How to make your bedroom cozier and add style?

Vivid dreams visit a person exclusively in a cozy atmosphere and on their favorite, high-quality linen. Therefore, everything related to the bedroom should be taken seriously.

Eco-friendly sleep is in vogue today, which is why leading companies in the production of textile underwear for the bedroom use only natural materials. So, in production it is used – cotton, flax and coarse calico. Coarse calico bedding is relevant at all times because:

* Due to its high density, the coarse calico is incredibly wear-resistant;
* Withstands a huge number of washings without losing the brightness of colors;
* Easy to care for, easy to wash and easy to iron.
* Pleasant to the body and completely hypoallergenic.
* Does not build up static electricity.
* Very affordable in terms of price.

In addition, silk underwear is also on sale, which is very popular today. Such underwear is indispensable at any time of the year, as in the summer heat it gives coolness and warms up in severe frosts.

The upper part of the duvet cover is usually made of fabrics containing viscose or polyester. These additives do not allow the linen to wrinkle and preserve its aesthetic appearance. The bottom part, pillowcase and sheet, which has direct contact with the body, as a rule, should not contain synthetic materials. This is due to the fact that the skin must breathe, and the person during sleep must feel comfortable and as comfortable as possible.

Color plays a key role in any interior solution. Fashion dictates its own rules, and the modern bedroom today has a penchant for western and ethnic motives, for bright and deep shades: red, black, crimson, gold, turquoise, orange, blue. If there are flowers, then they are usually large and noticeable, if the drawing is made using various lines and geometric shapes, then such lines are large and curved.

The next element of the bedroom, on which you should focus your attention, is curtains. All the same materials are used for their manufacture – silk, linen, cotton. These materials are very popular because they find their application in various design solutions, so they should not be considered monotonous and boring. For example, a very fashionable material in our time – chameleon silk, is able to change shades of colors from breaking off piece or natural light.

The modern commercially available blankets are very diverse. Some of them can be used as bedspreads. In addition to them, you can purchase several small pillows of different shapes, use your imagination and create a unique style.

With curtains, beautiful linens and a bright original bedspread, without a soft rug under your feet, the bedroom will look unfinished. Modern technologies allow you to make it according to your personal design, up to the continuation of the pattern on wallpaper or cushions. Further, it will be possible to decorate it, for example, with small pebbles, which will be very pleasant to step on on a hot day, or to make a drawing by changing the length of the pile.

As for the prices for materials, they differ depending on the country of manufacture and quality. Germany has been and remains a recognized leader in the quality of manufactured textile products. As for Turkish products, they are the most affordable, including at a price that is several times cheaper in comparison with European counterparts, but the quality of products leaves much to be desired.

Domestic products are available on the market, but, unfortunately, not in sufficient variety. At the same time, given the fact that she is already beginning to appear, this is pleasantly pleasing.