How to make a guy happy?

The thoughts and desires of men can seem like a mystery to many women. Since guys rarely complain and tell what they don’t like. In this case, the girls themselves have to think about how to make the guy happy. Fortunately, if you are in a healthy relationship, this is not as difficult as you might think.

Men have several important needs for life and love. If you can meet these needs, then your relationship will take to the next level. The man will show you more respect and attention. Try to stick to these tips if you want to have a really good relationship.

1) have sex with him

This is rule number 1, because all men need intimate relationships, no exceptions. Of all the ways you can make a guy happy, this one will give you the best results. For some guys, everything else may not matter as long as they have good and regular sex.

Finding ways to make your sex life more interesting and fulfilling will strengthen your relationship even more. Do not be afraid of experimentation and variety in your personal life. If a guy wants to try something new, do not refuse him. Try new positions, even if they require a lot of effort from you. You can start by wearing sexy lingerie at home.

Variety in sex is really important. Guys who are looking for fun elsewhere often just want experiences they’ve never experienced before. Resourcefulness in relationships will make you more attractive and desirable.

Most guys want you to be the first to take the initiative. Show that you really want variety. Be open about your feelings and desires, only then will you make your boyfriend happy. If you can give a man what he wants in bed, then you will cover 90% of his relationship needs. The guy can do without the rest. But without sex, the man will quickly lose interest in you.

2) Know when to leave him alone

One thing that can make a guy lose interest is if the girl constantly bothers him. Yes, in a relationship it is important to spend time together and communicate often, but there is a limit to everything and you need to respect your partner.

Some women tend to blame their men for not calling them morning and evening, or spending every day together. Plus, if it starts early in the relationship, it gets even harder later on. If your partner wants to go to football with his friends or has a lot of work to do, you need to understand this and give him this opportunity.

Don’t be offended if he doesn’t call you often. If you are too active a person, quickly finish all your affairs, and you have a lot of free time, then spend it to your advantage. Do your favorite thing, or just relax.

3) Accept its flaws

This is another way to make a guy happy. Your partner may have various flaws, just like most people. If we are exactly the same, then we will quickly lose interest in each other. So don’t be offended if your boyfriend forgets the day you met or doesn’t remember the names of your friends. You also don’t need to worry if he doesn’t notice your expensive new outfit.

Men are quite different from women, which is really good. Many people form relationships and go to great lengths to try to make the other person more like themselves. Many women unknowingly try to turn their men into a person they like by constantly criticizing them.

If you can accept the differences between you, he will appreciate it. You will make your man happier if you don’t try to turn him into a person he is not. The key to trust between you is the feeling that the other person accepts you for who you are.

4) Forgive him for his mistakes

Some people use guilt as their primary persuasion method. But this is more like manipulating a person. Women quite often blame their man and demand the fulfillment of all their wishes. It could be a mother or sister who asks why he rarely visits them. Or a girl who complains that a guy does not listen to her carefully and pays little attention to her.

If you want to figure out how to make a guy happy, then start understanding and forgiving him, rather than causing guilt and resentment. If he accidentally forgets about the anniversary of your meeting, remind him, just don’t make a problem out of it. If he doesn’t have the money to take you on your trip, then try to understand him.

Only this does not mean that you should sit still and be silent. Be sure to express your opinion, but do it consciously and try to help him, and not make a problem out of it. There is no need to quarrel and try to manipulate him. Be kind and forgive him for his mistakes and failures. After all, if there really is love and a healthy relationship between you, then your loyalty and understanding will only strengthen them.

Of course, if he does something inappropriate, you might want to consider breaking up with that person. Just don’t leave him and blame him for all mortal sins. Talk to him and explain that you do not accept such actions or words. Forgiveness and open discussion of the problem will help you let go of the person.

5) Learn to value and respect what he loves

If you have different interests, respect your partner’s hobbies and interests. Your boyfriend should see that you are not indifferent to him and appreciate his choice. Communicate more and be genuinely interested in what your partner likes.

Not all girls enjoy soccer, stamp collecting, or fishing. We perceive this as boring and pointless pursuits. But try to see things from his point of view. Perhaps, over time, you will also be interested in your young man’s hobbies, you will do this together and your relationship will only strengthen. You can discover new directions in life together. Go to places that you haven’t been to before, visit new countries, get to know different cultures and civilizations.

There is no magic formula for making a guy happy. Try to follow the tips in this article. They will keep your relationship going and make it stronger. It is not so difficult to arouse interest in a person. If you fail, then this may indicate a natural incompatibility between you. Perhaps you are trying to maintain a relationship that is already in the breakup stage, then you need to approach it differently.

It may be that you yourself invent various problems for yourself. Try to enjoy your relationship and the present moment. It can also be a good way to make the guy happy.