How to marry the man of your dreams?

Many women dream of marrying the man of their dreams. Normal desire. Girls, women in their heads draw the image of the most ideal life partner. I would like to find a handsome, intelligent, wealthy man who has created comfortable conditions for the development of a family and raising children. It is a natural law to find a strong man, to build relationships. Not everyone tries to follow the path. In this article, we will consider 20 rules for conquering the second half. They will help you win the heart.

Rules in conquering the dream man

Do not try to change the chosen one, it is important to find the right approach, to push you to commit the most important thing for a woman – a wedding. It must be remembered that men love to overcome obstacles, conquering the heart of a woman, seeking her favor and condescension. The most basic rules that should be followed when conquering his heart and mind:

1. Stand out from the crowd

A man pays attention to an unusual girl. She must have a twist.

First of all, this applies to the appearance: clothes, hairstyle, jewelry should attract the opposite sex. There should be no vulgar elements in appearance. An excessive amount of jewelry is not suitable for attracting men, such an appearance will alienate them. The girl will resemble a Christmas tree. She must be smart, funny and beautiful. It is not worth showing how the feminine mind prevails over masculine knowledge. Play, let him feel superior, it is important to interest him.

2. The desire for communication should come from a man

You cannot be the first to approach a man and try to make an acquaintance. He must want to do it himself, drawing attention to the lady. After meeting you cannot be the first to call. He should call first. If a girl starts communicating, she will call first, it seems to him that she is too intrusive and approachable person.

3. Don’t email your man out on a date.

After the acquaintance has taken place and the continuation of communication, you cannot invite the chosen one for a date via sms, instant messengers and e-mail. He may immediately lose interest in his partner. You can call. Ideally, he should write himself or call his chosen one.

4. Reply to messages in a few minutes

To answer a man to a message in a few hours, you should wait a little, make him nervous. Do not reply immediately to other messages, wait about 30 minutes. Get him interested. He will wait for an instant reaction. Such a game will surely entice you with your head.

5. End the conversation first

During communication, try to be the first to say goodbye, agree on a subsequent call, correspondence. Don’t procrastinate. Always leave a topic for further discussion in the conversation. It will be possible to hook the man of dreams, each time to interest him. Become a dream.

6. Don’t answer calls and messages after midnight

Do not reply to messages in any messengers at night. Put your phone on flight mode, show fatigue. The answer can be written in the morning the next day, or ignore the message depending on the context, referring to severe fatigue. The man will understand that the girl is not very interested, will begin to seek her location.

7. Accept a date a few days in advance

A man can ask a girl out a few days before the weekend. If the invitation came too late, try to change plans and make a choice in favor of the chosen one. Or inform about weekend plans that cannot be canceled. Let him know that there are other things, interests. Hook. He’ll want to be first on the list of weekend plans.

8. Do not post on his pages in social networks

You should not write messages on a man’s page on social networks, comment on posts. Read information, evaluate interests, friends, but do not write. Be Sherlock Holmes, get to know, but don’t expose yourself. Do not discuss it on your page in social networks, everything can become public. Failure is inevitable. The man of dreams will stop communicating.

9. Become invisible on the net

Try to include the absence functions in all messengers or indicate this kind of information in the signature. The man will see that the girl does not constantly sit on social networks, other means of instant communication, does not correspond with her friends and colleagues. She responsibly approaches her work and life, does not waste time on correspondence, chatter.

10. Take some time

Spend a small amount of time a week with your man. You can’t be an intrusive, constant woman. Men get tired of it. Meet with him two to three days a week for 2 to 3 hours. He should be tempted to see the girl of his dreams again. Fall in love with him.

11. Distance attracts

Let the man call up on the phone, communicate on Skype. On his part, an irresistible desire should arise to see the lady of his heart. He must arrange a meeting himself, inviting the chosen one for dinner at a restaurant or other romantic place.

12. Don’t answer emoticons to strangers.

Do not reply to a stranger on a dating site with emoticons or other pictures on the network. It is important to start normal communication. Don’t write first. The desire must come from a man. Most men immediately lose interest in the woman who starts the activity first.

13. Don’t pay first for dinner

You should not bribe a man by paying for a cafe, buying things, going abroad. This can become a habit, and the man of dreams will not be at all what the girl expected. This type of man uses women while there is an opportunity, and then loses interest in them.

14. Don’t date married people

You should not destroy families, hope for long and happy love without barriers. He can also leave the second and third chosen one, leaving more than one woman with children at the “broken trough”. It is possible that a man will never leave his wife. Few people are attracted by the fate of a mistress. Make the right choice from the start. Refuse a married man, focus on the single option.

15. Stop communicating with a man who constantly endures meetings.

Men are different, businessmen, engineers, clerks, they can work in any direction. They are all busy in their own way and work hard. If a woman is interested in a man, he will find time for her. Part with those who constantly postpone meetings, citing excessive employment, a large amount of work, constant business trips. Even the owner of “ships and steamers” can set aside time for a girl he likes.

16. Don’t give iconic gifts

There are two possible outcomes. The first is a wedding and “they lived happily ever after.” The second – broke up without obligation. In the second outcome, it is not always pleasant to leave with a man things donated from the heart. Until the relationship is strengthened, the matter does not go to the wedding, you should not give something special.

17. Give up fleeting sex

It is important to hook a man, to fall in love. You can’t rush into the pool with your head, follow the lead. Most men are winners. Conquering women’s hearts is important for them. They meet with girls, try to fall in love with themselves, then sex follows, she becomes not interesting for a man. He is determined to conquer new heights. Not all men are engaged in searching and conquering all their lives, some fall in love, remain with one single woman. Our task is to fall in love with the man of our dreams, marry him, create a full-fledged family.

18. Do not rush to start a sex life with the man of your dreams.

Try to extend the candy-bouquet period longer, visit cafes, performances, friends and acquaintances. Don’t rush to bed. A man must love his chosen one for her appearance, mind, habits. He must want to see her all the time. And only after that you can move on to a closer relationship.

19. Do not date a man who is not responsible for his actions.

A man without commitment, leading a life from entertainment to work, is not needed. You shouldn’t dwell on it and try to change it. This can lead to disastrous results. He needs to grow into a more serious relationship. Switch to the next candidate. Expectations can last for more than one year. Try to part for a while, it will show everything. The first denouement of the plot – he will return and say, will confess his love. The second development of events – it will disappear altogether. Don’t think about it. Go on with your life.

20. Forget about a man if he did not congratulate on a significant holiday

You should not date a man who has not congratulated the girl on her birthday, New Years, Valentine’s Day or March 8th. He was not interested in a woman, she is a fleeting entertainment for him. He doesn’t think about a long-term relationship with her.

Any woman can meet the man of dreams, you have to wait. If this happens, do not miss it and follow the basic rules. A real man, destined by fate, will stay with her. He will offer his hand and heart. Everything will end with a magnificent wedding, which the girl has dreamed of for a long time.