How to make a guy jealous?

In fact, I was a little surprised by the large number of questions related to jealousy in relationships, and how to make a guy jealous. So I decided to write an article on this topic. I hope it will be useful and useful to you in real life.

The fact is, there are many women out there who think their men need to be jealous of them. For such women, when a man shows jealousy, it means a manifestation of love, attention and care. This is because guys don’t spend enough time with their girlfriends. They can work late or chill out with friends at the bar. Whatever the reason, when a woman feels neglected, she makes the man jealous. And in fact, it is a really effective tool to focus attention on yourself. Therefore, the following tips will help restore a man’s interest in you. But they will only work if you start putting them into practice.

1. Show that you have a life of your own

First, of course, you need to make sure that the man is actually attracted to you. Because it will be difficult for you to generate jealousy if he does not experience any feelings. Therefore, you must be sure that the man is really interested in you. Then you need to understand that many guys feel comfortable knowing that their beloved girlfriend will always be there. When a man comes home from work or after relaxing with friends, he expects you to sit and wait for him in the apartment. But what if you are also not at home? Right! He will get jealous. You need to show him that you can also have a love life. And when he comes home, and you are not there, then he will begin to understand that he is becoming not so important to you.

You can use this time to meet up with your old girlfriends or good friends. You can practice your hobbies and interests. That is, what you really like and what your heart is in. Just remember, if you want to make a guy jealous, you shouldn’t immediately answer his messages and calls. Only if he doesn’t say it’s urgent. There is also a different approach that you can use. If you find yourself at a loud party, then take his call. He hears noise in the background and wonders where you are. And you add that you are at your girlfriend’s party.

2. Watch your appearance

Perhaps, lately, you have become a little concerned about yourself. As a result, the man began to pay less attention to you. Therefore, you need to improve your appearance, and highlight your best features. You need to revive those delights that aroused his interest in you earlier. Buy a gym membership and get fit. Watch your diet, eat more fruits and vegetables. Refresh your wardrobe, get a new hairstyle, new makeup. In general, try to look more attractive. And not only externally, but also psychologically.

3. Use reverse psychology

For example, your boyfriend constantly says that he is busy when you call and will contact you later. Then you can use it against him. When used correctly, reverse psychology can work wonders. Especially when it comes to making a guy jealous. When he calls you, pretend that you are busy with something and say that you will call back later. This will surely ignite the fire of jealousy in him. You can even talk in parallel with someone. Just don’t be overly disrespectful and rude. Just answer politely, “Sorry, honey! I’m busy right now, I’ll call you back later. ”

4. Get really busy and independent.

Begin to devote yourself to your work, your project, or what you love. When you get really busy, show that you don’t have much time for your personal life. You need to become independent. This will show that you do not depend only on this man. As a result, it will make him jealous, and he wants to become a part of your life again. And even if he does not return, then your life will be completely different. You will become a confident and self-sufficient woman. For which many men will run.

5. Feel free to look at other men and compliment them

If there is one thing most men have in common, it is showing jealousy when their girlfriend looks at another guy. Not to mention if she compliments him. But if your boyfriend himself is to blame and does not pay enough attention to you, then you need to make him jealous by any means. For example, if you finally go out to a restaurant together, and you are served by a nice waiter, try to compliment him, but so that your boyfriend hears everything. In the event that you are in the company of your mutual friends, then often laugh at the jokes of other guys. I assure you that you will immediately see jealousy in the eyes of your beloved.

6. Become a little suspicious

One of the easiest ways to make a guy jealous is to make him afraid that he might be left alone. In fact, this method is not difficult to implement. Ask your girlfriend to call you at a specific time when you are with your boyfriend. Then pick up the phone and start talking quietly, practically whispering, pretending you don’t want the guy to hear the conversation. Or you can leave the room altogether and talk elsewhere. Do this several times throughout the week. As a result, your boyfriend will start to think that you have someone else. So don’t be surprised if he starts asking jealous questions and gets offended, but then starts paying you more attention.

7. Post more photos with your holiday friends

Use social media to make men jealous. Go to a party with friends without your boyfriend, take as many photos there as possible, post them on Instagram and other social networks. And when you meet him, tell us how you had fun and show all your photos. When he realizes that you manage to have fun without his participation, he will become jealous and change his attitude towards you.

8. Stop reporting every action

I know that women are used to telling their man about every step they take, but by doing this you only make yourself worse. Plus, it will be difficult for you to make a man jealous if you behave the way you did before. You need to stop being too open with him. Let him start thinking about why you come home so late from work, or who you chat with all the time on social networks.

Just once again I want to note. That you should not flirt and cause excessive jealousy. In order not to cause anger and aggression in a man, which can cause even greater problems in your relationship. Be smart about everything. Then you will be able to improve your relationship and make them more harmonious.