How to make your husband jealous?

I think many women will be interested in learning how to make their husband jealous. Because in my first marriage, I really liked it when my husband began to be jealous of me for other men, or for some occupation. At such moments it seemed to me that he really loves and cares about me.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, then you also find yourself in a similar situation. Perhaps you are in a healthy relationship, but the passion and romance in your union has disappeared, or you find that your significant other simply “does not notice you.” Your husband may not be spending enough time with you, forgetting about your wedding anniversary, or paying attention to someone else. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get his attention back once and for all.

1. Pamper yourself first

You need to start spending more time with yourself and not your spouse. You shouldn’t only be concerned with raising children, cleaning the apartment, preparing food, and so on. Although all this is done out of love, you are exhausting yourself in this way. When you devote too much time and attention to your man or household obligations, the result is that you don’t have time to do your hair, iron your clothes, go to workout or do your makeup. Never put these things on the back burner.

Stop prioritizing his requests and bet on yourself. It is at the time when you stop picking up his scattered socks and washing clothes, he will begin to suspect that something is wrong. He will begin to think about his behavior and attitude towards you. And when he begins to feel your dissatisfaction, he will begin to change.

2. Become a socially active person

Start communicating and getting to know other people more. Start hanging out with friends, make new friends, join groups of your interests, and just chat more. Even if you’re an introvert, consider finding groups of like-minded people. Even if you are very busy with work or family, in any case, set aside a few hours on the weekend for new acquaintances and communication.

Start doing what you haven’t done before. Sign up for dance lessons. Start hosting ladies’ evenings every Friday. Join a movie club and go watch movies with your friends. Just do what brings you joy and pleasure.

3. Try to look your best

Spend more time on your body and appearance. Whether it’s waxing, fitness centers, eyebrows, massage, spa treatments, or even a little botox. Dress the way you want. Try to look your best and be the hottest girl around you. This is one of the best ways to make your husband jealous.

4. Start flirting with someone else

A little flirtation won’t hurt anyone, but it shouldn’t go too far. Of course, this can offend his feelings, and there is such a thing as an emotional romance, but if you just walk into a cafe with your spouse and smile at the cute barista at the counter, then there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes you need other people to notice your beauty first, so that your significant other will notice it as a result. So do not hesitate to look at the waiter and smile at him next time in the restaurant. Don’t be afraid to tell your husband how well the guy at the counter served you.

5. Look for new hobbies and interests

Start showing interest in something else, like social media or forums. In the age of online dating, connections are usually made digitally first. Be it via Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. The possibilities for making connections are endless now.

So instead of snuggling with your “cold spouse,” sit in a separate chair, or leave the room and spend time on social media. He does not need to know that you are secretly communicating with someone, buying bras, shoes, etc. But the cute glow on your smiling face will arouse his interest and curiosity, and he will become jealous.

6. Watch something hot and get his attention

In the internet age, we have the ability to watch all of our favorite celebrities, actors and actresses with one click or the click of a button. So here’s what you need to do. Find some obscene TV show and watch it on your phone or computer.

At some point, your man will become interested in what you are doing there, and he will see, for example, how your favorite actor undresses in front of the camera and looks very sexy. He will not be able to just close his eyes to it, and will start asking why you are watching this. In response, you can say something ambiguous, and keep watching. Let him continue to ask similar questions.

7. Do something sexy and show it to your spouse

Yes, ladies. “Reach out and unblock your sacral chakras.” It’s time to wake up your body, it’s time to get your sexuality back. To feel sexy, you need to bring your body back to its sensuality. We all have it, sometimes we just forget about it.

Nowadays, women can choose between pelvic floor-focused Pilates, fitness-oriented pole pole exercises, belly dancing exercises that work out the abdominal muscles, and even activities like yoga to improve the hips. But each of these activities will help you look sexier. To be attractive, you need to completely immerse yourself in your body. Not to mention, the endorphins you get from exercise relieve stress and improve your mood.

8. See a family specialist

For some girls, this is the most appropriate decision if you want to make your husband jealous. If your relationship is truly in trouble, then you should consider seeing a therapist or family counselor. Maybe the problem even lies in the fact that you just need to increase your self-esteem and work on yourself.

These tips really work for many relationships, just make sure what you do is working. Remember, too, that all actions have consequences. But, if you have tried various ways to make your husband jealous, and nothing from the above suggested helps you, then just sit down and talk to your husband about what is happening. Maybe he doesn’t understand that he is neglecting you. Sometimes, honesty and healthy communication are key to building relationships in a marriage.