples:

  • “You look so beautiful now, I am so happy that we are together”;
  • “I’m so lucky to have found a guy like you”;
  • “I love your broad shoulders and courageous arms so much”;
  • “You have a very beautiful physique. Have you started going to the gym? “

4. Express happiness and satisfaction.

The next way to make a guy confident is to show satisfaction in the relationship with him. Your man’s confidence will start to grow if you show that you are happy with him. Continue to express your love satisfaction. Say these words to him:

  • “You are so attentive”;
  • “I have always dreamed of such a man”;
  • “Next to you, I feel so good”;
  • “I am happy that we are together.”

5. Help him forget about past relationships

Your past relationship may have negatively affected your boyfriend’s self-esteem. He could have been abandoned by a girl he loved very much. Encourage your boyfriend to forget this time. Here are some phrases you can use when he starts talking about the past:

  • “Forget it, you did the right thing and I’m proud of you”;
  • “I really don’t understand how she could leave such a person”;
  • “There is no point in worrying about things that we cannot change. Better to enjoy the relationships that make us happy. ”

6. Stop hanging out with other guys or your ex.

Many men are very jealous. He may not say it directly, but he will be upset that you are still in touch with your ex. If you see that he doesn’t like this attitude, just stop doing it. See if this behavior changes your boyfriend. If you notice significant changes, then you are doing everything right.

7. Be shy when a guy tries to flirt with you.

Since he lacks self-confidence, his ways of flirting with you are likely to be ineffective. But you don’t need to show it, on the contrary, be shy when you see him trying to impress you. Watching you feel shy and blush will make him feel like a charming person. This behavior will encourage him to be more romantic and help him become more self-confident.

8. Say you are jealous when other girls look at him

Jealousy can be a good tool. It just depends on how you use it in a relationship. To make a man confident, tell him that you feel jealous when other girls look at him. He will immediately feel attractive. And every time you talk about it, he will feel beautiful and more confident.

9. Let him know if you see someone taking advantage of his kindness

People can take advantage of your boyfriend if he’s really nice. You should tell him about this and help him understand the situation. Tell him that he needs to be more considerate of other people. Since many can take advantage of his kindness and the fact that he is such a sympathetic person.

10. Don’t laugh at him

Laughing at your boyfriend’s shyness or insecurity is a big mistake. If you ridicule such a trait of his personality, then you harm even more. And most likely, he will lose the desire to continue further communication with you, and develop relationships.

11. Encourage him to work on himself.

In order to make a guy confident in himself, you need to help him start playing sports. Many men lack confidence because they are too fat, thin, or simply not happy with their body. Your boyfriend may avoid the gym simply because he is too shy to work out with others. Help him do this by purchasing some exercise equipment so he can work out at home. Encourage him to play sports with friends, and participate in various competitions. The desire to win will make him a stronger person, and team games and the support of other men will help him gain confidence.

12. Give him simple advice.

In order to make a man confident in himself, give him simple guidelines. Don’t start lecturing your boyfriend every time you notice his insecurities. Use shorter sentences and tips instead. Shy guys usually like to reflect on situations after they’re done. Telling him just a few sentences in the form of advice will be enough to provide food for thought about his insecurities.

13. Don’t be discouraged if at first nothing works.

Frustration and resentment can have a negative impact on you and your partner. And this attitude will definitely not help you figure out how to make a guy confident in himself. You may not be aware of this, but step in his place and think about how you would feel if you saw your partner take offense? You will naturally think that something is wrong with you. Don’t let your boyfriend fall into this trap by hiding your frustration. Confidence is not a “product” you can buy on a supermarket shelf. Give your boyfriend enough time until he begins to show the first signs of relief from shyness.

14. Appreciate your man’s love.

This is another effective way to make a guy confident in himself. It is very important that the man sees that you value and respect him. Recognizing your boyfriend’s skills as a good lover and you enjoy having sex with him will help boost his confidence. Tell us how much you enjoy his kisses and keep reminding you how much you crave his touch. Besides boosting his self-esteem, compliments will make him more confident in bed, as he will feel less shy about expressing himself.

15. Encourage him in difficult situations

It can be anything. Problems at work, health or finances. Money, as we all know, plays a significant role in human well-being. They help us feel more free to make various decisions. Buying your favorite things, and arranging romantic dates for your significant other. Don’t give him direct advice on how to manage your money. And if you see that he is experiencing financial difficulties, do not focus on this.

16. Don’t talk to your friends about your boyfriend’s shyness.

You will deal a huge blow to your man’s self-esteem if you talk about it with your friends. Lack of confidence is a personal problem for everyone, and he expects you to keep it a secret. If you share this with others, and he finds out, he will be very upset, which can lead to a break in the relationship. Trust in your partner and help him. Everything takes time. If you see that he has a desire for change, then the result will not be long in coming.