How to make your bedroom cozier and add style?

The bedroom, where we spend the most wonderful time of our life, should be comfortable, cozy, create a relaxing environment for a sound sleep and cheer you up in the morning. Perhaps you will be inspired by new ideas, how to create a space with the help of accessories, lamps and interesting ideas. From unusual color choices for the bedroom, great lighting ideas, furniture or focal points. These are examples of bedrooms in dark sleepy tones or light, soothing colors that make it so nice to wake up and while away a Sunday morning with a book or a cup of coffee.

Basic rules and elements of a cozy bedroom

Creating a bedroom with “character” requires adherence to certain rules:

Refuse bright, whimsical colors in the interior. Made in light colors, filled with delicate and neutral finishes.

For the decoration of the bedroom, pleasant pastel colors are most often chosen.

Choose the right bed. It should not only be the right size, but also a comfortable mattress. The length of the bed is about 20 cm longer than the height of the user. In the case of single beds, the width must be at least 80 cm, and in the case of double beds, at least 70 cm per person. The mattress plays an important role. He is responsible for comfortable and effective sleep. Soft, hard and semi-hard mattresses are available on the market. The best way to test if your chosen mattress is the right one is to lie on it in the store.
Note! It is recommended to replace the mattress every few years.

Choose the right frame. The bed frame can become the main decorative element of the bedroom. Beds are available in soft, leather, decorative, wood or completely minimalist frames.
Muffled light. It is necessary to determine whether the bedroom is a place intended exclusively for sleeping and relaxing, or also for reading interesting books. In the second case, bright lighting is combined with dim. In the first, diffused light comes up. It is necessary to mount the main source – lighting on the ceiling. Hanging chandelier or flat ceiling lights – depending on style. In addition to the main light, it is worth taking care of additional lighting suitable for evening relaxation, for example, bedside lamps. They are installed symmetrically on both sides of the bed, the light is directed downward. An alternative is wall lamps (sconces). They are located above the bed, usually on both sides. A great idea – a tall flexible floor lamp. Can be placed next to a comfortable armchair (reading area, for example). Light is not only chandeliers, lamps. Effectively executed light walls are very fashionable and will add intimacy to the atmosphere of the bedroom.
Comfortable lighting in a cozy bedroom

Luminaires with a soft yellow glow are best suited for bedroom lighting.

Quality materials. First of all, natural wood will add comfort and warmth. You can trim part of the wall or lay logs next to the fireplace. Furniture items, wooden accessories – everything will come in handy. Wood suits all styles and is popular in many interior designs. A cozy bedroom is also a quality bedding. Traditional Spanish linen contains Spanish cotton. Suitable for those who value simplicity and functionality. Satin sheets are elegant and delicate. Bold colors and variety for all tastes.
Wooden panels in the decoration of the bedroom

Natural wood is a material whose presence in the bedroom is associated with warmth and comfort

Furniture. Small rooms usually contain a bed and small bedside tables. In a large one you can place a dressing table, mirror, wardrobe, armchair. An extremely fashionable and increasingly selectable solution is to combine a bedroom with a bathroom.
Furnishing a bedroom in an apartment

The number of pieces of furniture is determined based on the dimensions of the bedroom

Supplements. Bedspreads, rugs, decorative pillows add personality and warmth to the room.
Painting on brown wallpaper in the bedroom

To drastically change the decor in the bedroom, sometimes it is enough just to hang a picture.

We recommend some Feng Shui rules:

  • room design – soft and calm shades;
  • the bed should be in the opposite corner from the door, so as not to interfere with the movement of energy;
  • the furniture is not angular, but curved;
  • correct lighting;
  • romantic atmosphere created by interior details.

According to the canons of Feng Shui, a sleeping person should not be reflected in the mirror.

How to choose a color for a bedroom interior

How can color help make your bedroom cozy? If people are unsure about choosing a color for a boudoir, they usually choose white. It symbolizes harmony. Thanks to the trinkets in different colors, you can optically enlarge the room. And you can bet completely on white (walls, furniture). But, judging by the reviews, this design is not very practical and quickly gets boring. Better to dilute white with brown.

Modern bedroom, the interior of which is based on a harmonious combination of beige and brown shades

Green symbolizes nature, harmony and prosperity. This is one of the best colors that can appear in a bedroom. Due to its similarity to nature, it promotes calmness and relaxation, protects against nightmares. Greens go well with pastels – powdery, pink or a delicate shade of yellow will give inner warmth. White throw pillows with black accents add a retro vibe.

Green can be chosen as a base or accentuated.

Orange and yellow colors in the bedroom can appear in detail, but better not as a primary color. Red symbolizes love, optimism and the desire for adventure. A red bedroom fosters a passionate relationship. But this color needs to be slightly diluted with cool tones (gray, white, blue).

Orange accents will dilute the plain interior and decorate the room

White, yellow and gray – a harmonious trio in the interior of the bedroom

Gray is one of the most popular colors. Works in both modern and classic style. Pink color promotes relaxation, calmness. But if it is in excess, it is associated with infancy, so it is good to dilute it with black or gray.

If you want something unusual, look at rich dark shades, especially when paired with an interesting texture.