How to make your child obey you?

If you have children, it is likely that it will be useful for you to learn about how to get your child to listen to you. While this can be a daunting task, you definitely need to do it. I am well aware that for parents to make their children listen is not just a challenge. Sometimes, this can seem almost impossible.

After all, we all know that children at a young age are inattentive and disobedient. Therefore, what parents tell them may not be on their priority list. What’s more, children who have gone through significant family changes, such as parental divorce, may find it even more difficult to respond to parenting. However, it is important for parents to have effective strategies to get their children to obey.

1. Get his attention

The first and most important thing to do if you want to get your child to listen is to get their attention. Make eye contact with him before you start talking. If your child is busy with something, and at this time you will explain something to him, then this will not give any result. Try to distract him from the activity for a while. For example, if your child is drawing at a table, sit next to him and ask him to tell you what he wants to draw. Engage in conversation with him, while using a playful and friendly tone. And when you see that his attention is completely switched to you, then say what you wanted.

2. Be specific

You need to understand that children’s attention span is short and they are easily distracted. Moreover, they may deliberately ignore you. But still, do not weaken the child’s concentration by giving him a five-minute speech about something that could be said in a few short sentences. Consider your child’s age and comprehension skills. Use these metrics to determine what you plan to tell him. You can use two or three words to make it easier for your child to remember and understand you better. For example, instead of saying, “Please put on your jacket before going outside because the weather is bad and it’s raining.” You can simply say, “Please put on your jacket.”

3. Lead by example

To get your child to listen, you need to show how to do it by example. Therefore, when a child asks a question or asks about something, be sure to listen carefully and look into his eyes. Even if you are busy with something, try to distract yourself and find time to talk to your child. Show your children more love, care and attention. This will make it much easier to get them to listen. You need to create an environment in which the children can easily communicate with you and calmly discuss the questions and problems that arise. Be friendly, honest, loving and kind to them. Make sure you allow your kids to fully express themselves, and be sure to listen to them. This in turn will make them respect you, your opinions and your words.

4. Show your appreciation when the child listens.

Encourage your child with words, gifts, or other rewards as he listens to you and does what you ask. Thank him when he helps you with something, and tell me how much you appreciate their work and the fact that they listen to you. You can encourage children by giving them more freedom and time to do what they love. Although such incentives should be used within reasonable limits. But they are very important and will contribute to the continuation of their good behavior.

5. Discuss with the children why they should obey you.

When it comes to how to get a child to listen, it is important to help him understand the reason why it should be done. Discussing the facts and the logic behind your words allows your child to better understand why he should listen to you, and what he should and should not do. Communicate more with children and conduct educational work with them more often. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to teach your children to order.

6. Let the child see the results of his disobedience.

You need to let some things happen on their own. But at the same time, control the process itself. That is, allow the child to face some of the consequences of his disobedience and wrong actions. But only those who will not cause any harm to the child, but will serve as a life lesson for him.

7. Make the kids obey – by giving them several options

Rather than expressing your point of view, allow your child to choose from several options. For example, if you want the children to wash the dishes after they have eaten. You can tell them to do it right away, or after they watch their favorite cartoon or TV show. This allows children to better understand the ability to make decisions. Plus, they are more likely to do what you want them to do. Because they will not feel pressure from you.

8. Schedule tasks

The child is more likely to stick to a fixed plan than to follow random directions. If you correctly divide your child’s play time and the tasks that he needs to do, then he is more likely to follow this plan. Also, make the same plan for yourself. Show your child how you stick to it and follow what is written there. This will help develop discipline, responsibility in the child, and he will not feel that he is forced to do something.

9. Let him sometimes do what he wants

When we talk about how to get a child to listen, it ultimately comes down to the love and respect they have for you as a parent. Therefore, if you allow children to do things that they like very much, then you will naturally become more important to them and will command respect. This works in the same way as when you listen carefully to the children and they begin to listen to you. In this way, you make them feel loved and special. And as a result, they will begin to reciprocate you.

10. Be patient

All of these tips and strategies for getting your child to listen can really help you. But they require consistency and practice. In addition, there are other factors to consider. Such as your child’s emotional state and level of development. In some cases, parents may need additional support from child care professionals. However, what you practice at home will have the greatest impact on their ability to listen and understand you.