How to make a guy regret breaking up?

How to make your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend regret breaking up? Is there a way to make him / her miss me after breaking up? The answers to these questions are to control your behavior. Starting from being active on social networks, and ending with communication with mutual friends. Forget about various manipulative ways, and about the restoration of relationships. In this article, we’ll discuss decent ways you can create the bitterness of a breakup while still being yourself.

1. Don’t stop meeting your mutual friends.

Relationships with mutual friends play a big role in post-breakup scripts. To maintain a positive lifestyle and make your ex-partner feel sorry, keep hanging out with your mutual friends and having fun as if nothing happened. She or he will find it difficult to accept your proactive approach to social life. After all, mutual friends will begin to talk about your meetings and what a positive and cheerful person you are. Which in turn will make him / her miss you.

2. Post photos of the parties you attend on social networks

Jealousy can be passively regrettable, and you can easily create jealousy by posting party photos on social media. So after a breakup, be sure to stay socially active. Visit nightclubs, cafes and other events. Update your social media status so everyone knows you are still enjoying life.

3. Keep fit

The easiest way to make your old partner regret breaking up is to keep yourself and your body in shape. Therefore, girls should pay more attention to proper nutrition, sign up for a gym, do fitness or yoga. Guys should use strength training, perhaps gain some weight, to become more masculine and strong. Naturally, you do not get the first results immediately, especially if you have not been involved in sports before. So be patient and don’t stop there. And when you can squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans, or show off your broad shoulders, be sure to do it. Hence, when looking at your new, sexy body image, your past partner will surely regret the breakup.

4. Don’t get discouraged

Avoid trying to reconnect. If you succumb to the temptation to connect with him / her again after breaking up, it will be a clear signal that you are still bored. Do your best not to get bored so as to prevent yourself from calling, texting, or meeting your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. After all, in any case, he / she will have some thoughts or memories about your relationship. And your ignorance in this case can cause regret due to the breakup.

It is especially important nowadays to avoid being active on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Since social media will play an important role in determining how your behavior will affect the thinking of your ex. So start ignoring her / him not only in real life but also in virtual life.

5. Publish positive posts on your social networks

Aside from stopping social media interactions, make sure your own updates are full of positives. The type of updates you post will have a significant impact on how your past person starts to react to the breakup. By watching you post positive posts on social media, he / she will begin to doubt what he / she is doing. As a result, he will think that he may have made a mistake by breaking off relations with such a person. And this is one of the easiest ways to make you regret the breakup of your ex.

6. Develop your own talents

Become an expert in what you do. After all, everyone has their own interests and hobbies, which can be used to raise self-confidence and increase self-esteem. So start working on your talents. Perhaps you love to play the guitar, or you want to learn how to paint. Then take it more seriously. Keep practicing until you can show your skills to your friends. Observing your talents and strengths will instantly make you regret breaking up.

7. Try not to immediately enter into new relationships.

Don’t rush to romance with new people right after the breakup. Wait a bit until you gain confidence. It’s normal to feel sad, depressed, and longing after a separation. So give yourself a couple of months to get back on your feet and gain confidence. But if someone invites you for coffee, you don’t have to say no right away. Be honest and say that you recently broke up. Therefore, you need time to recover.

Crazy new relationships right after a breakup can lead to unwarranted decisions. For example, you might make a hasty decision to move in with your new partner to make the previous one jealous. But this will lead to even more chaos.

After all, from the point of view of a former partner, observing how you enter into a new relationship will only confirm the correct decision to break up. And no matter how hard you try to make you regret the breakup of your past partner. He or she will only be happy about your breakup. Because he will consider you the wrong person.

8. Reach your personal and professional goals

Another effective way to make your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend regret breaking up is to become a successful person. Therefore, focus on whatever goals you have. Whether it’s a promotion at work, taking an important exam, buying a car or an apartment. One day, when you become a successful leader, famous artist, musician, or just a professional in your field, then your ex / ex will passively regret breaking up with such a person.

9. Don’t gossip

Saying bad things or laughing at habits are common mistakes that many guys and girls make after breaking up. You need to remain an honest person, move forward, and focus on your life. After all, if you behave with dignity and do not gossip, it will surprise your past partner, even though he did not act beautifully. And if your ex / ex is not a heartless person, then your calm demeanor and humble reaction to the breakup will be suggestive. As a result, he / she will reflect on what he or she did and will begin to regret the breakup.

See your breakup as a blessing in disguise and be yourself. Do whatever gives you real pleasure and be who you were before. The irony is that your past partner fell in love with you for the person you were, not because of who he or she asked you to become. And watching you remain the same playful girlfriend or gay guy will make you regret the breakup even more.